Lunacycle App Review


 I happened to come across an advertisement of Lunacycle app on the television, and I instantly downloaded it to check on its functions. Here’s my review on this app. In Today world, most of our work is done on Smartphone, tabs or computer. This has made our day to day chores easy and manageable. ... Read Further

Indian diet plan for pregnancy

Indian diet plan for pregnancy

Pregnancy brings in a lot of emotions.Every one you meet has a piece of advice to give you regarding what you should do and what you should eat. This brings in even more confusion. This Indian diet plan for pregnancy will help you clear the air a bit. Here is a sample Indian diet plan for pregnancy ... Read Further

Diet During Ramadan Fasting

Diet during ramadan

Ramadan; a.k.a Ramazan is the most holy period of Islam. Every person who is over the age of 12 years is expected to abstain from any sensual pleasures, whether smoking, drinking or gambling.  They also observe fasting from the first light of dawn until sunset. It gets a little confusing to ... Read Further