Alcohol and weight loss

alcohol and weight loss

  Alcohol and weight loss definitely do not go hand in hand. An alcoholic drink can add a few pounds easily to your body. Alcohol has now become a part of social gatherings and it  can become a big challenge to avoid it , especially if your hosts really insists.  And you certainly do not ... Read Further

Fruity Potato Pudding

Fruity Potato Pudding

This fruity potato pudding is an excellent snack for kids in growing phase. It also helps those who keep participating in sports events and marathons. This pudding serves as an perfect pre-event meal for those in sports. # Health Factor – Good for Jaundice, Weight Gain , Pre sport event ... Read Further

Cheesy Potato Kabab Recipe

cheesy potato kabab

Here is a wonderful snack receipe for pre sport event. I enjoyed making this. hope you like it too.    Good for Weight Gain , Pre sport event Meal,    Preparation time 15 mins    Cook time 20 mins    Ingredients – For 4 serves for Stuffing:- Paneer ( grated ... Read Further