1200 calorie Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss (Gujrati / Marathi)

1200 calorie indian diet plan for weight loss

1200 calorie Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss (Gujrati / Marathi food). The contenders in a West Indian food competition may include popular dishes like vindaloo curries, dhokla, thepla, farsan, malai, prawns sorpatel, sabudana vada, bhelpuri, vada pao or pav bhaji! Now, you are to give rating to the tastiest recipe! You can’t! This is because, if you are Goan, you will vote for sorpatel and vindaloo curries, if you are a Gujarati, then you will obviously show your affinity for theplas and dhoklas and a true Mumbaiite soul will stay haunted by the smell of coconut-based hot and spicy seafood and of course the very famous Pav Bhaji !

If you drive away the bias, then you’ll cast equal votes for each of the food items. and making an 1200 calories Diet Plan For Weight Loss comprising of west Indian food was a difficult task. They carry the essence of each state, they are tasty, they have a universal appeal and they can make you over eat! And eating while heading towards a good shape is no fun! Here’s how you can limit your calorie intake to 1200 a day while still enjoying the greatness of the West Indian cuisine:

Here is a sample for You:

1200 calorie Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Food ItemAmountCalories (kcal)Protein (g)
Early Morning
Lukewarm water with lemon1 cup
Skimmed milk1 glass703
Lauki stuffed chapati22063
Tomato veg1 bowl52
Fruit salad1 bowl50
Salads1 bowl30
Methi Thepla33129
Tomato veg1 bowl52
Butter Milk1 glass351.5
Sprout chat1 bowl1406
Salads1 bowl30
Veg dailya11223
Veg soup1 bowl60
Total1159 kcal25.5 g

It is expected that you will listen to the wishes of your taste buds! And you are also expected to respect your traditional cuisine. Sticking to a weight loss diet may not mean sacrificing the great taste of your mother or grandmother! You can enjoy the “taste” of your culture while limiting your calorie intake. If you belong to other part of India, you may want to check our other articles,

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1200 calorie Indian diet plan for weight loss (north indian) .

How is an Ideal 1200 calorie Indian diet plan for Weight Loss Made ?

An ideal 1200 calorie Indian diet plan for weight loss can be designed keeping in mind the person’s individual requirements. Every person has different caloric requirement. The calorie requirement is based on various factors like age, sex, medical conditions, activity levels, metabolism etc. To lose weight in a healthy manner, calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This will help you in knowing how many minimum calories your body requires in order to function properly.

This sample 1200 calorie Indian diet plan for weight loss, will provide you with an idea of what ideally a 1200 calorie  Indian diet plan for weight loss looks like. Although you must understand that this is just a generalized Indian diet plan for weight loss, it may or may not suit your weight loss goal as there are chances your body requirements will be different. So do consult your dietician in person to know if you can use this 1200 calorie Indian Diet plan for weight loss. you may be interested in reading –

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  1. Vishal Bhatt says

    Hello Madam

    My Height is 5.8″ weight is 73 KG want to reduce 5-6 KG . Pure Veg food. Would like to maintain my weight. want to reduce belly Please guide .

    Vishal Bhatt

  2. Divya says

    Hi how are you? Hope you are fine!
    My name is Divya Patel I am from USA my age is 32 and my current weight is 180 pounds. I want to lose weight 50 to 60 pounds can you help me how to lose? And one more thing I am goujrati and pour vegetarian.

  3. zubair says

    hi.. Iam Zubair I have been on clean low carb n low fat diet for last 4
    months now n I hit the gym almost every day for last 4
    months again.. I did lose some 10 kg weight Bt it’s not
    going down any more since one month . my hight is 5.8 and
    weight 65 around earlier I was 75 kha.. plz tel me what kind
    of modifications I need to do to lose some extra belly
    weight.. looking for ur positive feedback

    • says

      Hi Zubair,

      the height and weight you are mentioned are in the correct BMI , WHY DO YOU WANT TO LOSE ANY MORE? IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED and will be unhealthy. just continue with exercise and maintain healthy eating habits , your body will get toned up and youll look good.

  4. Sushila says

    Hi, I am Sushila from Bangalore, I am 32 years old, 5.2 height weight 68kg, I got a baby of 2 years old, I increased my weight after delivery, now I am breast feeding my baby, so can u pl guide me with weight loss program
    Thank you

  5. Parth Limbachiya says

    Hii mam,
    my name is parth and i am 21 year old and my height is 6’3″. and my weight is 113 kg. recently i started gym. i am doing exercise every day. i am belongs to typical gujarati family and i am a pure vegetarian. which type of diate is suite for me and my skin tone is dark so if u suggest me some that in my diate which help in to glow my skin.
    waiting for your reply mam.

    • akanksha says

      hello ma’am

      i m akanksha from CG
      I m 19 years old engineering student ,and my weight is 80kgs and my height is 5’4

      i want to lose 20kgs of weight, pls give me daily diet plan

  6. sowmya says

    hi madam.
    i am sowmya from AP.
    i am 22 yrs old weighing 88kgs.i am having pcod and undergone multiple ankle fracture.walking is a bit painful to me.earlier i was 62 kgs and gained 26 kgs of weight during bedrest for fracture in the span of 1 yr.so please suggest me a diet plan for rapid weight loss.

  7. anku Patil says

    I’m of 19 years old and my weight is 51kgs and my height is 5’3 i wanna loss my 8 kg weight.. As I’m going to zumba class alternate days for 45 min.. Do I require something dieting for losing my weight in 1 month.. And if yes then plz suggest me how to diet.. As I eat 4 chapati a day..

  8. nilam soni says

    hi Payal,

    i m nilam 24 year old my weight is 72 i have loss my weight .plz give me daily diet plan.

    thanks & regards,
    Nilam Soni

  9. neha says

    Hey payal,
    I m neha my weight is 64kg n i want to lose 25 kg weight.my height is 5.3.i m vry lazy so don’t want for walk.i think i should join gym to lose my weight.it is good for body n i heard tht if i leave d gym after weight loss so my body become worse can u pls tell me about joining gym exersise is good or not

    • says

      Hi Neha,

      first you need to set your goals right , losing 25 kgs to get 45 kgs with a height of 5.3 is wanting to become unhealthy. please aim at losing 7-8 kgs which will be appropriate for your height. 2ndly .. if your goal is around 10 kgs , you should join gym after losing the first 5 kgs with walking . because if you directly join a high intensity exercise , th weight loss would be good , but it will get stagnant if you cant take it to a higher level. hence i always advice on starting with something like walking at home, losing the forst 4-5 kgs with it then going to a higher level of workout , joining gym is what you can do. yes ..when you exercise intensly, the muscles gets wonderfully toned. but when you suddenly stop all exercises, the tone is lost . and hence the shape luks bad.

      • shahida says

        Really enjoy reading your blog.very easy to follow plans.
        I am 41 years old.weigh 62.7 kgs. Work out for 1 hour 4 -5 times a week. 30 mins cardio and 30 mins conditioning. I work as a college professor. I would like to loose 2.7 kgs in 1-2 months time. Please suggest a plan. Thank you

  10. jayendra says

    hi, madam

    My weight 75 kg .. height 5.7″ and I am working in night shift job. pls. suggest the plan for weight lose like 65 kg.. (mostly lose stomach fat)


  11. SM says

    Hi Payal,
    I am really interested in your diet services. I am Gujarati living in USA. How can we get in touch?


    • says

      Thank you for contacting Dietburrp. We are glad that your are interested in our weekly package.

      About the Diet consultation – To understand what we would do and how we would go about it, read this page – http://www.dietburrp.com/diet-services/

      If you have already gone through the page, then let me know if you have any confusion, or questions regarding the services. Here is how we would go ahead

      I have mentioned my bank account details; you can deposit the money in my account. It can be a cash deposit or an online transfer.

      You can buy a 1 week plan for weight loss for Rs 999/- only.

      Foreign clients can either deposit Rs 999/- through any Indian account or we can raise a pay pal request of 18 $. (inclusive of paypal charges)

      As soon as I realize the payment in my account, I will get in touch with you and send you a diet chart.

      In between the waiting time, you can fill up a small form that i would be sending you to collect all your details. Where in you can mention your body stats, age, lifestyle details, eating habit, like s and dislikes, your timings and medical problems if any.

      Based on the above mentioned details from the form, i will do an analysis of every factor and plan a suitable diet chart.

      This diet chart would be planned according to your cuisine, timings, convenience of cooking, so we make sure that you are comfortable and follow the chart 100 %.

      After sending you the chart, the diet package will start from the day you actually start following the diet, and those days spent on preparations would not be counted.

      I will send over a single chart with seven options for different days, so you know what items are allowed and accordingly manage your grocery for the week.

      During the week i will follow up with you every 2-3 days to check if you are comfortable and if you face any issue, we can work to solve it.

      In case if you have a question for me, you don’t have to wait till I mail you for follow up. Just write to me about it and I will try to help you on the question at the earliest.

      1 week is a small period and hence we can not set up huge goals, but by the end of the week you would definitely feel better and healthier and lighter.

      WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT GUARANTEED. We are trying to permanently fix your weight problem. and the diet chart given to you would be changed as many times as needed to make you lose weight. But weight loss totally depends on your body’s response. I can guarantee satisfaction from our services but cannot guarantee weight loss. Any body who is guarantying weight loss is deceiving you for sure.

      I will also guide you in terms of recipes of dishes on chart (if needed), Exercises, and Lifestyle correction.

      All the conversation will happen over Emails only.

      I hope all your queries are answered. In case if you have more, ill be happy to help.

      If you wish to go ahead right away, here are my account details :-

      Name – Payal Banka
      Bank – HDFC
      Account number – 01331000097028
      IFSC code – HDFC 0000133

      Please mention your name in the transaction, Or mail me about the branch you deposited money in. ( so that i can track your transaction easily).

      After you make the payment, kindly fill up this form.


      For any more information kindly write back to us.

  12. mini George says

    Dear ma’am,myself mini..age 41 yrs…weight 105 KGS..height..5:3inches.I am having diabetes and pcod.please suggest me some diet and exercises.as I am so overweight… Can I start doing aerobic exercises from YouTube..whether it would hurt my knee,pls help mW…I am very depressed.. And getting lazier by the day.I am emotional eater.I eat what ever I get….but I try to cook healthy meals at home.

  13. shruti kolhe says

    hi mam my aunt have to lose 15kg in 1 month and if she follow 1200 calorie indian diet plan then she can lose it

  14. shivani says

    Hi Rita. I’m 22 year old female , 5 feet 3 inches, and weigh 67 kilos. I’m Maharashtrian and a foodie. I do not work out much but i do 12 surya namaskar in the morning. I do not eat much junk food and I’m a vegetarian. I tried crash dieting and did 50 suryanamskar a day and lost 10 kilos and then regained themin a year. I’m not a gym person.. and i don’t want to spend much.
    It would be a great help if you could suggest a more ‘permanent’ weight loss programme (without eliminating my 2 chapattis and vegie twice a day. :/ )

  15. Rita Dev says

    Hi i have a pcod. My height is 5-3″and my weight is 63 kg. I do not take more sugar and also junk food i go to gym regular and there i do hard exercies 1 hour last 3 month but i can not lose my weight. Pls suggest me whole day diet chart vegiterian. I eat eggs only and i m Gujarati so pls suggest me proper diet chart as my reqirement.

  16. Nirali Bhakta says

    Hi Payal
    I am a working women with height 5ft 4.5 inches and weight = 65 or 66 kgs. I wasn’t so much heavy earlier. My job mostly includes sitting, so have gained a lot of weight on my lower body, starting stomach. I want to lose a minimum of 7 kgs. I dont follow any diet, but here is my eating pattern (I am a Gujarati):
    Morning: warm water with lemon and honey (not every day, sometimes) otherwise just a glass of water
    Breakfast: Poha or sabudana khichdi or 2 toasted bread with little mayo or small uttapam or dosa, handvo with half cup tea with little sugar
    Mid meal (around 11.30 – 12) – 1 cup green tea (not every day) with one fruit (either an apple or 1 bowl grapes or 1 orange or 1 banana)
    Lunch: Usually 5 small size rotis with normal sabzi (many times potato base) with raw turmeric or curd. Also sometimes, its dal rice, or pulao
    Evening: Half cup tea with dry snacks (puri, khakra, Shankar para, chivdo etc) or a fruit sometimes or knorr or chings soup (1 bowl)
    Dinner: It is usually light, with dal rice, poha, sometimes full meal with roti, sabzi, dal rice or dal dhokli etc.
    I know this is a bit long, but I really need your help to tell whether the above is fine or what changes to make to the above. I really need to lose that weight as i want to fight in my old clothes that are stacked in my wardrobe 

    • says

      Hi Nirali ,

      i think you need to cut down on the quantity .. and some foods from your breakfast menu .. use the lighter option like vegetable ttapa , poha and upama , you can have skimmed milk with corn flakes too . you also need to add fiber to your meal in terms of fruits and more of veggies.

      more than food i feel you need to add exercise of 1 hour to your regime. gyming or walking should be good.

  17. shreya says

    Hi payal,
    I m shreya nd i m vry foody.my height is 5 feet nd 2 inches.Frm lst two years i hve put on 24 kg weight.Currently my weight is 64 kg n i want to lose my 20 kg weight pls help me in losing my weight.

  18. Avinash Patil says

    Hello Mam

    I am from puna and leaving apart from my family ,and dinner at the mess please suggest me simple diet plan which will not includes fruits and salad

  19. Payal says

    Hello, I am 21 years old and I weigh 67.6kg. I workout 5-6 times a week, 30 minutes cardio and 30-45 minutes heavy weights. However my weight has been very stubborn since more than a year. I eat healthy but I must be consuming small amounts of junk food 4 times a month. Despite the junk food my calorie intake ranges from 1000-1500. My bmr is 1445 approx and fat percentage is 37.6.
    Kindly suggest an effective solution for me to lose 15kg and get my fat percentage down to 21. Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Payal , i think its more of the exercise part , you need to change your workout pattern to get results.

      Your body must have gotten used to the exercises and walking you do and now adjusts to whatever little calories you are intakingf. this happens in a lot of cases where despite of all efforts you dont lose a bit. breaking this plateau requires a lot of patience …. here is what you can do …….. exercise wise – stop doing what you are already doing for a week … and then you surprise your body with a new activity .. for ex – you have been walking all these days , so now change your activity to swimming / zumba dancing / skatting / gyming / playing badminton or lawn tennis … whatever suits you best. tai chi and kick boxing and pillates work excellently in such cases., i know its hard to find time and availabilty of such sports around you .. but if you want to get there .. you need to find harder !!

      Food wise – surprise your body yet agin by co nsuming food stuffs that you never did .. it changes your metabolic graph and hence makes you lose weight …. ex – if you have been eating wheat and rice as staples so far … dont eat them for an entire week , and consume other cereals like bajra , jowar , or ragi …. this funda has worked superbly with my clients .. you can try and see if it suits you too ..

  20. Alpa Brahmbhatt says

    Hello, My weight is 90 kgs, and height is 5.2 feet. I have been stuck with this weight since last 8 years. I want to lose 25kgs, kindly advise me how can I reach my goal. Thank you.

  21. Unnati says

    Hi mam i m unnati i have a perfect figure but my thighs has much fat than other body parts can u help me out with some diet to lose unnecessary fats from my thai part

    • says

      Hi Unnati ,

      there is no such diet for weight loss from a particular part of your body , although exercising the part you want to reduce from will help you in toning up the muscles of those area and look thinner. try walking , jogging , running, skating or swimming .

  22. Nimisha Pandya says

    Hi Payal Ma’m,
    I am Nimisha Pandya. I am 33 years old. I am suffering from hypothyroidism for last 4 years. My weight is 77 kg and height 5’4″. I am having some another problems like constipation and hyper acidity. I want to reduce my weight. Kindly give me guidance for weight lose.. I will await for your reply. …. Thanks….

  23. Hiral says

    Hello payal maam!
    Im Hiral from mumbai, and im turning 19 this feb 😀
    im weighing 60 kgs and my height is 5.4, so the thing here is im feeling that im bit fatty when it comes to my thigh fat. so i want to loose some thigh and belly fat through a veg diet and exercise..
    the worst thing here is that im still a veggies hater! 😛 i dont eat and veggies except potatoes, cabbage and some selected..
    so please recommend me a diet according to me if you can, to loose some weight in a month or so :)

  24. RIMPAL MEWADA says

    Mam my name is Rimpal Dinesh Thaker , my Age – 28 running, my weight – 60 , and height – 5.2 , i am legal officer in private company. so kind of completely sitting lifestyle during work. my stomach side lots up char bi so i want 5 kg. weight loss and also want slim abdomen so can you please suggest me diet and exercise plan to reduce about 5 kgs weight and maintain the same .

  25. Linda says

    Hi mam,

    My height is 159 cms and weight is 58 kgs and my age s48 years ( female). Can you please suggest me diet and exercise plan to reduce about 4 kgs weight and maintain the same .

  26. kalpesh says

    Mam my age is 102 kg my height is 5.6″ I want to lose up to 25 kg in six month plz suggest me diat plan nd some exercise

  27. Nikhil says

    Hi Payal,

    I am Nikhil, 31 years old, 96 kgs weight and 176 cms height. I live in Australia and I am a software engineer – so kind of completely sitting lifestyle during work.

    I suffered from two heart attacks – One at the age of 27 and the other at the age of 29. I am not permitted to do harsh exercises and I have to admit, I do carve for meals.

    Please suggest as I am desperate to at least reduce weight so that there isn’t an another heart attack on the way.

    I am on track with my bloods though. No high cholesterol or blood pressure.

    Please advice..



  28. Nick M says

    This is Nick here. I am male. Age 26, height 5.11 inches and weight 96.3 kgs. My BMI is 29.6. Due to my U.S and U.K work shifts, since last one year my weight has increased from 80kgs to 96 kgs. Because of hectic work schedule its been getting difficult to get a regular gym or a healthy diet course. So can you please suggest, whether this 1,200 cal non-vegetarian diet chart will be appropriate for me or not? If not, is there any healthy diet plan or else to help me in such.

    In anticipation of your reply.


  29. Nirali Mehta says

    Hello payal,

    M 31 year old hving two kids …one of dat is 4 month old nd is on motherfeed….my height is 5’4 nd weight 74…..as after delivery it was 67…I hv put on a lot …but everytm I feel hungry nd can’t control my hunger ….pl provid me one healthr diet plan accordingly. …


    • says

      Hi Nirali ,

      right now you need to only do portion control . have small feeds at 2 – 3 hours . but so not cut down on fod or your child will suffer. you can start a 45 mins walk though. this will help you in weight management till your baby is on top feeds .

  30. harshad pandhare says

    Hello Payal

    I concerned you last about what to eat before going to gym adn was very useful for me.Actually i am working in IT company and i have joined gym 3 months before, for weight loss.Here is my diet chat

    11.00am-one apple with bread omlet(along with lemon water)
    1.00pm- 2chapatis without spicy vegetables(along with lemon water)
    5.30pm-white portion of 3 eggs only.
    7.00pm(before gym)–sprouts,brown bread sandwith(include only tomato,capcicum,cucumber)
    9.30pm–1 chapati with dal + fruits

    I am following this diet since last month.But my weight is still constant.what should i do now.Should i change my diet plan

    • says


      the diet you are following is good . but may be your body is now used to the pattern and hence not responding in terms of weight loss. if you change your pattern, and food items you will lose weight . have soups and salads for dinner . include some green tea ..

  31. tushar says

    hii mam i am 20 year old my weight is 77kg and my height is 5’2″ i am study in an engineering and me live in hostel how to remove my weight plse suggest ..

    • says

      Hi tushar,

      follow the basic rules of a weight loss diet, eat healthy , dont binge eat , and when hungry , have fruits and cucumber. instead of chips and other namkeen. you can add 1 hour exercise to your routine whenever possible. this will help you in great ways for shaping your body, losing weight and even increase your stamina .

  32. Harshad Pandhare says

    Hi Madam,

    I am Harshad from Pune.I am doing workout regularly in gym,but i loose my energy during 1st set.So i request you to please suggest me good food before working out.

    Thank you.

  33. leena says

    I am 37 yrs old, with one 9 yrs old child, weighing 69 kgs. my height is 5 feet. I wake up at 5.30 in the morning and leave at 6.30 fr office. Hence I dnt hv time to prepare breakfast. what is vegetable daliya? can we replace the breakfast with poha, upma, or idliIn lunch I have 2 chapatis and sabzi, in dinner same routine alongwith rice and dal. I eat something sweet like banana and curd also. pls suggest me a diet plan.

    • says

      Hi Leena ,

      you need to cut down on your calories . yes you can have the items mentioned for breakfast , but will have to change your dinner . also other factors like eating fruits , salads , green tea will help . you need to walk for atleast 45 mins to be able to lose weight. if you want us to help you with weight loss and design your diet, plz see this page – http://www.dietburrp.com/diet-services/

    • says

      Hi Saroj ,

      recipe – chop tomatoes and onion. in 1/2 tsp oil add fennel seeds and black jeera, add these chopped veggies , add salt and steam for 5 mins. add chopped coriander leaves.

  34. VIMAL KHALASI says





    • says

      Hi Vimal,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp . are you exercising ? you need to workout for atleast 45 mins every day . also if you reduce the quantity of food you eat, you will be able to lose some weight.

  35. ravinder singh says

    Hi mam,
    My name is Ravinder singh. Age 24 height 170 cm and weight 77 kg. Mam I am planning to join Indian army. My ssb interview is in December. My weight should be within 65 kg Max. I want to reduce weight. Please help with your suggestions mam. I am writing down my routine.

    Morning: I swim for 40 mins or so. Then I do light exercise for around 30 mins.
    I come home and take hot lemon water with honey(one glass).

    Breakfast: egg white (of 1 boiled egg), one glass milk with a bowl of corm flakes.
    Lunch: I have 4 Roti’s, one bowl dish( daal or any veg dish that my mom cooks), salad with lemon
    Evening: milk or poha or some non oily snack that my mom makes
    Dinner: 2 Roti’s one bowl dish.

    I don’t eat between meals. I have around 4 litres of water.

    Now u suggest me what should I do to reduce my weight.

    • says

      Hi RAVINDER,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. i think you should include some mid meals, something like what is mentioned in the plan above. going light on dinners would also be of help , so try to eat daliya, upama, poha or any such snack items for dinner instead of eating roti or rice. also have lots of salad along with both your meals. breakfast luks fine. just add some more fruits.

      exercise wise plz read this – http://www.dietburrp.com/burning-body-fat-for-weight-loss/ burning fat is really important to lose weight. i think you will have to revise your exercise schedule with this.

  36. shailesh patel says

    My routine is:

    Morning:1 cup tea + 1 bowl fried Nasta
    :At 10.00 AM:3 roti + 1 bowl subji
    At noon:1 cup tea
    At 7.30 pm:1.5 bowl Khichdi+ Milk+ Papad

    My weight is 93 and how to loss by 10 kg in next 6 month.
    Give suitable Gujarati Recipe.

  37. viraj shah says

    Hi payal,
    I am 22 yrs old. My weight is 67 & height is 166cms & currently I am doing my gym with cardio n weights for 5-6days in a week. I read da plan in the brkfast instead of tomato veg what can be included n also da same in lunch. In mid morning can we have fresh juice

    • says

      Hi Viraj ,

      yes you can substiture it with any other veg. you can have green chutney, lauki, torui, parvel, green leafy vegetable like palak , methi, basically any vegg. except potato would do.

  38. Megha says

    Hie M’am
    This is Megha.My age is 24years, weight 57kgs,height 5′ 2.I am Gujarati
    I want to reduce 7kgs within two months.
    7:00- one glass of lukewarm water
    7 :30- 1 mug of tea with less sugar and one toast biscuit with tea.
    8:30-11:30 -classes
    12:30-two chappatis sabji half cup rice n dal
    2:00 to 3:00 sleep
    3:30to 6:30 at work
    7:00 – eat fruits or light meal like poha, thepla,upma or khichdi
    Can u please suggest me a proper diet to reduce my weight n proper exercise to reduce belly fat.Waiting for ur needful reply!!

    • says

      Hi Megha,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Your diet routine is good. there is no problem with your calorie intake , i feel you should start exercising. walking or jogging will help you in reducing from the concerned areas.

  39. Falguni Patel says

    Hi Payal, I weigh75 kg.& my height is 5.2ft.I am 37 years old,mother of two children. I m following above mentioned diet along with yoga for half an hour and brisk walking for 45 min. In d mornong & in d evening
    8:30-1 glass warm water with lemon,cornflakes and milk
    11:30- 1 fruit and 2 glasses of buttermilk
    1:30- 1small bowl rice,green veggies, & dal
    4:00- green tea,Muri with lots of salad/handful of roasted chana
    7:30-a bowl of boiled mix veg. soup
    I want to reduce 15kgs. in 3 months.Will dis diet help me or shud I make some changes.
    Pls suggest..

    • says

      Hi Falguni .. with the above mentioned diet , you would definately be able to lose good weight .. may be half your target .. after that you can increase your exercise timing and intensity for further weight loss.

  40. ketakee indap says

    Hi, what can be used instead of lauki in parantha in breakfast? We don’t use lauki in our home due to religious reasons

    • says

      Hi Ketakee,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can use carrots, cucumber , methi leaves , palak , Mix veggies for paratha stuffing instead of lauki

  41. deepti says

    I m doing 2 hours cardio excercise.walking steper sticks & sit ups leg raise.i want to lose my weight.my weight is 69kg.my hight is 153cm.i m 35 year old.i have pcod problem.

    • says

      Hi Dipti,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Along with the above mentioned workout, you can try following the above mentiuoned diet chart. diet and exercise in combination does wonders for weight loss. our readers have lost uptoi 15 kgs weight by following the above mentioned diet. You can try to. in case if you face any problem while following the plan, write to me and i shall help you.

  42. Chhaya Datar says

    can you please suggest me a diet plan ? i am aged 54yrs. height 152cms and weigh 86 kg,. which makes me a highly obese woman.

  43. Kavita says

    Hi mam,
    I am working women . my office time 10 to 5.00 pm my weight 63 kg and height 5.3 inch I want to lose my weight up to 55 kg please help me My eating schedule is as below and i am vegetarian
    1) 1 full cup of tea (added sugar )
    1) 2 chapati , 1 bowl any sabji
    Evening breakfast
    1)1 cup of tea at 3.00 pm and 1 for 6.00 pm

    1) some few salad pcs like tomato, cucumber, and i cup of tea
    i am doing walking for 10-15 min only.
    Could you please suggest me for diet plan and weight loss.

  44. Gayatri Mehta says

    Hi Payal,

    I am about to start ur diet plan to loose 20 kg. You have metioned Tomato veg. What is that and Where can I get recipe for that, please ? Same question for Veg Dailya ? What exactly is this ? did you mean veg thuli types khichadi ?

    • says

      Hi Gayatri,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. do shhare your experience once you are done following the plan.

      1] Tomato veg recipe – chop ripe tomatoes into small cubes, in a pan, add 1 tsp olive oil / sunflower / rice bran oil, add mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilly, ginger and garlic, add cubed tomatoes, and salt and cover it with a lid and cook for some time. once the tomatoes become soft, add chopped corriender and a little jaggery to cut the sourness of tomato.

      2] yes vegetable daliya is vegetable thuli in khichadi style , just add more water and have in soup like consistency.

    • says

      Hi Gayatri,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. do shhare your experience once you are done following the plan.

      1] Tomato veg recipe – chop ripe tomatoes into small cubes, in a pan, add 1 tsp olive oil / sunflower / rice bran oil, add mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chilly, ginger and garlic, add cubed tomatoes, and salt and cover it with a lid and cook for some time. once the tomatoes become soft, add chopped corriender and a little jaggery to cut the sourness of tomato.

  45. Deepa says

    Dear Payal,

    I am a 35 yr old mom to a 7 month old baby. presently i am breastfeeding my little one.

    my height is 5 ‘3 inch & current weight is 70 kgs . i am a vegeterian but sometimes have eggs.

    In the morning i do walking for 20 mins ( wen my little one sleeps) . My before preg weight was 60 kgs.

    Would really appreciate if you can suggest Diet for me . Thanks for reading my question, waiting for your reply.

    • says

      hey deepa ,

      I will suggest you to not diet till you are breast feeding your baby . I am not in the favor. sorry . for now you can do 45 mins exercises for weight loss.

  46. Rohini says

    Hi Payal ,
    I am 27 yrs old with 72 kg weight , height – 5’2″ .

    Please suggest the diet and some exercise by which i can reduce my most of weight & Waist size in 2 months. As I am IT person , not getting enough time to do exercise in gym .

    So please suggest exercise which i can do at home

    • says

      Hi Rohini,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page – http://www.dietburrp.com/diet-services/

  47. kiran natj says

    hi payal ji . my age is 32 yrs and have diabatese. my wt is 80 kgs. pls suggest me diet plan to loose about 25 kg in 4 months.

  48. vaishali says

    hi , its nice to see so many people following you. my height is 5 ft 3 inch, weight 80 kg . I am based in London from last 8 years . up to 2005 my weight was 52 kg , that time my age was 26 years and was based in india. I am 34 years now. , every time I think of can I reduce weight now ? if yes how ? and how long it will take ?

    • says

      Hi Vaishali ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page – http://www.dietburrp.com/diet-services/

  49. Bimal B says

    Height : 170 cm

    Weight : 89 kg

    Age : 45

    Food : Gujarati – Vegetarian onlyy

    Heavy eater now, but if do not eat well I can not sleep.

    Excercise about 45 minutes per day ( walking / swimming)

    HOW TO reduce to 83 kg ?

    Request a good diet plan.

    Thank you


  50. Rakesh says

    i am 28years old
    my height is 5’6inch
    my weight is 70 kg
    i have lots of fats
    please suggest me good diet plan

  51. Jak says

    i’m 22 years Old
    weight – 105 KG
    Hight – 6.2
    Please Suggest diet i want to reduce 25 kg in 4 months. (with cardio exercises Also fine)
    i work in Call Centre i dont have to move single inch full day 10AM To 7PM……….
    please suggest i’m from Gujarat So please suggest as GUJJU……..

  52. Sweety says

    Hi Payal,

    Thanks for the diet chart, it looks wonderful. I did not understand two things in your diet chart. 1) what is tomato veg? Is it a tomato curry? please clarify. 2) veg daliya – against which amount is 1. what is veg daliya? Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hi Sweety ,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. yes tomato veg is tomato chutney , or cooked vtomato curry. daliya is broken wheat / fada in gujrati. you cook this khichadi just like you cook rice and mmung dal khichadi with veggies, replace rice with broken wheat and add 3 times water to the pressure cooker. you will find the recipe on net , i am yet to post it on dietburrp . so it goes straight on my to write list :) amount is 1 soup bowl.

  53. diksha says

    hii..m 21yrs..nd I live in hostel…my diet
    breakfast. .idli sambhar
    lunch….2 rotis, dal, sabzi nd 2spoon rice
    evening…samosa or dosa or chinese
    dinner..2 roti nd rice

    can u please tell me to improve my diet as m very fat …nd I live in hostel. ..thanx

    • says

      Hi Diksha,

      I know how hard it is to control your diet when you eat at hostel. You can keep a lot of fruits and salad veggies handy and munch on them whenever hungry. buy green tea sachets and drink whenever possible. also start with exercising. coz hen you cant control your diet much, only exercise can help you well.

  54. Omkar says

    hello mam,
    I am 22 yr , maharastrian, my height is 167 cm, and weight is 78 kg

    my daily routine:
    9.30 am = 1 cup tea and POHA then go to work
    My office time is 10 am to 7pm.
    2.00 pm= 3 chapati + 1 bhaji (mess ka dibba)
    4.30 am = tea
    8.30 am =3 chapati + 1 cup bhaji + plate rice

    Please help me mam.I want to reduce my weight upto 65-70 kg.Now planning for join the Jim.But its really hard that joining the jim and then got to work.
    Please tell me what to do? Give me effective diet plan.I am really upset.

    • says

      Hi Omkar,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. Your diet looks ok , but exercise is missing from your routine. You really need to start exercising to lose weight. dont immediately join a gym, but first start with 45 mins of walking and do it for atleast a month , then introduce jogging in the last 15 mins , by doing this you would lose around 5-6 kgs in 2 months .. later you can join gym

  55. Grace says

    Im 15 years old
    Height: around 1.63
    Weight: 122 kg
    1 large cup of water
    1/8 of watermelon
    Morning tea:
    Handful of nut
    Handful of yogurt covered sultanas
    1 sandwich with small amount of salad
    2 small pieces of fish
    Afternoon tea:
    1 yogurt
    handful of nuts
    piece of meat- parm size
    1 cup of sweet potato and pumpkin
    1 cup of peas and corn
    1/2 of a cooked carrot
    And around 4 liters of water through out the day
    All the veggies are stemed and the meat is cooked in its own juices

    Limited as I have very bad knees on good days I go for a bike ride through my suburb and some swimming in the summer but it’s hard to do anything

    So please help I need to lose weight

    • says

      Hi Grace,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp . The diet you have mentioned is extremly low calorie .. since when are you following it and how much weight have you lost using this plan ? Please let me know the answers so that i can help you better.

  56. Shweta123 says

    Hi Mam,

    i am working in company women and doing all works (cleaning floor and all……) at home .
    i am Maharashtra in
    my age 31, weight is 65 and Height is 5’2”
    And eating schedule is as below and just want to add that i am non vegetarian , we mostly eat non veg on 1 day in week mostly on sunday And i have 2 and 1/2 years old daughter.


    1) 2 chapati ( oil added) 1/2 bowl any sabji and 1 full cup of tea (added sugar )


    1) 2 chapati , 1 bowl any sabji

    Evening breakfast

    1) tea


    1) 2 chapati, dal chawal ( 1 bawl), 1 bawl bhaji,

    i am doing walking for 10-15 min only.

    Could you please suggest me for diet plan and weight loss.

    And Could you please guide me for how much weight is OK as per my height.

    • says

      Hi ,

      Thank you for reading at DietBurrp. Your weight should be around 60 kgs according to your height. Your schedule has a lot of time gaps. try to reduce them and eat every 3 houlry. also walking for 15 mins is not enough to lose weight. you need to walk atleast 45 mins to be able to lose fat weight . follow the above mentioned chart, and im sure it will help you in losing arounf 3 kgs in 1 months time.

  57. Manish Patil says

    Hello Mam,

    I am Manish.
    Age: 30 Years
    Height: 5 Ft 8 inch
    Weight: 74.1 kg

    I desperately need to loose my weight due to some personnel commitment. So have changed my diet as given below.

    Morning(Breakfast) 09:30 am :
    Hot/Warm Water + 1 Lemon + 1 Spoon Honey
    After 2 Hours 1 Cup Tea

    Afternoon (Lunch) 01:30pm :
    4 – 6 Boiled Eggs
    Two Lemons squashed on boiled eggs
    1 hour after lunch Normal Water + 1 Lemon

    Evening (Snacks) 06:30pm :
    If required or feels hungry goes with 10-15 Marie Biscuits of any brand

    Night (Dinner) 09:30pm :
    6 Boiled Eggs
    Two Lemons squashed on boiled eggs
    1 hour after Dinner Hot/Warm Water + 1 Lemon + 1 Spoon Honey

    This is my current diet plan. May be due to strong will power or physical support I don’t feel weakness/hungry/unhealthy while doing my daily activity.
    I have decided to check my weight after 3 weeks only. My target is 60kg.

    Kindly advice should I change anything in my diet.
    As I am living only on eggs for these days. Does the fat contents may harm in my weight loss program?
    How much time it will take to reduce my wight to 60kg with this diet plan?
    Any suggestion to achieve target earlier?
    Any other suggestion please feel free to guide me.

    Manish Patil

    • says

      Hi Manish …

      please include some fiber in your diet , or you would soon start facing acidity with only protein intake and no carb … this kind of diet is defianately not a balanced one and is unhealthy to follow in the long run. include lots of veggies, salads , fruits and increse liquids with intake of buttermilk , soups, coconutwater, green tea etc.

      As an expert in the field it is my duty to inform you that the goal that you have layed in front of you is also unhealthy. according to your height, your correct weight range is 67 kgs to 72 kgs. I dont know how much you would be able to lose with this plan in terms of weight, but you are already losing on your health and nutrient stores in the body. boiled eggs are good and warm water with lemon n honey is good too . but they dont provide you with all the nutrients that your bosyy needs for a normal and healthy functioning. you would soon start observing gastric disturbance (acidity, gas firmation, constipation, burning sensation during evacution, and changes in stool colour), changes in sin and hair too. you will observe mood swings and irritation, short temperedness etc.

      you eat 10- 15 marie biscuit in eve, its better to have 2 phulkas instead of so many marie biscuits, at 1 time.

  58. vatsal says

    Hi mam, i am Vatsal weighing 76.4 kg and 175 cms in height. I am doing high intensity cardio (40 mins) plus weight training (60 mins) along with abs workout. My diet intake is as follows .Please suggest me if i need any changes for weight loss.
    1 cup of tea +1 bowl boiled (soyabeans or tuveror rajma)

    5 wheat rotis
    1 medium bowl sabji
    2 bowl daal

    post workout whey isolate

    1 glass milk
    2 bhakris
    1 medim bowl sabji

    • says

      Hi Vatsal, please change your breakffast to something more healthier, have a small portion of what you are having but you need to add some carb to be able to cope up with your tremendous workout. have 2 slices of brown bread with green chutney or have oats or other cereals in milk .

  59. preeti porwal says

    Hi…payal my age is 32 …i have Bp pro.last 1yrs….my weight is 68 i want to reduce weight upto 50 wat should i do…i go 60 min walking…& exe like surynamaskar ,other etc 4half hour… I follow some diet also….so wat can i do

  60. vishakha says

    m vishakha from pune…..m a gujarati
    my current wt is 82 and height is 5’8 ….
    i hv a two year old son.
    i wanna loose atleast 15 kgs
    i started gym 15 days back
    plz suggest me some protein rich veg diet

  61. mitali Indrodia says

    Hello Mam,

    I am Mitali; Age – 28, height – 5ft 2 inches
    I attend morning Zumba session one hour and follow below mentioned diet. But I am not able to reduce my belly and lower body. Also if you can suggest me an alternate diet in-case if I skip in between a day or so because of eating out in parties than how can i compensate next day.Please see my current diet plan below and suggest

    At 7.30 am: water mix overnight soaked black raisins n raw sugar (in Gujarati we call it saakar)
    * this I do as I am acidic and it reduce heat within body

    At 9am : 1 glass warm water with 1spoon lemon 1spoon honey

    At 10 am : breakfast – 1 glass milk
    Eat – 1khakhra and 2 mcvite biscuit /or/ brown bread /or/a small bowl mamra/ or/ 1 parotha

    At 12.45-1pm :
    3 multigrain chapati without ghee
    1 small cup salad
    1 small cup sabji without potato
    1small cup daal
    * I don’t eat potato and rice

    At 6pm : small cup of soya milk

    At 7.30pm : 1 khakra or 1 medium bowl mamra

    At 9pm : 1 orange 1 apple

    If awake and if hungry late night I eat mcvite biscuit or 1 khakra

    Please suggest as i desperately want to look lean and fit.

    Thanks a lot in advance

    • says

      Hi Mitali,

      the diet and exercise are ok .. how long have you been following it ? any diet and exercise when done for 1 month , its effectiveness and the weight loss pace falls, and hence to keep up with the pace you need to change both the patterns … plz try doing that .. and it shall help. for getting personalized diet plan plz see this page – http://www.dietburrp.com/diet-services/

      • mitali Indrodia says

        Thanks for your quick response Payal ma’m. this diet I am following since a month and workout since a week. I need an alternative method to compensate if i happen to break this routine once in a while. As if in between i eat late dinner even in small quantity, my weight shoots up. I have major fat problem around my tummy. Will you give personalised answers to all these queries if i register to your paid diet plans?

  62. MEHUL says










  63. nootan kotecha says

    Hey again,

    Sorry I forgot to mention earlier,
    How do we calculate calories in our food?
    As we have varied menus through the week.

    Thanks again,


  64. nootan kotecha says

    Hey Payal,
    I have been reading comments from your followers, and your replies for thepast 2 days…
    I am impressed as it has been a long time since I have found the Gujarati vegetarian diet.
    The one I have found on these pages, I am going to try.
    I am 5’4″ and about 70kg!
    Yes I am a bit embarrased, but I have to loose a lot of weight.
    Can you help?

    • says

      Hi Nootan ,

      Thank you for showing your interest in our blog. please go ahaead and try these … i am sure you will benefit from them. sorry but right now i dont have any application to help you calculate the calories in your food. But i soon plan to implement it on dietburrp. if you need a personalized diet plan , made to suit your timings and requirement, see this page – http://www.dietburrp.com/diet-services/

  65. Nikisha says

    Hi Payal,
    I am Indian working women. My age is 24 years n I am 80kgs. I am extremely needing a proper weight loss diet plan as my goal to be achieved is 57kgs. kindly help me for it.
    eagerly waiting for your helpful reply

  66. jay gajjar. says

    hello payal ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    my name is jay From Ahmadabad, Gujrat.
    my wife name is Anu And she Is 26th Years Old She Want weight loss
    please give the deit plan And More suggestion For weight loss
    thank you…………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  67. Seema says

    Can you elaborate on your measurements. When you say 1Cup/1plate, etc what do you consider to be the right size. Thanks

  68. nilesh says

    hi mam,
    i m 30 yr , maharastrian male, height 5 feet 3 inch, weight 78 kg
    work=8-9 hour work in office(managment stress only)

    my daily meal includes:
    8.30 am-milk then go to work
    2.30 pm= 3 chapati+2 cup daal+1 and 1/2 cup sabji+rice 2 bowl
    3.30 pm to 4.30 pm=sleep for an hour
    5.00 pm -11.00 pm-work
    11.30-same as 2.30’s meal
    can u suggest weigh loss diet for me, i have just joined gym for weight loss
    my no is 9223487088

    • says

      Hi Nilesh ,

      Thank you for reading at DietBurrp. You really need to correct your eating system. No breakfast, that is why your quantity intake at lunch is high. Then there is big big big gap between lunch and dinner. I understand there may be restrictions on your time due to work. but you need to start having breakfast,. Then have a cup of green tea and fruit midway between BF and lunch . at lunch cut your quantity to hal . 2 chapati and 1/2 cup rice. along with salads. Have buttermilk later. you sleep immediately after meal (another reason for weight gain). Have light snack in the evening so that you eat less in dinner. have snacky items for a month so that you can lose weight. than again you sleep immediately after dinner…. dont have food immediatly after gyming. you can try following the above given diet chart to help you lose weight in the first month.

  69. trupti says

    hi i m trupti 30 yr. I am full time worker as well as house wife . my BMI 25 & Weight 56.6 kg. ht 150c. last wk i chkd all the things and dr. told me to lose weight so plz suggest me proper diet food thanx.

    • says

      Hi Trupti,

      Thank you for reading at DietBurrp. You can follow the above given plan for losing 3 kgs and then chage the pattern to lose further. you would also need exercises. if you are not already doing them, please find time and walk for 45 mins in the morning , evening or night , whenever it suits you.

      I understand being a working women, it would be hard for you to take small frequenbt meals all the time, but you can opt for options which are easy to carry or those that can be arranged at office as well .

  70. Priya says

    Hi Payal,
    This is Priya. I am 29 years old.
    Height: 5ft 1.5″
    Weight: 122lbs (55.5 kg)
    I have two kids. Older one is 4 year old and younger one is 18 months old. After my 1st baby , I went down to 116lbs in 11 months. But after having 2nd one, i have a heard time loosing weight.
    I am full time worker as well as house wife and active mom in U.S.A. (very tough to find a time for Exercise)
    My Diet is,
    Break Fast : 7.00 AM
    10oz coffee with 1 tea spoon sugar
    10 salted almonds
    OR Some time spinach or dudhi paratha (Quntity-2)
    Lunch: At Noon
    1 cup Greek yogurt (calories: 140) with a tea spoon of flex seed powder
    ¾ cut sprouted mung
    1 apple
    Few carrots
    Dinner: 5.30 PM
    3-4 Roti (usually no ghee)
    ¾ cup Guajarati sak
    1&1/2 cup Veggie pasta with 2 garlic bread
    2 cup Tofu bowl with veggies
    1 Plate eggplant parmesan with 2 garlic bread
    1 0r 1&1/4 big enchiladas with ½ cup brown rice
    1 cup bhaji with 2 sets of pau
    1 cup Paneer sabji with 3-4 roties
    In short we have different verities for dinner as well as we enjoy eating out too.
    I can control portion size during day time but dinners are my weakness.
    I do not eat sweet at all (start doing that from Oct 2013)
    Right after both of my pregnancy I was 155lbs. After my 1st delivery I lost almost 39lbs in 12 months, but after having second one it is tough.
    I have lost 33lbs in 18 months so far. I do exercise here and there but not on regular basis. My goal is to go down to 110lbs (50kg) in next 8 months.
    Please provide your thoughts on this.


    • says

      Hi Priya,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. The problem is exercise here ! actually after deliveries there are some body toning exercises which can get you back in shape along with diet. I am afraid, you are already in your ideal weight . Your BMI being 23.1 IT WOULD BE HARD TO LOSE ANY FURTHER WEIGHT WITHOUT HIGH INTENSITY EXERCISES. Diet wise i cannot cut your morning quantity of breakfast as you are only having salads for Lunch, if possible shif t=your routine and it should help you lose 1-22 kgs. also you need to cut down portion size for dinner to lose weight.l I would rather suggest you to change your schedule completely and try for a month, as your body would definately shed some weight due to routine disturbance. you can follow the above mentioned chart too .

  71. YATIN says




    11:00 AM 1 CUP TEA

    01:00 PM LUNCH

    AT NOON :
    3-4: PM 1 CUP TEA


    AT NIGHT 09:00 PM





    HEIGHT 5.9″




    • says

      Hey Yatin ,

      You need to bring down your quantity intake. exercise is ok for the first phase , but if you dont reduce your food quantity, these exercises are not going to be enough and it wont help you in weight loss. you can follow the ddiet chart given in the article for better results . if not , you can cut down 2 roti and thepla from tea time and replace rice , and inner with daliya / khichadi. etc.

    • says

      sure trupti,

      You can subscribe to our newsletter and you will get all the contact info in the welcome mail. thanks for reading at dietburrp.

  72. hitesh says

    hello madam,
    I am hitesh from Gujarat-Rajkot,
    I would like to know that weight loss diet for thyroid patient,b/c my wife having the thyorid and she is gainning weight.
    so pl suggest the paln according to that.
    and if possible pl give in gujarati so easy to understand.

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