How to Lose Fat from Hips and Thighs

how to lose fat from hips and thighs How to Lose Fat from Hips and ThighsHow to Lose Fat from Hips and Thighs. All of us dream for that perfect body. And many of us have even been through the frustrating and difficult process of weight loss. It becomes maddening when in spite of all your efforts you don’t lose weight from the problem areas. Yes, Hips and thighs!  They are most difficult areas to lose weight from. You would ask, “ how to lose fat from hips and thighs ? ”. Spot reduction is a big challenge. Who does not wish to have a well shaped hip and those lovely thighs and legs?.

A lot of people think that they know how to lose fat from hips and thighs. The answer is simple. Working out those muscles more and more will help them in losing fat from hips and thigh. But this is not the complete story. To be able to lose fat from hips and thigh you must attack it from 2 angles. Diet and exercise in combination will make you achieve your goal faster and in a healthier manner, without having you to over work those are some tips on How to Lose Fat from Hips and Thighs.

How to lose fat from hips and thighs

Dietary changes

  • Check the oil that you are using. Vegetable based oil and olive oil are good for you. Cut down on ghee, butter, cheese, paneer and margarine.
  • Limit your carb intake. Restrict yourself from eating potatoes , white rice, sago, pasta and other products made of refined flours.
  • Use only skimmed milk and skimmed milk curd.
  • Obviously you need to give up on all the fried foods until you get that shape. Nothing will come that easily. Avoid fries, pakodas, samosa, fried momos, chips, and other fried snacks.
  • Increase your fiber intake. Eat whole cereals, oats, broken wheat / daliya, brown rice, brown breads, fruits with skin and a lot of green veggies. If possible mix bran to your flour.
  • If you are a non vegetarian and enjoy fish, you will love this diet. Eat fish upto 4 times a week. Bake it grills it but don’t fry it. You can have other lean meats up to 2 times in a week. And egg whites for breakfast are a good idea.
  • 2 Tsp of Triphala churn, along with ginger water, is excellent way to boost the liver to break down fats speedily and effectively.
  • Cut the intake of wheat. Extra carbs always end of on hips and thighs. Include other cereals like jowar, bajra, and mix these flours with horse gram flour and soya flour.
  • Go very light with your dinners.  A plate full of salads made out of veggies, sprouts, fruits along with soups and to fill in have a very small portion of brown rice or daliya. In short have a fiber and protein rich dinner and go low on carbs. Eat dinner around 7.30 pm and having a small walk after it will only add up to your goal.
  • Consume as much of water as you can and eat melon fruits for even better results.

 How to lose fat from hips and thighs through Exercise

  • Walking is the best exercise for your hips and thighs. Walking up to 4 km per day will make your goal appear closer and closer.
  • If i ask you, ” how to lose fat from hips and thighs”? you would probably answer cross trainer or the cycle at gym. frankly you are not helping your self if you are doing these to lose fat from hips and thighs. These exercises will only help you in tightening your muscles and then bulking them up.
  • If you have been walking already, but don’t see much result, then you might need to further increase the distance by a km and the intensity of walks from the 30th min onwards. Also check in your diets. Be sure you are following the above written tips.
  • Lunges and squats will help you too. Remember to check your postures while you do these exercises. Wrong posture can cause pain.
  • Running and jogging, hiking and trekking will help you too.

Now that you know how to lose fat from hips and thighs all you need to do is tailor the above given tips to suit your plan. You could slowly increase your exercise and go easy with the diets. You may also want to read

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a2 How to Lose Fat from Hips and Thighs   How to Lose Fat from Hips and Thighs   How to Lose Fat from Hips and Thighs   How to Lose Fat from Hips and Thighs


  1. karan says

    hey mam….m karan 19 yrs old my height is about 5’6 inch my weight is 75 kg i want to loose weight from my hips and thighs in 3 months plz tell m better way to loose a weight

    • says

      hI kARAN ,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. you can follow the above given tips along with walking / jogging / trekking and skating . these exercises help in losing on fat from lower body very quickly.

  2. Deepak says


    I am 22 years old and my height is 5’10” and my weight is 85kg. I want to reduce my weight.
    I am walking per day for 60 min, covering about 4km. Is this enough. I have reduced my intake too. Please give me some advice.

  3. huma says

    hello payal… i am getting married in February. i am 5.4 inches and my weight is 69 kg. i am going to use cabbage soup diet from today. i wanted to know that i have 815 sq feet home . so if i walk here for three hours. will it help? …. can i have your email address? please

  4. spandana says

    Hi Payal,

    i m 5’1″ and 59 kgs and i want to lose 8 kgs in a month and a half for my bro’s wedding…I’ve recently started walking for about 40 min. I really have prob losing weight in my hips and thighs . Please give me your suggestion how can i really achieve losing those 8 kgs.

    Thank you

  5. hempreet talwar says

    hey payal…i m 5’1″ and 61 kgs and i want to lose 15 kgs in a month for my bro’s wedding…plz suggest me somethng…every time i take a diet i am not able to maintain it and end up eating much…plz help me out

  6. Pallavi says

    Hi payal, I m 27 years old , 5 feet 1 inch….and i like lo loose hips and thighs…i hv more fat in it….. my weight is 65 i want to loose 15 kg…..pls suggest m diet plan and exercise…..i want to loose in 6 months

  7. jack says

    hello all……have you heard about “no pain no gain “.
    the same thing you all need to follow….do light dinner and do workout for 1 and half hour daily in the gym, do cardio(which includes running of 8 rpm for 30 minutes, then walking on 8 rpm on the treadmill for 15 minutes. That’s enough for you ……after that do abs exercise (like sit ups, upper body and lower body crunches….Good for burn tummy fat) .
    after that do skipping for 15 minutes ….and this whole routine is enough on daily basis ….you will definitely loose 10 kg weight in one month.

  8. Rashmi says

    Hello m’am.I am 18 years old and my height is 5.7″.My weight is 70 kg.I want to loose overall body fat,from hips and thighs also.My goal is to reduce 15 kg in 3 months.Please suggest me diet and exercise plan,without gym.

  9. E V SATHISH says

    Dear payal,
    i am on 42 with height 168 cm and weighing 90 kg and taking medication for BP & Diabetic.
    i am doing exercise for 15-20 minutes in eliptical trainer . can you suggest a meal & workout plan for me to reduce my fats especially on hips

  10. himani says

    i tried olmst everthng like gyming swimming which helps in alot but now swng is not posbl so what i can do to loose my belly fat. i thnk dis is d most difficlt part to loose fat from..plz help me.i cn do any of d hardest thng to loose weight

      • himani says

        yap i hv 69 kg of weight nd 5’4 height nd of 20 years..
        me eat 2 chapati in lunch nd 2 in dinnr bs dats ol..
        nthng else..

        • says

          start with walking / jogging for 45 mins daily . these would help in toning up the muscles in the problem area. start eating small and frequent meals. long gap in meal timimgs may be the reason of your weight,

  11. Sana says


    My age 14 and my weight is 68 . I want to loss my thigh and hips please tell me how to loss the weigth of thigh and hips .

  12. himani says

    Hello mam,
    I am 83kgs and my height is 167cm. I have a wedding to attend after 40days. The main problematic areas are the hips and thunder thighs. Kindly suggest me what to do so day i am able to lose fat from there. Kindly reply soon.thanks.

    • says

      Hi Himani ,

      Are you doing any exercises ? walking / jogging and swimming will help you in the best way and fastest way to lose fat from problem area.

  13. sridhar says

    Hi mam…i am 20 years old n 87kgs with 5.9 height.m taking lemon water at morning n mild breakfast(4idli) n taking 3 carrots 1beatroot 1 papaya as lunch….n 1 juice(grape pineapple watermelon)…n same as d dinner…n doing cordio workouts at evening….
    Should dese lifestyle helps me to lose fat mam…..m having large amount of fat at sides n thighs…pls help me out of dis mam…

    • says

      Hi Sridhar ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. i appriciate your hard work and efforts towards weight loss . but to lose fat from your concerned area , you need more of walking and jogging , the diet is very very less .. for ypour age .. you need to include some cereals in your diet . along with liquids .. make sure you drink atleast 3 liters of fluid ever day

  14. maria says

    Hi madam, iam 24 years working women. My weight s 44 kgs.. I am lean but have lot of fat in my tummy. Am working in night shift job. As i am lean tummy fat looks very bad . Could you pls suggest me something to reduce it.

    • says

      Hi Maria,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp .. you will need to do some exercises … the tummy needs to be tucked in by doing tummy specific exercises , this will help you in toning your abb muscles ..

  15. RAVINDRA says

    Dear Madam,

    Thank you for sharing this useful information with us,

    I want your help for my diet ,

    I am 26 years old & having detected dibetes 2 days back,
    during last check( 2 days back) my HB1ac test result is -10.6 % mmol
    My body details are as under;
    Height-6 feet 4 inch
    Weight- 120 kg
    BMI- 32.13
    Waist- 47

    could you please suggest me a good diet plan so i can live my life normally,

    Thank you,


    Ravindra Rathod

  16. anum shumail says

    i m 21 years old n my weight is 64 kg n height is 5,3……my hips ,legs n thighs have so much fat plzzzzzz help me

    • says

      Hi Anum,

      thank you for reading at Dietburrp.

      You can try folloeing the tips mentioned in the above given article. walking , running , jogging and swimming helps in great ways to lose fat from lower body . try doing any of these exercises for 45-50 mins per day.

  17. Harsha says

    hi,mam I’m 20years old and my weight is about 85kg..height is 5.8ft. my upper body is fit but my lower body is accumulated with fat especially waist(38inch),n,,stomach please suggest me diet plan (south Indian) n workouts and what measures should i take to reduce my weight..pls help….

  18. Pooja says

    Hai..payal…i am 20year old height is 5 feet 2 weight is 75kg..i am frm karnataka and i am a clg going student…i need to loose my weight within 3 months…how it is possible?plz suggest me the diet plan and excercise that should not disturb my study..bcoz next month i have to write exams…

  19. neha says

    HI , i would like a diet plan which will help me to lose 6 to 10 kgs in 2 months , any suggestions on how i can do that ?

  20. fariha says

    hi payal
    i m 32 years old and hv two kids,aged 4 years n 1 year.i had c section twice so my lower belly isextremely lose/n i m 77 kgs right now.i hv most of my weight on my lower body.plzz uide me to the diet.n yes i have started walking 40 mins a day.

    • says

      veg khichadi – soak rice and mung dal (1:1) in water for 20 mins. add veggies to a pressure cooker, add 3 times water and pressure cook for 4-5 whistle.

      veg raita – grated carrots and cucumber added to churned curd with chatmasala, and salt to taste .

      missi roti – wheat flour and besan (gram flour) mixed in eual amnt. along with methi leaves and knead a tight dough, make chapati with these.

  21. rasha says

    my hight is 158 cm and i read the diet chart but could not understand all of it
    can you plzz specify more i live in the middle east so i think maybe the vegs are different
    thanks alot

  22. rasha says

    i’m 18 and i was fatter three years befor, my weight was 76 kg and now its 63 kg i do lots of exercises and my hips and thighs are better than befor but i still want them thinner i dont have a good diet plan and i think its my broblem, plzzzz help me

    • says

      Hi Pavithra,

      Thanks for reading at dietburrp. you are at such a young age, please do not diet or anything , losing thigh and hips are easy when you do walking / jogging / running for 30 -45 mins at any tim of the day . try it .. all the best !

  23. manpreet says

    Hey payal
    I have heavier legs and hips m 5.7 and 85 kgs I follow ur 1200 cal diet do can u suggest something for thighs or hips to reduce in 2 -3 months

    • says

      Hi Manpreet,

      dont worry you lose from all around. just walk or run more to be able to tone your leg muscles better. this much is enough. dont over do any exercise for this . along with weight loss will come a gud body shape /

  24. naine says

    Hi maam I am naine age 16 and weight 73 can u plz recommend me a proper diet for 3 months to loose approx 10kg without hair loss or any other side effect

  25. Shwetha says

    Hi Payal,

    I have delivered a baby.Its been 7months now..have gained about 20kgs post not getting time to start walking.a nd i alone manage my work..i stopped eating white rice instead having brown rice..Can we have brown bread and behl for breakfast.can u suggest some light food for dinner..Thanks

    • says

      Hi Shwetha,

      Congratulation to you on your motherhood. yes you can have these items for breakfast. If you are still breastfeeding, dont go very light on dinners , as you might need calories for overnight feeding , calorie restriction will reduce the rate and you ll have problem in breastfeeding. If you are not breastfeeding the baby , you can have soups , salads, oats upama, boiled eggs , egg white omlette, broken wheat daliya with veggies , thin pongal , Poha, brown rice pulav, 2 – 3 idlis with chutney , mung dal dosa (pessarattu) etc .. if you cant find time for exercising, walk at home for 10 – 15 mins 3-4 times in a day, with or withour carrying your baby. walks specially done after meals help great deal in losing weight. If you have stairs at home climb them 5-6 times for exercises and you ll benefit a lot.

  26. Suchitra says

    Hi Payal,

    I have lot of weight on my arms as well as lower body part. Your article provides tips for the lower body part. Could you please suggest some tips for arms as well.


    • says

      Hi suchitra ,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. Yes ill soon post an article on this .. please subscribe to our rss eed so that you get a notification when i post it :) you can reduce your arm weight by doing hand rotations and other arm exercises using 2 kg weights.

  27. amna says

    what substitute we can take instead of khichri, bcoz some ppl say that rice are fatening? if not so should we follow the same plan?

  28. vandana says

    iam 49 yrs and my wt is 63 kgs and my bmr is 1315cal per day,body fat is 35.4%,i do power yoga 3 times a week and do brisk walk for 2 days in the mornings.on sundays i wake up late and dont exercise at all.i freelancer and operate mostly from home and i dont have hectic lifestyle
    i mostly follow good healthy diet ,i avoid eating out ,may be 3 times in a month and eat lots of veges ,stir fried and raw,lots of fruits in smootie form and mostly eat light dinner before 8pm
    the problem is that i loose wt slowly and than i gain also quite fast ,so i know i need to curb my food habits ,here i will require your help so that i can loose ,aleast 5-8 kgs.

  29. amna says

    thank u so much :) but can we have a boiled egg with bran bread in morning widout yolk and what will be the substitute of khichri. Most of the people say that rice make us fat. Is dat true ,if not so wat else we can take if not khichri .plz tell :)

  30. amna says

    hi mam, em very upset due to my weight, i am 21 yrs old and my weight is 108kgs, nd the areas with most fat is thighs nd hips. Plz guide me

    • says

      Hi Amna,

      Please dont be upset, take action now, start with 45 mins workout twice a day . If nothing else worls out start with walking , and follow the 1200 calorie diet charts on my blog. you will start losing weight very soon .. if you honestly follow these 2 things, you should lose arounf 2-3 kgs in 1 week … dont wait , get started at the earliest. I am here to help you if you need help .

  31. Mona says

    Hi payal. i am 22 years old. my weight is 70 kg and my height is 5.7 ft. bmi is 23.2 , having body fat 32.7% and bmr is 1526 cal/day ..the situation i am in is like this. my thighs and hips have more fat deposits blending my body in pear shape. i want to reduce weight from thighs and hips fast. please suggest how to reduce weight from thighs n hips. thanks

    • says

      Hi Mona,

      You need to follow the above mentioned tips and along with these you need to exercise for 45 mins . exercises like walking / jogging / trekking / running will specially help in losing fat from concerned areas.

  32. iman says

    hi mam i am 27 years old. and my w8 is 43 kg. my thighs, belly and hips are getig heavy fastly. give me solution plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • says

      Hi iman , plz give me your body stats correctly .. or you can calculate your bmr , bmi using the tool in our menu bar and let me knw the stats.

  33. Merlin says

    Hi payal

    My age is 28 I want to loose my belly of my stomach and hips , And my wedding is der on jan in 1 month I have to loose mi weight and I eat non veg I cant stay without oily food I have pimples on my face too ,pls can u giv me the advice hw to loose mi weight

    • says

      Merlin .. i have just the thing for you –

      Please get rid of oily food .. there is no one in the world who would be able to help you in losing weight and getting a clearer skin if you cant give up on oily food .. You need to make some compromises to be able to achieve your health goal. there are so many tasty healthy dishes in the world .. enjoy them instead .

  34. Ajay says

    Hi Payal,
    My age is 26 and my weight is 90. My body is like upper part is thinner and lower body is just opposite, i exercise and easily loose from the upper part of my body ,but no effects to the fat deposited on lower body.
    should i use fat burner pills to loose extra fat from lower body or not ?
    if i should then which one ?

    • says

      Hi Ajay,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Personally i dont favor fat burners and other weight loss capsules and tablets for a healthy person (no disabilities) like you. You should concentrate on lower body exercises and take the exercising to extremes. Do trecking and hill climbing, i have had clients with similar problem and 2 of them who took up climbing on a small hill in the city every 3 days a week, lost from lower body in 4 months period.

  35. APARNA says

    I am 30yrs and with weight of 73 kgs and already i am on thyroid medications from past 4yrs.
    i want to know about what diet plan should be taken and about exercises?

  36. Honey priya says

    Hi payal,

    My age is 27 and my weight is 56. My body seems like top part is thin and lower body is fat. I want to reduce my hips with in 2 months. Please help me out in this . I can not do much dieting also because it effects my face a lot if i wont have food. Please advice


    • says

      Hi honey,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. when dieting, you really dont need to starve yourself .. just plan your food properly. while on diet have lots of fruits , and lemon water and green tea , this will rather get a good glow on your skin. basically for reducing from lower body you need to perform exercises that involve the leg and lower abdomen muscles . like jogging, trecking, swimming, brisk walking, leg exercises and intense sports like lawn tennis , badminton, basket ball, skating etc.

  37. siddhi says

    hallo mam i am 35 years old and my weight is62 i have lots of fat on hips and thigh . my diet is high protein and low carb how can i loss fat on hip and thigh.which excercise i do

    • says

      Hi siddhi, To lose weight on hips and thighs , do a 4% mins workout and concrentrate on your lower body . you can walk / jogg / do leg exercises / swimming / skating / trekking will also help you for the same.

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