How to Lose Weight Effectively (10 kg-15 kgs)

how to lose weight effectively

How to lose weight? Oh come on! Every other person in the world seems to be on a quest for an answer to weight loss. Most people know that lifestyle changes can help them. But are we ready to accept these changes to lose weight? It requires great motivation to actually get there and get losing. Those who know the key might lack motivation, and there are those who are motivated and all charged up and looking out for a perfect plan to follow for weight loss.  Tips that may work on man, may not work that well on a woman.  So dear readers, if you are looking for an answer on “How to lose weight?” you will find your answer in this article.

How to lose weight

  • Reality check – If you want to know how to lose weight, first you must decide how much you really need to lose. When you begin a weight loss program, the first step is to know where you are stand on your BMI (body mass index) scale. Calculate your BMI. Aim to be healthy, not skinny. And set a realistic goal. The label “size 0 “does not stand anywhere near “healthy”.
  • Calculate your requirements – A lot of people completely give up on eating. Or pass the day on just liquids or even a single cucumber. Such kind of crash dieting only leads to failure. All you lose is your confidence and motivation, and not weight. The right approach is to calculate your BMR “(Minimum calories required by your body to carry on the important processes in your body) and consume a minimum of those many calories, to sustain body processes. You can also analyse your body fat percentage to know how much fat needs to be lost.
  • Extremes are bad, even for weight loss. So how to lose weight? Divide your weight loss in 3 phases.

How to lose weight; Phase I -

Give up on all unhealthy food: Any food that makes you feel good now but guilty later, or you get conscious while eating, or those foods that you eat on the sly are definitely not correct for your weight loss. Start by dropping maida, refined flours, too much sugar, salt, oil, butter, ghee, margarine.

Mind your quantity of intake: If you consumed 3 roti / 4 slices of bread , or 1 soup bowl full rice, cut it to 1/3rd . Consume only 2 roti/ 3 slices of bread or 1/3 rd bowl rice.

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Add more of veggies and fruits: While avoiding those starchy ones like potato, banana, and mangoes. Wherever possible eat fruits with the peels.

Add weight loss special foods to your routine. Green tea, warm lemon water , soaked almonds, uncooked raw veggies, loads and loads of melon fruits and water.

Replace the unhealthy with healthy. Refined flour with whole flour, red meats with lean meats, whole milk with skimmed milk, frying with baking, roasting and grilling.

Introduce a medium to slow pace exercise like yoga, meditation, walking to your routine. If you plan to join gym, don’t do it immediately. Join after your 1st phase is successfully completed.

Continue the regime for a month. By the end of this phase you would probably lose around 2 – 2.5 kgs of weight. If not. Don’t worry. You would lose later. What is important is now your body is used to a healthier lifestyle; it is ready to under go some more hardship for weight loss. So now the big question, how to lose weight in phase II

How to lose weight; Phase II -

Apart from continuing the rules from phase I, you now need to further cut down some calories and increase your activity levels.

– Cut down your calorie intake further by 200 – 250 cals. Divide your meals in 6 and make sure to eat something every 3-3.5 hours. Have a good breakfast but light lunch and dinner.

– After each meal, have a cup of warm lemon water . This will increase your metabolic rate and help in digestion.

– Increase your exercise time and level a gear up.  If you want to join gym, workout for 45 – 50 minutes. With first 40 minutes of aerobic exercises and later 10 minutes of anaerobic exercises.  Or you can join other activities like swimming, lawn tennis, hiking, skating. Or if you are walking, then start brisk walking and jogging.

– Indulgence is allowed. If you really wish to party and enjoy. Don’t back off. You are only dieting and not on a punishment. So go ahead enjoy your day off. But next day get to your exercise and diet regime.

– Check weight only once in a week. Those who check weight every day or even 3 times a day  are known to give up on their diet routine easily.

You will take at least 3 months on this phase to be able to lose around 8 kgs of weight. May be a little less or may be a little more depending on your dedication, age, body pattern and health score. But nevertheless your health is improving. And so is your fitness level. So be happy and then its time to know how to lose weight in Phase 3.

How to lose weight; Phase III –

This is where you will start working out more and the rate of weight loss will fall down. You must have heard, The last few kgs are always the hardest to lose. But after coming this far. You wouldn’t want to give up. Trust me. By now you will clearly see the future body you want, and that will get you going.

Change your pattern – now that you were already exercising hard and dieting harder. We don’t want you to starve. Plan your moves.  Change your patterns, the time that you wake up, your meal timings, your exercise timings and the time you hit the bed. And suddenly you will notice the weight going down.

– Kick boxing, tai chi and Pilates are the best plateau breaker exercises for women. If possible, choose one of these. If not then simply increase the timing and intensity of your current exercise.

-Most importantly. Don’t give up. Continue your hard work and within a matter of few days; you will see the last few kilos just flying off. Leaving behind your dream body. A healthier you.

So now that you know how to lose weight, Get those shoes on and get going. If you are looking for diet plans. Do check
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  1. busisiwe says

    Hi, I am 34 and weigh 85kg I need to lose about 10kgs what would you recommend I do and maybe a diet that can work for me my blood type is A+ please assist?

    • says

      Hi ,

      thanks for reading at Dietburrp. I am anexpert with only inian cuisine , can help you if you follow indian cuisine. sorry , plz dont mind me asking this.

  2. shilpa says

    Hello mam, i m shilpa. I m suffering from hypothyroid &pcod. I want to reduce 10to12 kg weight. My weight 71.5 & height 5.3.

  3. rani maiya says

    Im 17 and i weigh 52 kgs. My height is 5 2′ . I do situps crunch legraise planck lunges squats for about 45 minutes daily. I work hard. My bones are big but lumbar region has much fat but the sad thing is that muscle is too tight and i think its hard to let go of this tight muscles. i really want to lose about 6 or 7 kgs within two months and want to look fit. Right now i look kinda sluggish and i dont like it at all. there is too much muscles in the stomach region resulting the waist to be large. just wanna get rid of it. Please suggest. I am really dedicated to lose about 7 kgs.

    • rani maiya says

      And i dont eat much also. morning green tea. lunch rice daal vegetable and dinner i have a glass of milk or vegetable only .during day i have vegetable soup and ginger tea.

    • says

      Hi ,

      i feel you are taking stress for no reason .. 50 will be the right weight for you . less than that you would not look healthy , just underweight . you are working out well .. and i really feel you should be eating more fruits and salads , and apart from that please do not diet . you are too young to be doing all this .

  4. kristein says

    Hey..i am 19 years old….i weigh 80 kg….i wanna lose 20 kg….what should i do…i have to go to college also…after comingback from college….i will be so hungry nd tired….i wanna lose weight…can u help me please :-)

  5. Husaina says

    Hii I m husaina my height is 149cm n weight is 60 I want to reduce 12 kgs in 3 months can u suggest me some good diet plab ?? I mostly eat non-veg food

  6. Nisha Patel says

    hello madam,

    i want to lose 10 kg weight and my height is 5.6. can you please help me and even i am doing job also.

    thank you

  7. amrita soni says

    I am 16 and i weigh 55 kg..i am 5″4 ..I was an athlete till some months back and now due to study pressure i need to give up my heavy workout schedule..i have been putting on wieght ever since i stopped my training..please tell me a blanced diet pan acc to my nutrition requirement as well as desire to maintain wieght as i fear i’ll get plump due to sudden changr in physical activities..also give me some tips on how to increase my height..

  8. Ramya says

    I’m Ramya.
    I live in Sri Lanka.
    I am 152 cm height and 70kg.
    I want to loose around 20Kg.
    Can you please suggest a good diet plan .
    I also wanted to now that can I loss 1 Kg per week .
    As I’m a Sri Lankan approximately for a day I intake ..

    3 Strong hoppers / bowl of pittu

    White rice

    same as morning ..

    Please do suggest a good diet plan

    • says

      Hi Ramya ,

      i am extremly sorry but i really dunno much about srilankan food , i want to , but dunno how to help you. my expertise is limited to indian cuisine .

  9. pallavi says

    Hi. I’m 23 years old my height is 5 foot 3 inch and my weight is 70 kg. I want to lose my weight aprx 10 to 15 kg. Plz hlp me,how can I lose my weight..?

  10. seema says

    I am 42 yrs old 5 feet 3 inch weighing 75 kg. I want to loose about 12-15 kg.I am diabetic and hypertensive since 12 yrs.I walk daily for about half an hour.What can i do.I can’t do much of exercises as i have arthritis too.

  11. Amna says

    Hi, I am 24 years old and my weight is 80kg. Ireally want to reduce 10kg in a month. Please advise how i can reduce 10kg in a month.

    Thank you.

  12. cabrini says

    hello mam. I’m 22 years old.My weight is 58 and I wanted to loose my weight. My tummy is big it looks bad. So help me

  13. sophie says

    HI im 15 years old, 170cm tall and I weigh 89 kgs, I want to lose at least 25 kgs but everytime I diet and excersise i lose a few kilos and then just put them back on, I hate excersing on an excersise bike, is there any specific types of excersises that would be best for me?

    • says

      HI sOPHIE ,

      Basically when any weight loss diet is left abruptly , weight will recycle . next time you go on a weight loss plan , after the plan is done , do a maintainance diet before getting into regular schedule and try to make that your schedule , this will make you fit and get you in the right shape.

  14. Sneha says

    Hi! Ma’am m sneha nd m 14 yrs old m 60 kg nd I wnt to lose it within 1 mnth will uh pls tl meh hw cn I lose it nd is it possible to lose 1okgs within 1 mnth

    • says

      Hi Sneha ,

      you are too tiny to be on such diets , please dont get fooled by what others say , love your body , love yourself and do exercises to remain fit. dieting at your age is not advisable.

  15. Molshree Jain says

    Hello mam..i am 22 years old and weighing around 60-65 kgs. I want to reduce it to 50-55 kgs. So what plan should I follow so that i can reduce this in 1 month. Previously I was having a normal weight and BMI..but due to some unhealthy diet habits in previous 1 year I increased my weight. Now I do some walking and have lots of veggies and proteins in my diet. Should I alter it. please give your advice regarding calorie intake.

  16. shuchi says

    Hi…m 32 yr single female having 5″ and 76 kgs …I gain my 20 kgs weight in last 2 years. I want to reduce it…plz suggest me how I can reduce it fast and safely.

  17. Ayushman Awasthi says

    I really want to reduce my weight,since my height is 5.6″ and my weight is around 68 kg,therefore i want to reduce some how 12 to 15 kg of weight,therefore suggest me how it is possible.
    Waiting for your reply.

  18. Priyaranjan verma says

    I m 122 kg 6 feet tall a diabetic.
    Kindly suggest me to reduce weight at least 2 to 3 kg every month till i go below 100

  19. sameeha says

    Hi,,,am 18 yr old girl,,,12 th student,,am 70 kg,,before 1 month i was 65 kg only ,,i need to be in 55 or 60, range,,,before 2 yrs i was only 48 kg,,,aftr coming to abroad i came to 70 kg,,,how to reduce 10 kg in 1 onth,,!

  20. Iram Iftikhar says

    hello mam …
    I am 20 years old.. My weight is 75 and I wanted to loose 10kg weight .. please guide me How I can do this.. ?


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