Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes (1200 Calorie)

indian diet plan for diabetesDiabetes, a word that provokes fear in the mind of any foodie. One has to give up on all their favourite foods and stick to a  same food routine everyday. It’s even more challenging when a person with diabetes wishes to lose weight. Many doctors and dietitians advice diabetics to be in the right weight frame to avoid complications. 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes is a sample plan on how you could control your calorie intake while not really avoiding food completely.

A 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes can be helpful in controlling your calorie intake and  blood sugar levels, increasing your fibre and nutrient intake. Diabetics have a lot of queries about what to eat when and in what quantity. This sample 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes will help you clear a lot of such confusion. Like fruits are always better when eaten between 2 meals, they do not lead to sugar spikes in blood. and salads eaten 10 minutes before your actual meal will avoid over eating. So here you go, 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes.

Here is a sample for you:

Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes

FOOD ITEM                   Amount PROTEIN (gm) CALORIE (Kcal)


Fenugreek seeds with 1 cup of water
Tea (without sugar) 1 cup 4 35
Marie Biscuits 2 1 56


Stuffed methi/palak /lauki paratha 2 small 7 200
Curd 50 gm (1 cup) 3 30
Egg white / Paneer Bhurji 1 medium bowl 6 130
Plain roti  (no oil ) 2 small 3 150
Vegetable poha/upama/oats/daliya 1 soup bowl 4.5 230


Apple /guava/orange 1 40


Salad (10 mins before lunch) 1 Medium bowl 1 30
Capsicum + gobhi veg 1 medium bowl 1 85
Dal 1 soup bowl 6 130
Phulka (no ghee) 2 6 175


Milk / green tea / herbal tea / lemon water 1 cup 2 35
Roasted chana + Muri 1 cup 5 85


Salad (10 mins before dinner)
Phulka (no ghee 2 4.5 150
Lauki veg 1 cup 2 85
Curd 1 cup 3 30


Skim Milk  (no sugar) 1 glass 4 120
Total 49.5 1286

 How is an Ideal Indian Diet Plan for Diabetes made ?

An Ideal 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes can be designed keeping in mind the person’s individual requirements and other medical conditions. Every person has different caloric requirement. The calorie requirement is based on various factors like age, sex, medical conditions, activity levels, metabolism etc. To lose weight in a healthy manner, calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This will help you understand the minimum calories your body requires in order to function properly.

This sample 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes, will provide you with an idea of what an ideal 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes looks like. Although you must understand that this is just a generalized 1200 calorie Indian diet plan for diabetes, it may or may not suit your  goal as there are chances your body requirements will be different. So do consult your dietician in person to know if you can use this 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes .

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  1. Ravi Kumar says

    Dear Payal ma’am,
    My father has blood sugar from last 7 months and now he is diagnosed with tuberculosis.
    Please suggest me a diet for him. I’m very much in confusion regarding this.

  2. humera says

    Hello mam,thankyou for giving us useful information related to diabetes .my husband is 35 yrs old,fbs is160, ppbs 230,.is it high.?swelling is observed on the legs frequently .even he has high b.p130-160..glycomal,, amlokind, telvas are the medicines.height 5’3″. Weight 83.

    • says

      Hi Humera,

      yes the levels are high , and the swelling may be due to either diabetes or bp . one very clear thing is that if he manages to lose some weight, he will have a better control over his problems and he will become healthy. weight may also be causing the swelling. if his joiints are stressed.

  3. riya says

    Hello madam…mam i have 166sugar in random can u pls tell me that should i eat papaya and banana.. pls mam reply..

  4. rajesh ranjan says

    Hi, mam

    This is Rajesh Ranjan age 35. I detected diabetic I.e 265 mg/DL and 359 mg/DL on dated 17.04.15.from that time I start yo take chappati as a meal three times.kindly suggest me which type of diet is taken to control my sugar and also provide me the diet plan.


    Rajesh ranjan

    • says

      you could try following thr diet chart mentioned above . follow it as it is if you want to lose weight , if not , just add some more quantity to the mentioned food

  5. Rahul says

    Actually My Mother is a Diabetic Patient. She is Having a lot of cough since last 2-3 weeks, I went to many doctors everyone gave the different medicines everytime but nothing has been worked out yet. Please Suggest.

    After every continuous 3-4 hours cough, she lost her all energy. She is also a working woman.

  6. rakesh sawhney says

    I am 71 yrs old have family history till 20 days no sign of diabetes. Felt thirsty with mouth ronning dry. Advised for blood test. Reasult fating 223/ 324 after fasting.
    Hba1c. Shows 6 urine no sugar detected. On medicine from 22nd april i.e
    Glimepirde 2 mg+ medformin 500 once a day & medformin after dinner. Iam a retired
    Air Force officer play golf 3days+ walk other days.
    Diet morning 2 cup of tea witout sugar for last 30yrs +2 marie biscuit
    lunch 1 chappati 1 cup veg 1 cup dal 1cup curd +sweet (NOW STOPPED SWEETS)
    EVENING TEA + 2 biscuit Dinner same once a week non veg chikeen + 2 drinks alchohal (nowstopped) kindly advice wg.cdr RAKESH SAWHNEY

    • says

      Hello sir ,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp . your diet seems ok . and the exercise too. the low sugar control is probably because of your age more than food related. so what we can do is include a 10 – 15 mins walk at home after your 3 main meals. also please follow the tips mentioned in the article above. its good that you have given up on alcohol and sweets. this will help you in better control .



    • says

      Hi Nikhil ,

      if he is a non diabetic , you need to do a fasting blood sugar test , for me to be able to help you . or for any doctor to understand his blood sugar levels.

  8. Juhi Sharma says

    My grandfather is 71 years old and his weight is around 85 and he has high diabetes. The diabetes is out of control from last month can you please suggest any remedy

    • says

      Hi Juhi , a well balanced diet is what will help him . you can try getting him on the above mentioned routinbe , this has helped a lot of our diabetic clients.

  9. Kamal says

    Hi Madam,
    This is kamal, 25 year old. I am type 1 diabetic patient. I have this disease from last 6-7 years . Right now my wait is 73-77 kg. I am taking the insulin regularly. 30 units in morning and 25 units in evening.
    I am taking the first dose of insulin in morning before taking breakfast but the second dose I am taking in night before having dinner. So I am doing right or I need to change this schedule. Please guide.
    Now-a-days I am feeling hungry after 1.5-2 hours of having dinner. Also, sometimes I am going toilet within the interval of 2-2.5 hours(mostly in evening).
    Actually my daily work schedule is so busy and I am travelling so much. Due to this I am not paying attention to this area.
    Please guide for the whole matter and if you can pls suggest the diet also.

    • says

      Hi Kamal,

      see , the dosage of insulin and timings are decided by the doctor based on your blood sugar level, your control and your lifestyle. if you feel hungry after 1.5 hours of dinner, you must tell your doctor, there is a chance that he would consider lowering the dosage , as this might lead to hypoglycemic episodes in your sleep , which is very risky.

      if your lifestyle has changed from the time doctor prescribed you the insulin, you need to tell your doctor. infact every time your lifestyle changes or activity level changes , food pattern changes , you must observe how your body is reacting and let the doctor know if it needs to be changed.

      you cannot ignore your diabetes . health is foremost and everything else is directly dependent on it . so please give it the needed importance and attention, to live a healthy and successful life.

  10. syed says

    hi madam,

    Here syed iam 27year old and my body weight is 95kg.
    And i want to loose the weight how should i .Is there any diet plan for me let me know.
    waiting for your positive response regard on this.

  11. lonavenkit says

    hai mam, my husband is 35 yrs old having diabetic . recently diagnosed. fbs 280,ppbs 420 ,cholestrol 214.give me diet plan for him .guide me how to save him from complication through diet. his wt is 67 kgs ,working as a software engineer.follows sedentary style.i restrict more in diet.

  12. vidyanand tripathi says

    Hi ma’am
    My father is having increased blood sugar ..FBS fluctuates between 85-118 and pp bs 180-260.
    Hba1c is10.8.
    Kft is within normal limit
    Please suggest diet and medication with exercise for him.

  13. carmo says

    Hi Mam,

    I am T2 diabetic for the last 20 years. lease advise if my daily diet plan is Ok becausde my FBS is ok but the PPS is erratic;

    Bfast: 2 diabetic wheat chapatties + 1 small bowl of oats.( it shot my PPS from 95 FBS to 233 PPS this morning inspite of additional insulin)

    Mid morning; 1 diet bread of 1 apple

    Lunch 1 small portion of brown rice with salad and meat.

    Evening: 2-3 biscuits + tea without sugar

    Dinner; meat +veg+salad

    Bedtime: 1 cup low fat milk.

    Is it better to substitute the oats in the morning with white of an egg instead? Possibly High GI foods push my PPS up?

    Kindly advise your suggestion.

    Thank you,


    • says

      Hi Carmo,

      yes you can replace oats with egg whites , but there is another way out .. you can have oats for breakfast and then walk for 10 mins at home this will help in reducing pps Levels … you havent mentioned your age. make sure your body can tolerate the amount of protein you are in taking.

      • carmo says

        Hi Payal,
        Thanks for your advice. Iam 63 years old. I have been losing some weight lately. What is the best way to push it up again?
        I do yoga in the mornings and walk for 1 hour in the evenings.


          • carmo says

            My medication is:
            Novorapid: 6 units morning/6 at lunch/6 at dinner
            Lantus: 17 at bedtime

            Is the listed diet OK?

          • says

            yes , but monitor you blood sugar for the first 2 days , and then if it suits follow . i am of a strong feeling that your inslin dosage can be reduced with this diet . do not forget to walk

        • says

          Hi Carmo,

          before i advice you anything , i also need to know about your medications , as the food intake has to be matched up with medicine / insulin intake too.

  14. Sammer says

    Hii mam,
    Last year I have detected type 3 diabetes.. My fasting level is 220 right please guide me to the diet plan as such I can control my diabetes. I searched for the form you said in given link but i wasn’t able to find it. Please reply ASAP

  15. namrata says

    hii mam
    Iam namrata 21 yrs old m suffering from diabetese from past 3 yrs. i want to add varities to my food specialy brkfst. my fastin sugar level always comes out to be below 110 n pp is 198 or 250 sometimes
    plzz recomend me some diet plan which i can take to cntrol my sugar level and sometimes i feel starvation in between brkfst n lunch so tell me what should i can take between that period. thank you

  16. shalini says

    hello mam
    i m 31 year old female.jst diagnosed with HBA1C 6.6%.can i reverse this condition .can diet cure my condition.kindly suggest me 800 kal diet plan.

    • says

      Hi Sanjay,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. you can follow the above mentioned diet chart to be able to control your blood sugar . we also plan personalized diet plans for blood sugar control . let m know if you wish to avail our services.

  17. Ravi Kumar says

    Hello Madam ,
    In Sep 14 due to unusual hunger and fatigue i checked my sugar level and it was 115 in fasting and 180 after breakfast. I was shocked so i left all sugar and oily food ( NO Sugar & Boiled food only ) and walk for 25 min in morning with normal exercise and 15 min walk in night after dinner. After one week, the result was 104/110. I was happy and again start taking little sugar and less oil food. Initially nothing was happen but now from last one month again i am facing same problem ( unusual hunger and fatigue ). If i take strict diet plan my sugar level becomes normal but if i take little sugar or oily food it touches 210 level or even high. I am also feeling swearing during extreme hunger ( face two time in last month). My age is 39 years and height is 5’9 and weight is 92 Kg. ( In Sep it was 97 Kg ). Till date i have not consult with any doctor and confused in several question :- 1) Whether i am diabetes or not? 2) Should i consult to doctor or manage with diet plan ? 3) If i am diabetic then is it possible for me to live normal life after strict diet plan for six month or a year? 4) Being a north Indian what should be my diet plan? 5) I tour frequently due to my work assignments so what would be my diet plan during tour? 6) My Father also diagnosed diabetic last year so what precaution should i take to prevent my child from diabetic.
    Please help. My email id is

    • says

      Hi Ravi ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. I feel you should consult a doctor. it is good that your sugar is coming in control and you have lost weight. this will help in managing your blood sugars effectively. but it is important to consult the doctor as you faced hypoglycemic episode twice during a month. it is not safe. during such an episode please take a tsp of sugar in water or take an orange candy or anything sweet.

      constant falling down and rising of blood sugar is not a good sign . yes you can manage the condition well with minimum dosage and eventually with good control you can come off the medicines too.

      please find your other answers inline –

      1) Whether i am diabetes or not?
      – fasting blood sugars above 125 mg / dl is a deadline and then the person is de3clared diabetic. take normal food for a month and get your sugars checked. the doctor can also advice you on checking your Hb A1c levels. this helps in deciding if a person is diabetic.

      2) Should i consult to doctor or manage with diet plan ?
      – yes , please consult a doctor . you can manage better after an assurance from him . it is not safe to play blind on these symptoms.

      3) If i am diabetic then is it possible for me to live normal life after strict diet plan for six month or a year?
      – yes very much . diabetes is all about better management . every diabetic can lead a healthy and normal life with moderation and proper lifestyle.

      4) Being a north Indian what should be my diet plan?
      – you can try the above mentioned plan , or i can plan a personalized diet plan for you based on your current food pattern and doctors prescription.

      5) I tour frequently due to my work assignments so what would be my diet plan during tour?
      – this is a tough one . i would need details of the availability and nature of travel . but i again suggest you to please see a ddoctor ., travelling really puts a diabetic in for a troll. and in your condition its even more risky.

      6) My Father also diagnosed diabetic last year so what precaution should i take to prevent my child from diabetic.
      – his must be due to his old age. but frankly genetics play an important role. if you want to prevent your kid from acquiring diabetes or any related ailments, you must practice a healthy lifestyle for him as well as your self . make sure he is actively involved in sports and is physically active. make sure his weight remains in a healthy range. and he develops healthy eating habit from this age itself. let him enjoy pizzas and burgers, but at home , make sure he eats everything from oats to daliya to brown rice and whole wheat flour rotis.

  18. Adhil says

    walking in treadmill for 20 minutes. cycling for 10 minutes. and some other mascular exersices with less weight. like baise ups trice ups etc. These are my daily activities.
    blood sugar level is 133 in fasting and 160 in diet, Having metformin 850 morning and night and 1 diamicron a day. Kindly help me for reduce my weight and control the diabetics

  19. Adhil says

    Hi madam

    Thank you for your contributions that may motivate us to lead a healthy diet plan.
    I am Adhil, Having 130 kg of weight. I am a diabetic too. But it is in initial stage. 175 is my height. Need to reduce atleast 50 kg of my weight. With in 8 months. what is your suggestion in this regards.

  20. Mandy says

    Hi mam

    I am type 1 diabetic since 20 years currently I m 30 and suffering from hypothyroid too , my weight is close to 55 since 7 or 8 years, is there any particular diet plan for increasing weight ?

    • says

      Hi Mandy ,

      what is your height. well in best interest of yours, i would ask you to aim for fitness. you never know when your hypothyroidism would make you gain weight. it is best to exercise for fitness , that is 30 mins. and at well , without thinking about weight gain or weight loss.

  21. Bretts says

    I have been sort of mixing and matching my diet as I dont have the flexibility to make everything that is mentioned here but I have managed to get it down to between 85 and 95 now from about 290 as I was at 16.2mmol when I was diagnosed.
    I stay in 5’s all day and have made major changes to my diet but I seem to be gaining weight still, with Diwali approaching I will miss some sweets but here we go thats life.
    I have also had very high carb meals and tested next day to find myself completely normal.
    Sometime I feel I might not have diabetes, is there a way to check or something that happens with diabetics and not with other people?

  22. ruchita mehta says

    Hi mam i have gestatinal diabetes….after delivery for 3 months normal sugar….but again sugar level was high…developed keto acidosis also….my son age is now 1.9 yrs…but still my sugar level not in control…sometimes too much high and sometimes i had 40 sugar also…at present my age is 26….i am taking medicines and insulin both….i want to become free from it possible…and how plz reply me

  23. deepali kansotia says

    Hi mam! Im deepali, 19yrs ,T1 diabetic. Actually I have gained 15kgs in 3yrs after diagnosis. Now im 64kgs . Mam is it possible to lose weight with this diet and gym.
    Please kindly tell me. I ve dobe many crash diets and 1200 diets but in the end its all in vain.

    Waiting for your rply :)

    • says

      Hi Deepali,

      i am pretty sure that this diet will help you ., but further more some personalization is needed based on your medications. you must be on insulin right ? unless you monitor both medications and food intake, i doubt if any diet would work for you.

      • deepali kansotia says

        Ma’am I take huminsulin r and lantus . And these are my doses.
        Huminsulin – before breakf. -15u, bef lunch – 15 u,before dinner-15u.
        Lantus 10 u in moring and 13 u at night.

        My fasting is usually normal and my PP is around 200-300

        P.s. – I keep changing my doses according to my sugarlevels with the help of my doctors..

        • says

          Hi Deepali,

          since when do you have diabetes and what is your current age ? you need to manage your food in a way that it can help you reduce the insulin dose. if you are type 1 diabetic , we need to manage your entire lifestyle.

      • deepali kansotia says

        Ma’am I watch my diet and my sugars are also kind of controlled. Right only probom is my weight its just keep on increasing. Just wanted to know that will this diet help me goal and about its total carbohydrates .

  24. Pawan SIngh Rawat says

    Dear Payal Mam,

    I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and my sugar level are fasting 198 & PP 393. I have taken a print out of your diet chart and will adhere to it. This is the first time I have just been diagnosed with diabetes. I am also a BP patient and taking regular medicine. Today my BP is 130/90. I am of 46 years of age. I do brisk walk but its not in routine. Please guide and help me. I am worried. I have two daughters aged 16 & 11 years and I am worried for them. Kindly suggest me some measure.
    Thanks & regards,

    Pawan Singh Rawat

    • says

      Hi Pawan ji ,

      Please do not take stress. diabetes can be managed easily with a little intervention in your diet and exercise. if you following the above given diet for 2 weeks, you would definitely see good changes and your sugar level will come down too. you need to incorporate 10 mins walk after every meal to reduce your pp sugar , and a 45 mins walks in the evening or at night to reduce your fasting blood sugar. start with this and i asure you will see very good changes within a month.

    • rakesh says

      i m 29 and been detectedwith diabeties ..fasting 120 and pp 150-160
      i m taking ayurvedic medicines (hyponid ,ampree plus, himalaya mshangri) mor and eve both….
      is it possible to be non diabetic again ..
      or what diet should i follow ..ur advice will be of grate help..

      • says

        Hi Rakesh,

        yes it is possible to gain control over your sugar levels and get off medicine. but you will now have to be very careful with your food choices and exercises. please follow the above given plan for a 15 days period and check you sugar levels again. i am sure you will benefit from it. but make sure you check on your sugar levels to be on a safer side .

        • rakesh says

          payal ma’am

          thanx a lot it motivates me…can u please guide me type of exercises which i need to follow…n i have positivity towards ur diet..

          • says

            Hi ,

            if you asting sugar is high , walk for 45 mins in the evening. but if your pp sugar is high , walk for 15 mins after lunch and dinner. morning walks help in keeping good control throughout the day. so pick the walk timings based on your over all requirement.

  25. bret says


    I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and since i am in uk here they emphasise more on proteins than anything else. I saw your diet plan but my sugar is about 16mmol which i think is about 280 as per the indian way of calculating it. I want to just get this down to about 6 or 7 which is the normal level, since our staple food is aata and chawal what can I replace these with can you please suggest. I have starting having methi ka paani but do i just have the water or do i need to eat the methi as well.

    • says

      Hi Bret,

      exercise wise – if your pp blood sugar is high , you need to walk for 10-15 min after each main meal. and if your fasting sugar is high, instead of morning walks, evening or late night walks will be more beneficial in getting your blood sugar levels down.

      diet wise, dont worry , try following the above mentioned diet chart , this diet chart had a positive effect on 98% of my clients , a few exceptions where the case were severe and severe interventions were required. many of my clients were able to stop the medication or decrease the dosage bcoz of better sugar level control. In your case for the blood levels that you have mentioned , the above given diet along with the exercises the way i mentioned above will help you in a great way. follow this for 15 days and get your levels checked. i am sure you would be benefited too. in case if you come across any problem while following the chart, plz write to me and i shall try to help you out with it.


      • bret says


        Thank you so much for your comments, I am trying to include walks after meal to my lifestyle I have got it down to low 9’s all day today pp and after meals too, Fenugreek seed water and methi in everything I eat, well almost. Can you please clarify about chapatis, is pilsbury aata ok it says 100% whole wheat flour, I dont know if this is ok or we also get wholemeal flour which is brown and with some bits of the grain. I am adding chana aata to the pilsbury aata at the moment.

        • says

          Hi Bret,

          Yes this aatta you are mentioning is fine , you can take the whole meal flour . its brown bcz its not sieved and not refined. its good dont worry . you can have it without any doubt.

  26. Brett says


    I am based in uk and just been diagnosed with diabetes, my sugar level is about 288 and as per mmol which is what we use in uk it is 16. I have no history of diabetes in my family and this comes as a shock to me but since I am indian I certainly eat rice and rotis but in uk they ask you to cut everything down to minimum, I normally use pilsbury aata but i have just started using wholemeal aata with chana flour added to it.

    Since my sugar level is so high i want to avoid anything sweet at all to begin with and then start normal food in moderation as per the diet plan but what can I swap the rotis and rice with as that is like our staple diet, I have put myself on proteins and lean meat for now but I dont know how long I can survive on it. I am on metamorfin 1gram a day.

    Also what kind of aata can I use to make rotis, is wholemeal good enough or can I use something else as well.

    There is a pilsbury 5 grain aata available here is that something i can swap with?
    Wheat: 90%, Multigrains: 10%(soy, oats, maize, barley, ragi[nachni], chana dal).

    • says

      Hi Bret ,

      I have answered a few of your question in my earlier reply to you. about the flour, yes you can use this multigrain flour to control your sugar levels. this should be helpful. also you can replace the usual white rice with brown rice, and instead of eating plain , add a lot of veggies to iut and make pulav or add these veggies to your usual dal. having a plate full of salads before your meals will also help in decreasing your blood sugar level.

      avoiding sweets for some time seems a right decision. you can have fruits at midmeal time instead of having them with the meal. add green tea to your routine , this will help in clearing all the metabolic wastes. and if the increased sugar level is because of stress, it will help in getting the levels back to normal.

  27. Elezabeth says

    Hi mam,
    My mother age is 53, 80kg, have sugar level 300.she dont eat much.she dont eat rice, chapathi 1, but her weight is not losing and also sugar level not going down it may increase but its not going down.she took medicine but couldn’t see any result. Can you please suggest a diet.
    Its really hard to see her not having anything.
    Thank you

    • says

      Hi Elezabeth ,

      sure we can try to help your mom. we woul need all the details about the medicines and the dosages she is taking. and here detailed food habits along with her last 3 blood sugar test reports. after anlysing these details , we can provide her a suitable diet chart which would help her in losing weight as well as getting her blood sugar levels in control. plz see this page to know how to avail this personalized diet plan –

  28. Kishore says

    I just got tested and my Fasting Blood Sugar is 129 and PP is 170. I do not want to take medication at this point in time. could you suggest if i can reduce the blood sugars without having medicine? is this advisable?


    • says

      Hi Kishore,

      If this is the case, then the above mentioned diet chart is perfect for you to follow. this diet has helped some clients of mine to get their sugar levels down and the medicines were reduced too. in your case, we can definitely postpone the medicine part by better lifestyle. all the best.

  29. vasundhar says

    Dear mam,

    My mother’ age 52 years old current blood sugar levels Fasting : 285 and PP – 393 and sugar levels past 4 years fasting 120 to 160 -PP 140-220 mantaning with the tabelets , now she feeling soo sleepy now we are using amoryl – 2mg twice in a day and vogla-2mg once in a day FYR. kindly suggest further any other tablets for my mother sugar levels control with low side effects .

    • says

      hi Vasundhar,

      TYhank you for reading at Dietburrp. I am sorry , but prescribing medicines here will not be correct. plz see a good endocrinologist , who could study your mum’s case and prescribe accordingly. diet wise, you could ask her to follow the above givendiet chart, this will help in getting her sugar levels down. also ask her to walk for 10 mins each after breakfast, lunch and dinner. this will help in reducing her pp blood sugar levels. she can also take a glass of luke warm water + lemn after all three meals. this will help in better digestion and getting her to be more energetic.

  30. hema says

    Hi mam,

    My son is 5 years old and is type1diabetic. Is very fussy eater. Has long school hours where he do not eat properly. Kindly recommend proper diet plan for him


  31. shweta says

    Hi dear…one of my friend is suffering from diabetes with chronic pancreatitis. ..with recurrent attacks of pain age 28 years male…pls kindly tell a proper diet chart included herbs which can be taken to avoid attacks of pain…thanku

    • says

      hi shweta,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. I will need his sugar level status of the last 2 months and his current medication details and eating pattern to be able to help him better

  32. Aparna Raut says

    Hi mam,
    My name is Aparna. I am 35 yrs old. I am teacher. Recently when I check my blood sugar before fasting it was normal I.e 91 after 75 Gm glucose I had after 2 hrs my sugar level was detecting 171. My dr. Told that ur having diebetic. My weight is 58 kg. height 5.1″. Pl give me what type of diet I should have. I am have habit of eating rice than chapati. So pl I need ur help. When again I have check blood sugar.

    • says

      Hi Aparna,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. your fasting sugar is normal , and you pp sugar is high , this means that by a little intervention on your diet, you would be able to delay your diabetes. you can try following the above mentioned diet plan .. this wil;l help you in losing 2-3 kgs weight and manage your diabetes too .. make sure you also walk for 10 mins after all 3 major meals ..

  33. Anil Kumar says

    Hello, my name is anil kumar I am from Pathankot Punjab my height is 5.7″ and my body weight is 58 kgs I have checked my sugar level i.e 155 fasting day before kindly advice diet for controlling my sugar level

  34. Dibyendu Bandyopadhyay says

    Hi! Mam! My blood sugar has been found to be 242 (fasting)& 499 (pp). I’m hypertensive too. I’m having Stamlo 10 mg. Once daily & Diamicron X mex 500 mg. twice daily. Will you suggest me an appropriate diet for me . I’m 51 years old, height 5ft6inches and body wt. 76 Kg.

  35. Mr. Dibyendu Banerjee says

    Hello! Madam,

    My blood sugar has been detected 242(fbs) & 499(ppbs). I’m having Diamicron XR MEX 500 mg. twice a day since last 5 days and on diet . I’m also walking 30 minutes in the evening. But, presently, I’m feeling weak and lathergic almost all the time.Will you advise me what should be my diet and why I’m feeling lathergic?


  36. Dipti says

    Hi maam! I was searching for a vegetarian diet meal plan for my dad. He has diabetes. And he loves eating food. Now his diabetes is 400 now. I am getting worried for him. Could u suggest or make a diet meal plan for him? He is turning 50yrs in a month. Whatever written above, he won’t eat those stuffs :( please help me maam. God bless you

  37. Deepa says

    Hello, Ma’am

    My name is Deepa and I am 30 years old, I found diabetes when I am 28 years. I found diabetes with TB, that time my blood sugar was 450 randomly checked.

    I completed my TB course now I am only suffering diabetes till today my sugar is more than 300 any time. I am not going regular gym for workout, because less strength.

    I will change 3 doctors in 3 years.

    please help me….

  38. kumar says

    I am 60 yrs recently diagnosed with FBS 140 PPBS 210. Would eating salads like tomato/ cucumber and carrots during meals help. Also would eating fat free yoghurt help reduce blood sugar

    • says

      Hello Mr kumar,

      Instead of eating salads with your meal, have it 15 mins before your main meal. this will help better in controlling your appetite and sugar levels. fat free yogurts help too .

  39. Shweta says

    Hi Ma’am,
    I am shweta. my daddy has diabetes. His age is 54 and his weight is 75kg. Report he did today showed sugar level 150/300…
    Please suggest a healthy food chart to follow!!

    • says


      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. you can ask him to try following the diet chart mentioned above. it has helped a lot of our clients in losing weight and controlling their blood sugar levels.

      if you wish to get a personalized diet plan to suit your lifestyle, food pattern , lifestyle and timings, Please see this page –

  40. Dpanekal says

    Madam, I am 39 yrs age and diagnosed with diabetes. I am weighing more 20 kg to my ideal weight and blood suger level is Fasting 127 & PP 221. I read about crash diet (800 calorie per day for 8 weeks) which can eliminate Diabetes which is published by New castle university.
    Is it possible to cure diabetes with this diet plan and what will be the other health complication after completing for 8 weeks of the diet?

    • says


      hey i diabetes cannot be treated, it can only be managed well. i do not advocate any kind of crash diets and hence will suggest you otherwise. You can try the diet mentioned above, this will help you great deal to get your levels under normal.

  41. PAjit says

    Hi Mam,
    Myself Ajit, age 35, weight 72 kg and height 5.6. I m regular reader of dietburrp and I befitted a lot. Three months before I diagnosed with diabetic and glucose levels were 257/357. But thnks to ur diet/exercise tips along with one dose/day of glyciphase 500 SR tablets its gone down to 90/107. Its constant and in last three months. I checked my cholesterol levels as well its 116. So i want to know whether mataformin reduces the cholesterol levels. I find myself very healthy.. no fatigue etc.. Should I still continue with medication? is it not possible to control glucose levels using regular exercise and diet?
    Thnks in advance…
    pl reply

    • says

      Hi Ajit,

      wow, Congratulations. I am so happy that my diet chart has helped you so well. actually only your doctor can decide if you should stop the medications. normally if your HB A1c value comes to normal, the doctors would suggest you to first minimize the dose and in the second test if it comes normal, they would stop medicine completly.

      It is alwaz safer to go by set methods. yes you can definately control your blood sugars with regular exercise and diet !

  42. ajit says

    Hi Mam,
    Myself Ajit, age 35, weight 72 kg and height 5.6. I m regular reader of dietburrp and I befitted a lot. Three months before I diagnosed with diabetic and glucose levels were 257/357. But thnks to ur diet/exercise tips along with one dose/day of glyciphase 500 SR tablets its gone down to 90/107. Its constant and in last three months. I checked my cholesterol levels as well its 116. So i want to know whether mataformin reduces the cholesterol levels. I find myself very healthy.. no fatigue etc.. Should I still continue with medication? is it not possible to control glucose levels using regular exercise and diet?
    Thnks in advance…
    pl reply

    • says

      Hi Ajit,

      wow, Congratulations. I am so happy that my diet chart has helped you so well. actually only your doctor can decide if you should stop the medications. normally if your HB A1c value comes to normal, the doctors would suggest you to first minimize the dose and in the second test if it comes normal, they would stop medicine completly.

      It is alwaz safer to go by set methods. yes you can definately control your blood sugars with regular exercise and diet !

  43. sima keinth says

    Hi mam this is sima in my preagnancy I gained lots of weight due to my sugar as I was taking insulin 4 times a day im type1 diabitic can u plz suggest some tips how to loose weight its already been 6month after delivery I have not lost any weight nowdays im taking insulin 3 times a day before lunch 10units lispro before dinner 10units lispro and 40 units lantus at bedtime plz help

    • says

      Hi Sima,

      If its been 6 months, you can start with physical activities / exercises / gyming . With exercises you would be able to initiate weight loss. you can follow the above mentioned diet after 2-3 months from now, when you stop feeding the baby. so that the baby’s health remains unaffected.

  44. Sami says

    Hi Payal,

    First of all congrats and thank you for motivating and suggesting meal plans. Please let me know a 1200 South Indian diet plan for diabetic with 3 different choices for meals and snack. Would greatly appreciate this.

  45. Pradip Ghosh says

    Mam, I am Pradip Ghosh,two years ago when i first tested my blood sugar,it was 160/280.Doctor prescribed me Glycomet gp 1 before breakfast and vovis 2- twice daily after food, now after two years my sugar is 77/110,what i should do and eat.

    • says

      Hi Pradip,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. and congratulations on having controled your blood sugar level so well . although the levels are now in control, but once diabetes set in , you really got to watch your food or the levels keep rising and falling unduely. the best thing you can do is , enjoy every food , but not over do anything. at like a normal man would but still continue walking and avoiding excess sweets.

  46. krishna says

    Hi, I am suffering with diabetes for last six years, my age is 29 years, I have lost 10kgs weight in last 6 years and I looking very lean and skinny. I am unable to control by glucose levels. I request you to please suggest a proper diet plan so that I can control my glucose levels and regain weight. Currently I am using positive g2 and galvos 50 tablets.

  47. Indra says


    I am 31 years age just now blood sugar identified. What will be best diet chart and what will be exercise required. My weight is moderate 63kg height 5.7″ BMI 22

    Please advice

      • Indra says

        Currently before BF PioZ G 2/15 and after lunch and dinner one tablet on metaphore groups tablet in everyday.

          • says

            Hi Indra,

            yes you can follow the above mentioned diet chart , along with it , you need to take a glass of warm water with lemon each time after your main meal … 10 -15 mins walk after all three major meals will further help you in decreasing BSL. for decreasing fasting sugar , you need to walk for 40 mins after dinner … or later in evening ,

  48. sunita says

    Hello Madam ,

    I am suffering from type 1 diabetes. I am takin g insulin 3 times a day , novo rapid 10 -10-10 & levemir 10 day -10 night .
    but my sugar level are in between 150-260 , sometimes normal.
    Can you suggest some diet for me.


  49. Maya says

    I had border line sugar for 24 years,with diet and exercise it was controlled but now at the age of 62 I am digonosed with fasting145 and pp234.sort of full blown has started giving me metformin 500 half.please what should be my weight is 72 kg.–maya

    • says

      Hi Mayaji,

      You can use the above mentioned diet plan. Also you need to walk for 10 mins after every meal to lower your post prandial blood sugar level. and walk for 30- 45 mins every evening (just 1 hour before dinner or after dinner ) to reduce your fasting blood sugar levels. this hass worked with a lot of my diabetic clients and many had to reduce or completely stop with the medications after they succeeded in reducing sugar with this tip !

  50. Preeti Gaur says

    Hi Payal,

    My Mother in law is having both high BP and diabetes, Can she follow te diet cahrt above as it is only for sugar patients.

    Please suggest.


    • says

      Hi Preti,

      Yes she can definately follow the diet plan mentioned above .. only thing is keep a regular check on her blood sugar so we know that this plan is actually suiting her needs. for hypertention , just use less salt in her food and it should be fine.

  51. Sunil kumar says

    Hi mam I am diebetic and my sugar level Is 390 so I want say that is what I will eat or not eat pls diet chart send

    • says

      Hi sunil, yoyur sugar levels are very high , plz avoid fruits , rice , potato and other carb foods completely for a few days till it settles down a bit. You can refer the above given diet chart too. Also if you want me to design a custom diet chart based on your timings and food habits , you can view this page –


    Hello Mam, I had detected diabetic of blood sugar levels of 174/263. I am 38 year old with weigth of 88kgs height 167 cms.Kindly suggest daily diet plan to lose weight and to control my blood sugar levels.Also my job is touring job generally 15 days out.Kindly suggest what should be my daily diet plan during out of home.

    • says

      Hi Harinath,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Sure ill send you some tips on eating outside if you are a diabetic. Please subscribe to our RSS FEED and you will get updated as soon as i publish that post this week. :) You can follow the above mentioned plan when at home . This will help you in controlling sugfar levels as well as losing weight.

  53. nitin says

    can you please suggest a diet chart with more eating options.
    I have not started any pills or insulin,can diet and exercise are enough for diabtese?

    • says

      Hi Nitin , Yes diet and exercise can help in controling the sugar levels to big extent, special in the first phase, but if the sugar levels are already very high, taking tabs is very essential. if you are close to border line diabetes , then diet and exercise can help you get the levels to normal. Basically a diabetic person can have anything he wishes to have, but in moderation. only thing is avoid direct sugar in form of sugar / sweets / honey / gurr / choklates / candy and other desserts.

  54. ajit says

    Mam, I am 35 year old. Just yesterday I detected diabetic. its 200 & 357 . My weight is 76 kg and my height is 5’6″. What should be my diet plan?..

    • says

      Hi Ajit, you can try following the above mentioned plan , if you follow it correctlyt for a month along with medications you sure would be able to control your blood sugar levels. Try it out for a week and get a test done to know if it is suiting you well. If you face any problem while following this chart, write back to us or mail us at

  55. Vinod Kumar says

    I am looking for a diabetic diet plan for self, however my weight is normal at 73kg for a height of 5ft 10.5 inch. Any suggestions?

    • says

      Hi Vinod ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp… If you tell me your daily routine and timings along with details of medicines , timing and dosage , ill let you know of wht needs to be done ,.

  56. Akram Khan says

    Mam one this i want to share with u that I always do night shift, actuly I am in BPO, so my question is is night shift danger for me.

  57. Akram Khan says

    Hi Mam
    I am Akram Khan and I have been diabetic for 3 years, Mam actualy I am constantly losing my weight because of diabeties and now I am underweight. Please suggest me to gain actual wieght without increasing my sugar level and please suggest me the diet what should i have.

    • says

      Hi Akram ,

      Please tell me when was the last time you checked your sugar levels? and what were the levels. Based on that i can help you. also mention the name , timing and dosage of your medicine. I will not be able to help you without any of these info.

  58. Anita says

    Hi Mam,

    Could you please tell if diabetics can have Ragi, jowar or bajra bhakris/chapatis ? If yes, how many times a week ?

    • says

      Hi Anita,

      Ragi and Bajra can be had every day, no issues with them, Although Jowar is a little high in carbs And hence should be restricted to once a day .

  59. NIRMALA REDDY says

    hello payal mam,
    iam nirmal weighing 72 kilos for 5.3ft height.Iam 40years old please suggest diet to 12kilos in 3 to 4 months.

    • says

      Hi Nirmalaji,

      A single diet plan or exercise plan cannot help you for more than a month. as your body gets used to the routine and then the weight loss rate falls own, so you need to keep changing your diet and exercise plans every 20-25 days to lose weight in a good pace. for first month try the above given plan, it has all regional versions mentioned ( check article) and see how it suits you .. thn we can change the plan after a month. do follow the exercise part too..

  60. shyam lal says

    Ihave been diabetic for 6 yrs&hypertensive for18 yrs on atenolol 25 mg now as ihave lost my weightby 18 mg.Earlier i had to take 50mg.A few months back iweighed 51 kg but now iweigh 46.5 kg.Before being diabetic i weighed 64 kg.When detected first my sugar level was 596 mg%/dl.Itake metformin 1000 mg 1 od&my sugar lewels is between (p p)140&150 mg%dl.Now i look wdry thin.Istrictly follow prev?entions indiet& go for a walk of 40 mnts a day.Pl suggest me how to increase my weight up to55 kg safely as I am hypertensive aswell.I am 61 years of age.I have no complications so far other than ocassinal palpitation of heart winters or when I try to gain weivht by taking ghee &anytbing fried consectively for 3-4 days.

    • says


      Thank you for stopping by and reading at DietBurrp. I really appreciate the progress you’re made so far and got your medications down to less. The weight loss can be due to degenration of muscles, this is age related and natural. Dont worry. What i will suggest is not to aim for weight gain, but for a better fitness level. the foods that you need to eat to gain weight may affect both your sugars and blood pressure. Hence to be safe and for optimum health, indulge in healthy eating. for ex – eat 10 soaked almonds every morning. if you are a non vegetarian, have egg white dishes for breakfast, if not have vegetable daliya, vegetable upama, and a glass of skimmed milk with some sugar free protein supplement that suits your age. or you can simply add skimmed milk powder to your glass of milk. avoid excess fat / carbs and sugars for weight gain , as they will equally affect your blood sugars and blood pressure which is even more risky. take walks every day like you are already doing . it will help you in maintaining fitness level. do yoga and meditation if you like, these are beneficial too. Be stress free and enjoy free times by indulging in activities you like. Happy minds and happy hearts have the fittest body !

      Just add a geriatric protein powder to your diet and this will help.


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