Indian diet plan for weight loss (1200 calorie)

indian diet plan for weight loss

Getting into a restaurant and waiting for your order sets your stomach on fire! And this fire may really eat you up if you are about to be served with paneer butter masala, dal makhani, tandoori roti and chicken biryani! The names of these popular north Indian foods are enough to bring about some emotional hunger even if you have had your last snack just a few minutes ago! But what about your promises on shedding off a few kilos? “Gone with the wind?”  No! Hold it right there, here is a North Indian diet plan for weight loss. Achieving weight loss goals with north Indian diet may not seem to be feasible for you, but limiting your caloric intake to 1200 a day may help to serve your purpose.


Here is a sample Indian diet plan for weight loss for you:


Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss (1200 calories)

Food Item Amount Calories (kcal) Protein (g)
Early Morning
Lukewarm water with lemon 1 cup
Tea (without sugar) 1 cup 35 4
Marie biscuits 2 56
Skimmed milk with sugar 1 glass 90 8
Brown bread upma 1 plate 205 6
Besan Chilla 2 290 12
Fruit salad 1 small bowl 40
Veg Khichdi 1 medium bowl 202.5 9.5
Veg raita 1 small bowl 75 3.5
Mix veg salad 1 bowl 30 2
Tea (without sugar) 1 cup 35 4
Wheat rusk 2 120 6
Missi roti (without oil) 2 200 6
Mix veg 1 medium bowl 95 4
Curd 1 small bowl 30 1.5
Total 1213 kcal 54.5 g


When Kareena Kapoor started off with her “size zero” venture, many people thought that she will not be able to lose her hefty look! Being a typical Punjabi woman with all the “Punjabi tastes”, how could she finally achieve to hit the target? It was passion coupled with dedication that allowed to her to get into “Tashan” or “style” while defeating her intense urge for Aloo Parathas, a “must-have” breakfast in every Punjabi family!

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So many of our readers write to us everyday regarding their confusions and queries regarding this plan while following it and about the effect of this diet plan on their weight, some reader have even lost around 5-6  kgs weight in a month by following this diet plan. We are happy that our weight loss diet plan has helped them. If you too have any questions, please post it below the article. You can also subscribe to our diet services if you wish to get a diet plan tailor made to suit your timings , lifestyle and diet pattern.  Please visit this page – Diet services

How is an Ideal Indian diet plan for weight loss made?

An Ideal Indian diet plan for weight loss can be designed keeping in mind the person’s individual requirements. Every person has different caloric requirement. The calorie requirement is based on various factors like age, sex, medical conditions, activity levels, metabolism etc. To lose weight in a healthy manner, calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). This will help you in knowing how many minimum calories your body requires in order to function properly.

This Sample north – Indian diet plan for weight loss will provide you with an idea of what ideally a 1200 calorie north Indian meal looks like. Although you must understand that this is just a generalized Indian diet plan for weight loss, it may or may not suit your weight loss goal as there are chances your body requirements will be different. So do consult your dietician in person to know if you can use this 1200 calorie North Indian Diet plan for weight loss.


Indian weight loss Diet  -

When I say Indian weight loss diet or weight loss diet for Indians, you may think of what nationality has to do with weight loss. But it is definitely related. You will find the answer as you read ahead. Every time you search for weight loss on the internet, you would find hundreds of websites popping up with various diet programs. Most common amongst these are the south beach diet, or general motors’ diet, or Atkins diet. In our curiosity to lose weight, we hurriedly download one of these diets and start following it blindly. But does it really help? No , But the above given Indian diet plan for weight loss will help.

While we research about Indian weight loss diet, we come across many fancy food items that are a little difficult to find in India. We instantly start looking for them and buying them online or at super markets and spend a fortune on them. Here are some Indian foods that are locally available and are equally or even more beneficial for our health and especially for weight loss.



1] Flax seeds: –

Indian diet plan for weight loss will not be complete without flax seeds. flax seeds are grown in northern and central parts of India and have been a part of the staple local diet since centuries. Its importance and nutrient contents were highlighted only 2 decades ago. Flax seeds have been enjoying the attention of dieters all over the world ever since.

Role In weight loss diet

  • Lignans – the lignans and fiber in flax seeds helps in reaching early satiety (the feeling of fullness). This helps you in cutting down on your food intake. Flax seeds also help in weight loss by keeping you full for longer time. The glycemic index of flax seeds is very less, and hence when you add grounded flax seeds to your yogurt or sprinkle it over your salad, it gets absorbed slowly and keeps your blood sugar stable for longer and you do not feel hungry early.
  • Lecithin – Flax seeds contain lecithin. Lecithin helps in breaking the fat from the food and the fiber in the flax seeds helps in carrying these fats to the intestine for elimination. And thus saves you from absorbing most of the calories these fats were to provide you with.
  • Fiber – The soluble and insoluble fiber in flax seeds makes it a natural laxative. Flax seeds help in cleansing your intestine of the metabolic wastes produced during fat break down while you are on a weight loss regime. Flax seeds help in promoting the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and thus helping in better digestion.
  • Omega 3 – As we all know, Omega 3 helps in improving heart health. Hence flax seeds are especially good for those who have diabetes and blood pressure or any other heart problem and want to manage their weight.

Tips to include flax seeds in Indian diet plan for weight loss :

  • Use freshly ground flax seed powder to sprinkle over your yogurt / curd bowl, salads, whole wheat flour dough, dals and on your vegetable preparations too.    * Precaution – while using flax seeds powder, ground flax seeds freshly. The oils in flax seeds powder undergo oxidation quickly when exposed to air.
  • Use roasted flax seeds to make accompaniments like chutneys.
  • You can take a tsp of flax seeds and eat on empty stomach in the mornings.


2] Yogurt / curd: -

Curd is an inseparable part of a vegetarian Indian diet for weight loss. If I tell you that you can consume more calories and still lose weight, you will think I am joking. But this is for true. A study conducted by International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism concluded that 3 servings of curd consumption helped women to lose more fat than those on a low calorie diet.

Role in Weight loss diet -

  • Calcium – Dr Robert Heaney, MD, (an internationally recognized expert in bone biology and calcium nutrition with Creighton University in Nebraska) found in a study that calcium helped in better fat break down in individuals who wanted to lose weight. Yogurt being a good food source of calcium has a similar effect.
  • Pro- biotic – As we know that curd / yogurt have active cultures and they help in growth of friendly bacteria. It improves digestion and immunity and ensures better nutrient absorption. These probiotics helps in weight loss too. Although yogurt alone cannot bring about weight loss, but if you are already following a weight loss regime for diet and exercises, curd will help you in achieving your weight loss goals faster and then maintaining them in the long run.
  • Protein – The protein present in curd facilitates the weight loss process by becoming the source of energy as well as taking care of the ill effects of strict dieting. It will help in prevention of hair fall and dullness and dryness of skin. So that your skin glows while you shape up your body.

Tips to include yogurt in Indian diet plan for weight loss  –

  • You can have a cup of plain, low fat yogurt before or after your meal.
  • You can mix a fruit and flavor curd / yogurt and have it as a mid meal snack.
  • You can make buttermilk out of curd and drink it in between the meals whenever hungry or thirsty. This will help you in feeling full without adding up on the calories.



3] Tomatoes

These colorful little berries do not only increase the food appeal but is a light house of nutrients and has numbers of benefits when it comes to weight loss diet. The tangy taste will help you sail through your weight loss diet  with energy and without  starvation.

Role in Weight loss diet -

  • Vitamin c – According to the Journal of American college of Nutrition, Vitamin C Increases the fat burning rate by almost 30 %. Those who are deficient in Vit C, do not lose much fat despite of low calorie diets and strenuous exercises. So if you want to cut down on your fat stores, Add Tomatoes to your meals and see your hard work getting paid.
  • Lycopene- Lycopene is an antioxidant and helps in preventing oxidation damage. This will indirectly help in improving immunity and stamina so that you can work out better and burn more calories. Lycopene also helps you in becoming healthier as you lose weight , It helps you reduce the bad cholesterol from the blood vessels and improves your heart health too.
  • Oligofructose – After a fatty meal, the small intestine releases a Hormone called CCK (cholecyctokinin) in the stomach. CCK tightens the valves between stomach and intestine contributing to feeling of fullness and helps in reducing the chances of over eating. Oligofructose in tomatoes helps in sustaining this feeling of fullness for longer
  • Carnitine – Tomatoes contain Carnitine that speeds up the process of fat break down in the body.


Tips to include Tomatoes in Indian diet plan for weight loss–

  • You can use tomatoes in your salads before both the main meals.
  • You can add tomatoes to your juices
  • Have tomato soups or add tomatoes to your vegetable based soups. It specially tastes great with beans and peas.



4] Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Cinnamon is a local spice and famous for its sweet aroma. Cinnamon has a lot of other health benefits too. But let’s first see how cinnamon helps in weight loss.

Role in Weight loss diet

  • Manages blood sugar – Cinnamon helps in better sugar management by supporting insulin and increasing the absorption of glucose. Lesser glucose in the blood stream results in lesser fat storage.
  • Aromatic oils – The oils in cinnamon that contribute to its aroma helps in bring in satisfaction with the diet food and make you enjoy your meal and eat less. This definitely contributes in weight loss.
  • Improves digestion – Experiencing gas / flatulence and heaviness due to increased intake of raw veggies and salads in your diet for weight loss? Cinnamon helps in better digestion, smoothing and calming of intestine lining, treating constipation and improving colon functions. Over all aiding in the weight loss process.

Tips to include Cinnamon in your weight loss diet –

  • You can add cinnamon to your green tea or have cinnamon tea.
  • Use cinnamon powder to sprinkle over your desserts for better blood sugar management.
  • You can use a cinnamon stick and boil it along with water. And drink this water all day long.
  • You can add cinnamon powder to the seasoning of your food.


5] Almonds –

The international journal of obesity published a study stating that People who ate 85 gm of Almonds every day Noted 18‘% reduction in their weight and BMI when compared to dieters who did not eat almonds noted only 11 % reduction in their weight and BMI.

Role in Indian diet plan for weight loss –

  • Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA):- Ala in Almonds increases the rate at which fat is burned in the body. It helps in reaching early satiety (feeling of fullness). Manages cravings and prevents from over eating.
  • Protein – Almonds are rich source of protein and do not contain any carbs to contribute to body weight.
  • Metabolism – Almonds help in increasing the metabolic rate of the body and helps in burning more involuntary calories. Thus aiding in weight loss.


Tips to include almonds in your weight loss diet

  • You can soak 12- 15 almonds overnight and have it in the morning and night with your glass of skimmed milk or warm water and lemon.
  • You can use soaked and chopped almonds to sprinkle on your salads.


6] Bell pepper (Capsicum)

Green, yellow, orange and red; bell peppers comes in all vibrant colors assuring their nutritive richness. The Indian bell pepper is rich in Antioxidants like Vitamin and Vitamin C. It is packed with folic acid and fiber. 1 bell pepper contains almost your 1 days requirement of Beta –carotene which explains its role in maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails.

Role in Indian diet plan for weight loss

  • Capsaicin – Capsaicin found in all kinds of hot peppers and chillies has a tendency to raise body’s temperature. This calls for using up more energy and raising the metabolic rate in a person. Capsaicin also is found to suppress appetite to a bit. All these definitely call for assistance in your weight loss.
  • Dihydrocapsiate (DCT) – Unlike Capsaicin, DCT is found in the sweeter varieties of pepper, but has a similar action on weight loss. It helps in burning up extra calories from the body by raising the body’s temperature.
  • Piperine – In some scientific studies done over mouse, it was found that piperine in black pepper help in preventing the formation of new fat cells in the body. Although this does not prove that it will be true for humans, but there clearly is no harm in adding this black pepper powder to your salads and adding on the tastes and expecting some good results too.


Tips to include peppers in your Indian diet plan for weight loss –

  • You can use all varieties of capsicum in your salads, brown bread sandwiches and whole wheat pasta preparations. This will not only add up on taste but to weight loss factor as well.
  • You can grill them on skewers and have them as starters along with other veggies.
  • You can add some chilli flakes and black pepper powder to variety of foods, salads and soups.



7] Melons

Watermelon, cantaloupe, and squash come under melons. These fruits are very rich in potassium and Vitamin C.

Role in Weight loss Diet –

  • Melons are high rich in potassium and contain a lot of water. When these melons are eaten in a good quantity, they lead to water flushing through excess urination.
  • It is a blessing in disguise for those who have a sweet tooth and are watching out their weight. The sweetness of this fruit will help in satisfying the urge of eating a sweet and at the same time will prevent you from adding up on your waist line.
  • Melons are especially good for women or men who have a water retention problem and feel bloated all the time. Melons will help them pass out the excess water through urine and feel Normal and fresh.

How to include Melons in Indian diet plan for weight loss –

  • You can have Melons fruits as mid meals while on diet.
  • You can have a mixed fruit platter with lots of melons for your breakfast.



8] Brown rice

These complex carbs providing grains are the best way to satisfy your urge to eat rice and still manage to lose weight.

Role in weight loss Diet –

  • Fiber – the goodness of fiber can be enjoyed in abundance in Brown rice. It helps in getting the feeling of fullness and to reach satiety early. Hence you can save yourself from over eating.
  • This unpolished husky brown rice are more nutrient dense then white rice and hence save you from deficiencies during weight loss.
  • The complex carbohydrates help in slower digestion, and slower release of glucose in the blood. This helps in preventing hunger pangs.

Tips to include Brown rice in Indian diet plan for weight loss -

  • You can have brown rice pulav for your lunch / dinner.

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9] Papaya

Papaya has a belly flattening effect and is very beneficial when it comes to weight loss diet.

Role in Indian weight loss Diet –

  • Proper digestion – when you follow a weight loss diet you tend to eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables as salads. Constipation is common problem after changing your lifestyle, which slowly gets normal. “Papain “a co – enzyme in papaya helps in proper digestion and helps in regular evacuation of waste.
  • Papaya helps in treating bloating and water retention as well.

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Tips to use papaya in your Indian diet plan for weight loss –

  • You can have papaya for breakfast.
  • You can mix it with other fruits and enjoy a wholesome goodness with a lot of micro nutrients that will make your skin glow.
  • You can also grind papaya to get its pulpy juice and mix it with your other mock tails or have it plain with spices.


10] Lentils

Lentils are an inseparable part of vegetarian weight loss diets. These are the best sources of Vitamin B group as well as proteins for vegetarians.

Role in Indian weight loss Diet –

  • Sprouts majorly provide calories from proteins and have little carbohydrate. Protein rich foods support in weight loss and lentils are hence the best.
  • If the Weight loss diets are not planned properly or are inefficient, they bring in problems like dull and dry skin, hair loss, and mouth ulcers and under eye patches. Including sprouts in your diet will help in covering up for proper Nutrition.
  • Sprouts are rich in fiber and hence help in reaching satiety and keep you full for longer.

Tips to use sprouts in Indian diet Plan for weight loss –

  • You can use sprouts as salads in boiled or steamed form. Raw form is a bit hard on digestion and may cause gas / flatulence.



Some more Diet Tips for Indian weight loss diet



  • Eat everything you want but maintain moderation. Choosing from variety of foods will ensure a healthy weight loss.
  • Soft Drinks , Alcohol , fries , potato chips and potato wedges provide empty calories and should be completely avoided while on weight loss diet
  • Try to intake all the bright colored foods like red, orange, yellow and greens. Include a lot of green leafy veggies, they not only provide a lot of important nutrients but also provide a lot of fiber that immensely help in weight loss. Include carrots, Pumpkin, all the colored capsicum for maximum health benefit while on vegetarian weight loss diet.
  • The brain needs a 20 minutes span to receive signals from the stomach to stop eating. By when you already must have over eaten. To manage this, you must have a plate of salad and a bowl of soup first , and after a gap of 10 – 15 minutes you should consume your main meals. This way you can save yourself from in taking extra calories. Having salads and soups have extra benefit of consuming a lot of fiber which is helpful for weight loss.
  • A lot of Indians are confused about the right time to consume water during a meal. Some believe have a glass or two of water before meal will help in curbing the appetite, which is not entirely true. Water will easily pass out to your intestine and you would immediately feel hungry. Water should be consumed in between the meal. This helps in better digestion and bolus formation. People who drink water with their meal face less problems of acidity, constipation or indigestion.
  • Go low on carbs and increase your protein intake. As mentioned above, have a bowl of yogurt / curd, skimmed milk and paneer (cottage cheese).
  • Increase your fluid intake. Have a lot of soups, fruit juices (without adding sugar), coconut water, buttermilk, milk, and plain water. Consuming fruits with a lot of water content like water melons are of help too.
  • Change your cooking methods. Give up on deep frying and use microwave or air fryer, replace frying with grilling and steaming or cook in microwave. These would help in cutting down on a lot of calories.
  • Understand the reason behind your weight. If your weight is attributed due to hormonal issues, diet alone cannot help you in weight loss. You will need to take medical support as well. If sedentary lifestyle is the reason behind your weight, exercising will be equally important as is dieting.
  • You can try using the above given information about Indian diet plan for weight loss on your own. If you find it hard to implement, we can help you design your personalized Indian diet plan for weight loss. Please visit this page – Diet services

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    Hello mam, I want to lose my weight. My height is 6.0 feet, weight is 87 kg, I have hypothyroid I am taking daily Thyronorm 75mg. I am a service holder and the nature of job is computer work. I am leaving my house morning 6 AM and returning back at 7.30 PM. There is no any physical exercise. I am a vegetarian. Can you help me to reduce the weight by changing the diet or any other means. Please help me.

  3. Prathosh says

    Hi Payal This is Prathosh ,hope you remember me .

    By Gods grace diet is good ,however this month i checked my weight lost only 2 kgs even though i followed extreme diet and walked 5 km weekly twice and 7 km sunday and followed calorie of 1100 max on all days and avoided oil ,ghee,and everything was shocked .

    I lost 5 kg in Jan and became 96 kg and today i checked its 94 kg ,i want to know is it bec of same routine body got used and i didnt lose weight even though i walked extreme and followed same diet without any change .

    i want tips ,can i change my strategy payal by changing timings ,changing diet like eating 3 dosa on one day and next day 2 and next day 1 ,likewise change everything combined with lots of walking . will it help in weight loss .pls share your tips .

    I have target set to reach 70 kg by July 2015 and currently from 104 kg in November just lost 10 kg as on date of Feb 18 2015 with 94 kg ,however i still doubt weighing machine also because i feel i hv lost more ,i mean my body shapes all is thin ,but weight shows only 2 kg loss . pls share your thoughts .



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      Hi prathosh ,

      nice to hear from you , Your body must have gotten used to the exercises and walking you do and now adjusts to whatever little calories you are intakingf. this happens in a lot of cases where despite of all efforts you dont lose a bit. breaking this plateau requires a lot of patience …. here is what you can do …….. exercise wise – stop doing what you are already doing for a week … and then you surprise your body with a new activity .. for ex – you have been walking all these days , so now change your activity to swimming / zumba dancing / skatting / gyming / playing badminton or lawn tennis … whatever suits you best. tai chi and kick boxing and pillates work excellently in such cases., i know its hard to find time and availabilty of such sports around you .. but if you want to get there .. you need to find harder !!

      Food wise – surprise your body yet agin by co nsuming food stuffs that you never did .. it changes your metabolic graph and hence makes you lose weight …. ex – if you have been eating wheat and rice as staples so far … dont eat them for an entire week , and consume other cereals like bajra , jowar , or ragi …. this funda has worked superbly with my clients .. you can try and see if it suits you too ..

      • Prathosh says

        Thanks Payal for your tips ,will surely see how i can take it further .

        Between few clarifications .

        payal i guessed and thought body must have got used to routine of daily 30 min walking and same eating habit whatever i have told hence did not lose much calories and because i walked lots of 7 km walk and 5 km walk only has helped me to shred 2 kg atleast .

        now my question is

        1 I would like to know same 1200 calories can i change the eating time and eating items ,will it work wonders

        to give example ,.currently i eat 8 am ,12:30 pm ,6 pm and 8:30 pm now can i change like 8:30 , 1:30 and 5:00 and 9:00 to confuse body .

        similarly 1200 calories means its not necessary i should eat only chukka roti ,rice and apple ,i can have any items right i mean all healthy ones in little items to break it in parts and eat at right way and confuse body to lose weight .

        for eg i eat roti morning ,lunch now , so i change as morning dosa and before lunch vegetables and then lunch little ,evening replace apple with protein such as sundal ,etc and night pineapple ,etc

        like wise if i keep changing this monthly in different combination ,I am sure body will get terribly confused and will start losing weight ,this is my guess payal .however you are expert ,pls share me your thoughts on this .

        Similarly walking i will increase 30 mt to 1 hr and then 2 hr and so on and also will mix and change time ,change distance etc .will make body get confused to lose weight .

        pls share me how is my idea payal.

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          Hi , please find your answers inline –

          1 I would like to know same 1200 calories can i change the eating time and eating items ,will it work wondersto give example ,.currently i eat 8 am ,12:30 pm ,6 pm and 8:30 pm now can i change like 8:30 , 1:30 and 5:00 and 9:00 to confuse body .

          – yes you can try that .. it works well in a lot of cases , but i cant promise wonders !!

          similarly 1200 calories means its not necessary i should eat only chukka roti ,rice and apple ,i can have any items right i mean all healthy ones in little items to break it in parts and eat at right way and confuse body to lose weight .

          – yes , definitely .

          for eg i eat roti morning ,lunch now , so i change as morning dosa and before lunch vegetables and then lunch little ,evening replace apple with protein such as sundal ,etc and night pineapple ,etc

          – yes will do .

          like wise if i keep changing this monthly in different combination ,I am sure body will get terribly confused and will start losing weight ,this is my guess payal .however you are expert ,pls share me your thoughts on this .
          — yes this is true , you lose weight when you confuse your body , but pace of weight loss may be slow or fast , that you will know only once you give it a try .

          Similarly walking i will increase 30 mt to 1 hr and then 2 hr and so on and also will mix and change time ,change distance etc .will make body get confused to lose weight .

          – yes this is good idea .

  4. karuna jain. says

    As I am students n I move 7:30 am from home and reach 4 :30 pm at home again in tht schedule I cnt consume anything or somedays I used to eat junk food so wht diet chart should I follow to loose weight

    • says

      Hi Karuna,
      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Walking or exercising for 45 mins everyday will help you in a good way to lose weight. along with the exercise you also need follow a healthy regime. if you want me to analyse your regime and plan a diet plan personalized for you,based on your timings, food habits and body requirements, please see this page. –

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    I am 39yrs old & my weight is 81kgs. I want to reduce my weight as I am having High BP & cholestrol Problem. Kindly advise me how can I loose weight quickly.

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    Can I go with gm dietplan.. Is eat healthy..
    I know it’s a shortcut.. But I hope it’s not a problem for my health.. M gymmin also

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    Hello mam, i want to lose 15 kg weight. My hight 5.3, weight 70kg, i have hypothyroid & PCOD, I taken thyronom 50mg, & Glyciphase 500mg. Irealy want to reduce my weight. I take lots of fruit n vegetable. But i cant reduce. Plz help me.

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    Hi payal,

    my age is 30. And my weight is 66kg and height is 4’11. I want to reduce my weight to 52 kg and want to get in shape. After baby i couldn’t lose more and got have hanging stomach. I have 7 months to do it….kindly help

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    I am 30 years old personal. My height is 162 cams. I do job as a clerk. My weight is 78 kg. How much weight is helpful for me. I want to loose 15-20 kgs within 3 month. Please give me diet plan for loosing weight.

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    Dear Mam,

    My age is 23. And my weight is 70 kg and height is 5’6. I want to reduce my weight to be 53 kg in 3 months, I am doing 5 days per week 50 mins running in treadmill to burn 1300 calories per day with 15% incline and speed 5. Is it okay to be healthy and lose weight.
    Pls Suggest me.


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    Hi i am swathi i am 28 yrs old and my weight is 80 i want to loose 10 kgs in 2 months.Can u suggest how much walking is needed along with the diet plan suggested here and dose sleeping in the afternoon increases weight

  13. Niyati says

    Hi.. I have few confusion regarding the diet plan given, kindly help me to resolve it:
    In your diet plan it is mentioned to consumeVeg Khichdi in afternoon but khichdi is prepared with white rice and dal so won’t that add to weight gain because of rice?
    can you kindly guide me about thus.
    thank you

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    I am 29 years old and my height is 5’8″ . My weight is 95 Kg. Please advise a diet plan for me so that I can reduce my weight upto 65 Kg.

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      Hi Manisha , did you follow it to the core ? if yes , there is no way you would not lose any weight , are you expecting your MENSTRUAL CYCLE ? were you on any medications ? were you constipated ? did you recently start exercising / walking along with the plan ? there must be some catch …

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    hello mam.. your diet plan is very usefull to all … i am 22 years old and my weight is 67 and height is 4’11 … i want to lose 15 kgs … and i am also trying to lose weight ..actually i cant afford gym .. can 45 minusts of walking is effective for weight lose ? and i want to lose weight fast for some reason .. please guide me .. thankyou

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    I’m 30 yrs old . I’m 5.3 feet and 82 kg. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid, due to which I’m unable to shed my excless flabs.

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    I have an fruit and a cup of green with some biscuits for my breakfast.

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    Need your assistance on it.


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    I am Monisha 28 years old. I weigh 63 Kgs and my height is 157 Cms aprox.
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    30. NOV.2014
    Hi Payal.
    I am 53yrs old. My height is 5ft. 3inchs and weight is 81kgs. I have osteoarthritis (both knees) for last 15yrs cant walk much. I have pear shaped body. Am diabetic and hypertensive.. pls help ..I need vegetarian weightloss diet..
    Thanks .

  25. Rahul says

    I am 30 Year Old, my weight is 83kg and height is 5.9″. i want to loose my weight atleast 8kg, can you pls assist me how it can be possible and what deit plan you will suggest me.


  26. Ejaz says

    My Age is 35, Height 5″9 Current weight is 89 KG. A non smoker, non alcoholic , I want to reduce some Belly FAT & weight so i can reach around 75 KG. My lifestyle is quite lazy. All i am doing is just a brisk walk of 25 minutes thrice a week. I can easily eat chicken, vegetables, eggs, Milk sort of things.

  27. shahazeem says

    hello payal.

    my age 21 .weight 68. height 5.4 .I want to loss weight and also belly fat.I calculated BMI .it is showing over weight .please give se some tips

  28. Bharathi says

    Hello Payal,
    I am 25 years old,my height is 5.2 and my weight is 56. I am getting married after 2 months.I have to loose atleast 5 kg wight till that.Can you suuggest diet plan for me? I go to gym also for 1 hour 5 times a week.

  29. sheetal says

    I am sheetal my age is 29 height 5.6 weight 70 kg . I do even suffer from hyper thyroid from last 8 months and have to kids can u plss suggest me a proper veg diet to loose my belly fat

  30. Prince Garg says

    My name is Prince Garg, age is 25, height is 6’3 and weight is 94.6kgs…i want to shred 10 kgs, mostly love handles and belly fat…
    I hahe gone through uour diet plan, and it looks good..
    Could you please suggest me what to do to achieve my target..
    Thanks in advance…

  31. anjali says

    I am Anjali my height is 5 inch andweight is 78 kg please help me to reduce weight and i am suffering from thyroid also plZ remember it
    Thank u

  32. anjali koolwal says

    hiii i am anjali,my height is (5’1)and my weight is 80 kgs i am a collage student.
    i want to loose weight so from where i start can u please help
    i have tyroid problm also can i take ur indian diet paln please repaly fast.

    thank u

  33. Aditi says

    Hi , i am 24 & my weight is 55+ . Besides taking care of my family , I work in an MNC for 10-7 daily & have no time for exercise. I am a pure vegeterian. I need to loose 5-6 kgs till January to attend a wedding. Please advise some office meals tips, that I can follow regularly.

  34. Megha Sharma says

    Hi payal,
    I am 23 years old girl height 173 cm (5’8 n 1/2) I have a normal diet plan but still my weight have increased to 92.5kgs. 3 months ago it was 84 kgs. It is rapidly increasing. 1 year ago I met with an accident after that my weight has increased 20kgs before accident it was 73 kgs. i did my thyroid test 6 months ago but it was negative. please help me out to reduce my weight. I am really very tensed regarding my weight.

  35. Gargi says

    Hi payal, M 29yrs old nd m 5feet tall .My weight is 70kgs. M a mother of 3 1/2yr old kid. M havin hypothroid which is well under control. Nd even m sufferin from pcod. If i follow ur above mentioned diet plan will it help me to lose weight. I need to lose atleast say 6-7kgs in 2months for a weddin. Nd also can we mix ur diet plan say for eg. In lunch we follow southimdian diet plan nd in dinner we follow gujrati plan..nd so on ofcourse keepin d calorie count in mind.Thankin u in anticipation

    • says

      Hi Gargi,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. you can definitely try following the above mentioned diet plan. and yes you can also mix them as mentioned in your comment. there are readers who say they lost 14 kgs in 2 months by following the above mentioned diet . so you can definitely keep hopes on this one. if you need any further help, please do write back to us.

  36. neethu says

    hai payal,i am a height is 161 and my weight is 72.I have started thyroid problem at the age of i am weight is gaining even after starting medicine.i am a vegetarian since my main food is rice.once i replace rice with wheat.but no use.pls help me

  37. shravani says

    hai payal,
    hi, payal
    my age is 22, my weight is 62 kg and height is 5’3. I want to reduce my weight to 48 kg . I exercise for 30 mins daily ……..kindly help

    • says

      Hi Shravani,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Walking or exercising for 45 mins everyday will help you in a good way to lose weight. along with the exercise you also need follow a healthy regime. if you want me to analyse your regime and plan a diet plan personalized for you, please see this page. –

      Or You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article.- this is a general 1200 calorie diet plan and has helped many. it may be of help to you as well.

    • aufo says

      I am 32 years old female, 5ft 9 inches and weight 72 kg. I do desk job and drive car so very less walking throughout the day. i want to shed some extra weight from my belly and thigh areas. i find running tiresome and i cant do crash dieting. please suggest me easy exercises that would help me to lose weight.

      also i want to know the gap time between taking Lukewarm water with lemon in morning and tea. i heard that gap should be atleast 1 hour to 2 hours. please clarify this.

      also is coconut water is good for weight loss?

      thank you,

      • says

        Hi Aufo,

        Thanks for reading at Dietburrp . , yes coconut water will support your nutrition system while need to have a 1 hour gap between lemon water and tea or milk intake. some people have very good digestion , in which case the gap can be 30 mins . but on an average its good to have 1 hour gap to avoid ending up with an upset stomach.

        if you find jogging tiring ., start with atleast 45 mins of walking , when you see good results you will be inspired to get involved with other exercises.

  38. leena says

    I m 37 yrs old. my height is 5 feet and I weigh 69 kgs. I want to lose at least 10 kgs more. Please suggest me a diet plan.

  39. umair says

    hi, payal mam

    plz help my mother she was 42 years old and height 5.3 and weight is 74 kg. how to reduce her weight and she was always suffer from stomach problem. plz help me.

  40. RAMESH says

    Hi Payal,
    My name is Ramesh, 5.4″ height and 75 kgs. 32 Years.
    I want to loss 7~8 Kgs in this two months.
    I am working in night shift for two months. My diet is:


    Lemon Tea with Honey

    Breakfast – 4 Idlies or 1 cup milk + 4 britania rusks

    2 Cups rice and curry + Curd

    Not having any snacks , but taking green tea

    1 Cup rice + dal + Curd

    In Night shift

    2 AM- 2 Dosa /4 Idlies

    4 AM- Juice ( Watermelon/musk/Grapes)

    Total Rice intake in a day is avg 200 gms
    I used to drink water alot.No smoking . 1 beer in one week( sometimes I don’t take)

    Going to Gym – 1 and half hour – Trade mill+ Cycling+ Aerobics etc.

    Please suggest me if there is any thing is need to be added or removed.
    8944716-20141009-142444 Need to be add to group wu-digital-developers and wu-digital-appadmin


  41. payal says

    hi payal, m y name is also payal, i am 29 yrs old housewife ,my height is 5’2′ n weight is 75 kgs. i have pcos since the begining. i am doing workout since 3years .i know somewhere down the line i was not committed. from past 3 months i am doing regular aerobics and lost only 2 kgs. its very depressing. i want to loose atleast 10kgs till december. pleae suggest any diet plan.
    what i usually do in my daily routine is below
    8 am – black coffee with no sugar, half khakra, almonds, half a apple.( this is before my aerobice)
    830-930 aerobics
    945-1030 cardio
    11 am omlette, 1toast, 1 cup of green tea no sugar
    130 pm 1 chapati, dal, salad
    430 pm green tea with 2 mcvittes
    5-6 walk
    730-830 1 chapati , i full bwl of vegetable
    n try to drink more than 2 litrs of water but still working on that

  42. Rupali says

    hi mam
    i m 33 yrs old,5.4″,weight 89kgs
    i hav tried gym nd aerobics but not of much use,i also hav electronic muscles exerciser which i use daliy or after one day
    my diet is as below
    morning green tea
    breakfast tea without sugar with 5marie biscuits or namkeen
    11a.m tea without sugar in office time
    mid morning a pear or an apple
    lunch three medium size chapatis with sbji
    evening tea without sugar without any snacks
    dinner fruits or dalia or milk with corn flakes
    addition to this after a day or two extra snacks etc like dosa or samosas or pav bhaji etc
    i exercise 40min but skip sumtimes
    nd go to off nd back walking only its say 3km in total
    mine is a sitting job and hav gained alot on stomach
    plz suggest what changes shud i make
    lastly before 8 years i lost 11kg frm 69kgs i came to 58 with diet walk nd muscle exerciser
    But after that u c i was 94 nd i reduced 6kgs but now its not working
    i dont want a personalised plan just suggest some measures here only
    Thanks in anticipation

  43. Mukesh Pandey says

    Hi Payel
    I am 34 yrs old and need your assistance in reducing my weight. I am 103 kgs and 5.8″. I need to reduce atleast 30 kgs to be normal. Please suggest what can i do.I want to loose atleast 20 kgs prior to that. Please help.

  44. Apeksha Surana says

    Hie mam
    cn u plz give the measurement details of 1 bowl, medium bowl , small bowl cup etc of the above diet plan in detail

  45. pragya tiwari says

    hy payal,

    my name is pragya tiwari meri age 26 h aur mera weight 70 kg h aur agle saal meri shadi hone jaarahi h plg mujhe btaye ki main apna weight kse kam kru kyunki dec 1 weak mai meri engement h aur mujhe apna weight bhut jldi km krna h

  46. Manoj says

    Hello madam
    I m manoj, I m 22 years old and working in armd force of india.
    Madam I run daily atlest 10-12km perday and exercise also my weight is not too much only 60kg. but I m gaining stomach and I m very worrie about this. Plz suggest me what should I do for this I will very thankful to you

    • says

      Hi Manoj,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. you are already doing what it takes with exercises, but if you still putting on on your tummy, this means that the diet needs a check. do mention your food schedule so that i can make out the reason behind this.

  47. Aatika Khatoon says

    Hi Payal,
    My husband is 45 yrs old,height 6’2″,weight 96 kgs.We are non vegetarians.I want to know if his weight is appropriate for his height.If not please suggest a good diet plan to reduce.

  48. Akanksha says

    My height is 5’1 weight is 61.5
    Need to lose. Minimum 5 kgs
    Within a month’s Time…
    Currently my dietplan is
    Breakfast double tonned milk and Apple..
    Lunch vegetable porridge n salad and curd
    Evening fruits. Like Apple guava. ..sweet lime,
    Or milk n suji rusk etc

    Dinner boiled sprouts with salad

    P.s I eat roasted masala chana etc for taste
    Will this help?
    Thanks :)

    • says

      Hi Akansha,

      your diet sounds goods. since when are you following it ? you should definitely lose some weight with this , just that have sprouts in the afternoon as they are heavy on digestion. and you might face gas problem

  49. gopal somani says

    hi mam…… i want to know can i take honey with lukewarm water and lemon……if yes then plezzzz specified the amount of honey in 200 ml of water and one lemon juice………………because i heard that honey in small amount reduce the weight and in high amount used for weight gain…………………plzzzz help me

  50. Himanshu says

    Hi ,

    I am 26 yes old weigh around 90 KGS .
    I am typically from Punjabi family .
    I started a bit here my sample day
    I start my day with a glass of milk flavoured at 7:00 am
    2 chapati and subzi at 9:00 am
    1 cup of tea at 11:00 am
    3 chapati n subzi at 2 pm
    1 green tea at 4:30 pm
    2 chapati n dal at 9:30 pm
    10:30 pm bed
    I walk around 10-15 mints in morning then 15 20 mints at evening
    20 mints post dinner
    Please suggest

    • says

      Hi Himanshu,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. the pattern you have mentioned is ok , except that you need to include more fiber in terms of salads and veggies. and increase your water intake. you can also cut on your total chapati intake , and take snaky items for breakfast and dinner. and have proper lunch.

  51. Shreya says

    Hello Mam
    My name is Shreya , 21 yrs old and I weigh 66 kgs. In last 4 months I reduced 10 kgs with right exercise and diet. But now I have joined college and the timings are 9:30 am to 2:30 pm without any break in between. I feel so hungry during college hours but there’s no choice either.
    my schedule:
    breakfast-9:00 am: 1 cup green tea and an apple/banana. ( I can’t eat more)
    lunch-3 pm: veg subji and 2 chapatis / subji and rice
    evening snack -5 pm : 1 cup tea and 2 suji/wheat rusk
    dinner- 8 pm: 1 veg sandwich( whole wheat bread) and a glass of flavoured milk.

    Following this diet … I’m gaining weight. I really want to lose 14 kgs more( wanna be at 52 kgs).
    Please suggest a good diet plan.

    • says

      Hi Shreya,

      i feel you should have heavy breakfast , like 2 chapati , and sabji . and have lighter lunch , you can actually switch between your current breakfast and lunch. this will help by avoiding you to feel hungry during college hours and you would be able to concentrate and the nutrients will be properly absorbed. keep your dinner as it is . and see how this diet works for you. All the best

  52. GOIP says

    Hi Payal,

    I am 38 yars old and 5.6 ” height. My weight is : 80 kgs. Dont know i have put on this much of weight suddenly since one year. Earlier my weight was good and in control. Last year, i got married and post marriage suddenly put on my weight. I DO NOT take much food also. Just normal fool, i take. Even there is NO change in weight loss.

    Recently changed my diet. So please can you suggest me is it ok…?

    Morning : 07:00 AM Green Tea (one Glass of tea)

    Break fast : 08:00-08:30 AM – Oats (Withought milk)

    Lunch : 12:00 – 12:30 PM – Lunch (Rice and curry only)

    Evening : Tiffins or Snacks…

    Dinner : 08:00 – 09:00 PM – 3 chapathi

    This is the my diet.

    So please can you reply with your suggestions on my diet is worth.. to my emial id.

    Thanking you

    • says

      Hi ,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. I feel you need to include some green tea and more of fruits and veggies in your diet. also fill i the gaps, have something ever 3 hours to keep your metabolism raised and lose good weight. taking less chapati and instead eating snaky dinners will help you in losing good weight.

  53. Aditi says


    My Name is Aditi Aggarwal. I am working in IT Sector, i left home by 5 in morning and back to home by 7 in evening, thus don’t have time for physical activities.
    Height: 5
    Weight: 75kgs
    Early Morning: Green Tea with lemon and honey
    Breakfast: Papaya & Pomengranate / Bread with Tea
    Lunch: 3 chapati with veg sabzi
    Dinner: 3 chapati with veg sabzi
    Please suggest a good diet plan to reduce weight, as I have my brothers marriage in December.

    Aditi Aggarwal

    • says

      Hi Aditi,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. you will have to take some time out for walking / exercises. if not in the morning, you can do exercises in the even or at night after dinner. have dinner by 7 . 30 pm and walk from 8.15 to 9. 00 pm this will help in burning calories. You will also have to work on reducing the meal time gap. have something every 3 hours. this will help in keeping your metabolic rate high and you will lose good weight.

  54. sidddhesh says

    I am 24 years old and my height is 170cm,weight is 77 kgs, chest 44 and belly is 37. Accordinly to this my ideal body weight should be 62kgs . and main thing is that my metabolic rate is slow. Now I have to lose atleast 17 kgs within 3 months. Can you please advice? its very important mam..

  55. jaspreet says

    Hello Mam,
    I am jass age 27 years old and My height is 5.10 ft & body weight 105 kg.I am working in agriculture dairy farms duty (9 am- 6pm).
    My all time goes in office and due to sitting job I have gain weight.
    Here is my routine:below

    7.00 am tea with sugar
    Home 8:30 am:Chapati/prontha with oil/buter + veg

    Company breakfast : 10.00 am tea with sugar
    Lunch: 5 Chapati + Vegetable
    Evening time 4:00 PM: Tea

    Home 8:30 PM :4/5 Chapati/ with oil,veg,daal

    10.00 PM 1 glass Milk hot

    1. Can you please make a diet plan for me & product ?
    2. During dieting, Should we eat rice?
    3. If I join aerobics only for 1 month. Is their any side effect if I don’t continue it?
    4. I cant take tea without sugar, can I have tea with sugar free tablets?

    • says

      Hi Jas,
      please find your answers inline –

      1. Can you please make a diet plan for me & product ?
      yes – plz see this page –
      2. During dieting, Should we eat rice?

      yes you can , but plz read this –

      3. If I join aerobics only for 1 month. Is their any side effect if I don’t continue it?
      – exercises help in toning up muscles that are used. if you skip the exercises / aerobics, you will lose your body tone. but weight gain will happen only if you leave both dieting and exercises . so no matter whether you can exercise or not, but continue to eat healthy.

      4. I cant take tea without sugar, can I have tea with sugar free tablets?
      – yes you can

  56. Gayatri says

    Hi Payal,

    Hope you doing Well…


    I had been working out since May, earlier my weight was 63 but after working out and keeping my eating habits restricted i had reached to 57.5 Kg. But now days due to hectic schedule and excess travelling i am unable to workout and my eating habits have changed completely. Kindly suggest how could i lose inches, as according to my age my weight is perfect but my belly fat and fats on thighs have to be reduced. Request you to kindly suggest a proper vegeterian diet.

    • says

      Hi Gayatri,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp i understand it is a little difficult to follow a routine for long time when you are working. but still if you somehow manage a 45 mins workout in the morning or evening or at night , and just follow the eat clean diet rule, you’ll be able to lose on your belly fat. jogging and running are very beneficial for losing on belly fat along with other abb muscle toning exercises. you could follow them,

  57. anupriya says

    Hello Mam,

    I am 23 years old and I am working in IT sector (8am- 8pm). My all time goes in office and due to sitting job I have gain weight.

    Here is my routine:

    7:30 am: Milk
    11:00 am: Tea with biscuits
    Lunch: 2 Chapati + Vegetable
    5:00 am: Tea
    9:30 pm: 2 chapati + veg
    10:00 pm: Milk

    1. Can you please make a diet plan for me?
    2. During dieting, Should we eat rice?
    3. If I join aerobics only for 1 month. Is their any side effect if I dont continue it?
    4. I cant take tea without sugar, can I have tea with sugar free tablets?


    • says

      Hi Anupriya,

      1] yes we can help you in weight loss by making a diet plan. plz check this page –

      2] yes you can have brown rice , plz read this to know the details –

      3] no nothing like that , its just that when you do aerobics or any other exercises, you body muscles get toned. and after leaving the exercises completely , the body will lose that tone. and the muscles will again become lose. this is true for all exercises, including walking.

      4] yes you can take both sugar less tea and tea with sugar free tabs.

      5] you are missing out on breakfast which is not good. please include some , you also need to increase your fiber intake by including fruits and veggies and salads in your routine.

  58. Surabhi Nigam says

    Hi Payal,

    I am a 28 years old housewife.. I am 5′ 2″ and weigh 64 kgs. I used to maintain a healthy weight before marriage however, after marriage and specially from pregnancy I am putting on weight. I calculated my BMR it was 1422.2 and corresponding calories requirements are 1707. I deducted 15% of the calories requirement thereafter so that I need a diet plan which gives me a max of 1451 cal as I am not a very active person. Secondly , whenever I try I am not able to stick to any exercise or walk routine as my kid is 2 yrs old. But I wish to stick to one. I request u to draft a diet plan for me plz. As I need guidance. I am a foodie and its my weakness to try new things ..:( thereby m not able to judge what to eat n what not to eat… I wake up at 7.15 .. do breakfast by 8 am…
    have either oats/ weetabix/ paddy poha / bread omeltte / bread butter for breakfast with cold coffee or milk shake… then I do lunch at 1.30 or 2 pm.. I have 2 chapaati/dal/ sabzi/ salad/ laban in lunch generally or just make gravy wali sabzee and skip dal at times r make kidney beans or chana etc in gravy… then at around 5 m generally hungry,,, I eat whatever is available … or skip and eat sumthing directly at 7.30 ..or 8 pm… we eat out a lot :( … or oterwise i make pasta/ noodles/ upma / idli/ sabzee roti for dinner… I am a moderately active person.. but suffering from few prob inculcated during pregnancy and low actively after coming to Oman. I have irregular periods and get tired easily…doc has warned me to loose weight asap. as I have high cholesterol too owing to thyroid prob during pregnancy. Plz advice me what to do…waitinf for ur response eagerly… thanks in advance

    With Regards,
    Surabhi Nigam

    • says

      Hi Surabhi,

      I know it is hard with a kid to watch diet and exercise. but unless you set a routine, it will be very tough to lose weight, specially keeping in mind your delayed cycles.
      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Walking or exercising for 45 mins everyday will help you in a good way to lose weight. along with the exercise you also need follow a healthy regime. if you want me to analyse your regime and plan a diet plan personalized for you, please see this page. –

      Or You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article.- this is a general 1200 calorie diet plan and has helped many. it may be of help to you as well.

  59. omkar says

    hi…its omkar
    i have joined gym to reduce the wait here after 15 days of daily workout i dint yet reduced the single pound of wait rather 1kg wait is increased..i wanted the proper diet to loose the wait and gain the muscle..plz i u can help me out by providing the diet chart including the meals after work out and pre-workout..plz reply….

  60. karan says

    Hi Payal,
    Im 30 with 178 cm height but my weight is 90 kg, whihc is too much and wanted to reduce is badly. I have sitting job but i do regular exercise and workout. I run daily aprox 2.5 to 3 kms and other exercise but still dont loos weight. Kindly suggest the forward path. I wnat to lose 10 kgs in one month.

    • says

      Hi Karan ,

      good to see that you are spending so much time on exercises. but it is important to control your food intake and eat the right quantity of food at right time to be able to lose good weight. i think you need to revise your diet to lose weight with exercises that you are already doing.

  61. mahnoor says

    hi ,my age is 32 ,weight 83kg and height is 5 ft 5inches .i had joined jym n aerobics classes ………in 2011 my weight was 89kg n i lose that to 24kg in 6 months diet n jym help………….bt now no diet plan is working …………i have to reduce 33 kg plz guide me wt should i do to reduce weight ……….i m waiting for ur reply .plz help me

  62. kirk says

    hi Payal
    iam a 20 year old boy, was a very active boy playing football but ended with ligament tears due to which i was home for months and put on a lot of weight almost 20kgs
    if i have basic egg or oats every morning
    salad every afternoon
    and some fruits for dinner
    will it work for me

  63. Arman says

    Hi mam,

    I am 24 years weight 68 kg,.. heigt 5ft 9 inch… my overall body is good… but I have only 1 problem.. belly fat.. my diet plan is breakfast – tea,2 bread,vegetables..

    day – rice, vegetables
    evening breakfast – tea, snacks
    night-rice, chicken, salad..

    plz how to reduce belly fat

    suggest any diet plan or exercize..
    plz plz

    • says

      Hi Arman,

      i think more than the diet, exercises will help you trim down your belly and get fitter muscles , just chjoose on easting more protein and fiber along with complex carbs like brown rice . and start running / jogging in the morning .. and you would see results within a month.

  64. Jaya says

    Dear Payal Ji


    My age is 34 and i am weighing 74.4 kgs. I have very sedentary lifestyle since have working hours starting early and going into late evening. I have been a sports person but now find it hard to get a little time to do basic exercises. due to odd time meetings and travelling i often skip my meals.

    Though i had just embarked up on a diet plan
    Early morning – Methi water, 5 almonds, 1 kali mirch
    Breakfast – 1 brown bread, salad
    Mid morning – two biscuits and tea with light sugar
    Late Morning – 1 fruit
    Lunch – 1 bran roti with dal, starting with salad
    Evening – 1 tea and 2 biscuits
    Dinner – 1 bran roti with vegetable, starting with salad
    Last – 1 fruit and trifala before sleeping

    Please suggest if this is right. However if i do not take the mid morning tea i feel weak. And can you please advise how long can i continue with this diet and also advise me to maintain a healthy weight and if i can any how loose the existing 14 kgs extra a little early.

    Hoping to hear from your. Thank you so much

    • says

      Hi Jaya,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. The diet you have mentioned looks good. you can start following it with immediate effects. Any diet chart works weel for 20- 25 days , after which body gets used to the routine and the weight loss pace slows down. hence it has to be revised after 20- 25 days.

      plz follow it and see how much weight you lose with it in a week , and accordingly calculate your monthly average. you can slowly start adding walking for 10 mins 3-4 times a day if you don’t find 45 mins on a stretch. you can take up stair climbing 4-5 floors 3 times a day for even better results.

      Also add some green tea to your routine. and dont worry 2 cups of regular tea along with little sugar is ok to take in a day. let me know if you need any further help.

  65. akanksha says

    Thankyou for your support and reply mam..i changed my routine which now includes two time walk of 40 min each. i also started doing a full 60min power yoga and pilates exercise of 40 min.
    i hv changed my diet too adding more fruits salads and curd.
    but what i forgot mentioning was that i also have pcos and really want to get it under control please suggest me foods i should avoid.
    also i am a non vegetarian so should i fully ignore it for some time or i can have small portions once a month?
    please reply

  66. meghaa says

    hello maam
    my name is meghaa and i am 5 feet 3 inches 21 year old and i am currently between 63-64 kg and i wanna scale down to 50 as soon as possible . being a law student i have no time left for physical excercises and from last few months i am stuck at this number only. recently i have started this eating routine
    breakfast- cornflakes/brown bread/chocos/idli/besan chila/idli
    mid morning- fruits/digestive biscuits
    lunch- 2 rotis with any cooked vegetable and curd/ or at times daal and rice.
    evening- green tea/lemon water/fruit/tea/salad/digestive biscuits
    dinner-1 roti with sabji/ tomato soup with one brown bread.
    and one more thing i have just week back started taking GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT for weight loss even.
    i wanna know if in what manner i can amend my regime for better and will the coffee exteact help me loose weight faster? i have given myself 2 months to get at 50 if you have any suggestions for me please let me know

    thanking you .

  67. Akanksha says

    hello mam.. i am 20 years old and my weight is 75 kgs..and my height is 5ft3in..
    my target is’s my diet plan
    early morning-tea
    breakfast- apple/papaya/boiled egg+1 glass milk
    evening- tea+wheat rusk+any fruit
    dinner-either skipped or 1 roti with vegetable
    i want to know if my diet plan is correct.. also i do yoga and brisk walk for 30 min each.. is my routine good? how much time will it take to achieve my target..plz reply

    • says

      Hi Akansha,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. actually you need to exercise for 45 mins atleast to be able to lose fat . plz read this article to know the mechanism of fat loss-

      i went thru your diet routine , but im sorry , you are doing portion control, but your diet lacks in fiber. plz eat good amount of raw veggies as salad in both your mals and also include 1-2 fruits every day. skipping your meal is no way out, so plz dont skip your dinner or any other meal. just replace it with healthy food. include green tea , dals an curds in your diet.

  68. Priya says

    Hi maam, im 21 yrs and my weight is 71kgs height 5.2 ft, i have started with aerobics dance its been 1.5 months since i have started but i dont fell any changes in my weight bcoz itz always between 70 to 71 kgs not able to reduce much. i have aerobics class ly for 4 days in a week 1 hr per day.
    my diet chart
    2 slices of brown bread with 1 boiled egg white
    a cup of corn flakes
    1 glass lemon tea with 1 spoon of sugar
    1 bowl rice dal n vegetables
    1 cup of tea
    2 chapati with dal or vegetables.

    • says

      Hi Priya,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. your diet is right, can you just switch between lunch and dinner ? that will help you better. also , you should include green tea, raw salads and fruits in your diet. walking after dinner will also help. try to walk for 45 mins on the day you do not do aerobics.

      • Megha says

        Hi Mam,
        i m 27 yrs and my weight is 68kgs height 5.2 ft, i have started with gym its been 2 months since i have started but i dont fell any changes in my weight.

        • says

          Hi Megha,

          Along with gym you need to do some dietary modifications too. are you taking low calories diet ? if not , plz refer our 1200 calorie diet charts in different cuisines and try to follow them along with your gyming

  69. monali pathak says

    HI I am 26 and I weigh 55kgs.I have loads of belly fat.Please suggest a diet for me.Being an IT employee ,time is a constarint for me.I start my office at 10am and I reach home at 10pm.So dinner at right time is something,which is tough to offord.Please help

    • says

      Hi Monali,

      if you only need to work on your tummy, you can find a lot of exercise videos on youtube that would help you lose tummy fat. you can do it in the morning and do post dinner walks. that will help you achieve fitness.

  70. kunal says

    Hi payal,

    H r u, hope u r doin well. Can u please assist me with proper diet chart. First i use to visit gym on regular basis. But due to official work i travel more n due to that i am not able attend a gym n my belly is increasing on a rapid rate. Last week onwards i again started to go to gym n instructor told me u should hve a proper diet to reduce ur belly fat. Please assist me a week chart (veg) which can help me to reduce my tummy. Waiting for your response

  71. ASHA says


    MY WEIGHT IS 85 & am 32 YRS after my second delivery I gained weight & stomach is also not reducing as am working I have no time for exercise or go for walking so please advise me simple diet plan & also solution for reducing my stomach

    • says

      Hi Asha,

      You can try following the above mentioned diet. this has helps many people lose upto 12 -1 5 kgs .. im sure this will help you too. for abbs , you can search some exercise videos on youtube (sorry cant post the links here) and try to follow them at home whenever you get time.

    • says

      Hi Asha,

      You can try following the above mentioned diet. this has helps many people lose upto 12 -15 kgs .. im sure this will help you too. for abbs , you can search some exercise videos on youtube (sorry cant post the links here) and try to follow them at home whenever you get time.

  72. tasneem says

    Hii payal.. I am 86kgs.. have to lose at least 30 to 35 kgs of weight in 6-7 months as adviced by doctor to conceive.i have pcod and thyroid since I was 16 n tried dng crash diet on only liquids such as soups and fruit juices wid 3 tyms a day power yoga under medical advice it was no uset lost 1 kg in 3 months after tht I tried gyming with a diet plan from my dietion she adviced me to take a high protein diet with fruits and veges I tried tht Bt still of no usei lost 500 grms after 3 months, with advice of a doctor I used several weight loss products such as amway , herbalife , vestige all for 3 months each wid d specific diet provided of afternoon meals n 2 tyms shakes and medication with 45 mints walking Bt still no use I lost 1 or 2 kg max, i was unwell for 5 months n could not or drink anything due to vomiting and breathing problem still don’t lose much weight. I jst lost 1.5 kgs to d docts surprise.. with a lot of weakness n feeling sleepy all day Bt I have not lost weight… Plz help… It’s urgent..

    • says

      Hi Tasneem ,

      your weight loss solution is not diet, as you have already done what it takes, but have hardly lost any weight. you need to concentrate more on exercises. basically thyroid and pcod both conditions decreases the BMR rate of the body. pl try following a low calorie or even the high protein, high fiber diet along with 1 hour walking / jogging inthe morning and 1 hour walking / jogging in the evening , only that can help you, but still trhe weight loss pace would be 2-2.5 kgs in a month. plz dont get depressed bcoz of this pace as the body gets under some limitations with these health issues. just make sure you take your medications on time.

  73. sneha damani says

    hii…my height is 157 cms and my weight is 67 kgs.i am regular to gym from last many years but now i dont have any change in my weight as its almost constant.can u plz send me a weight loss diet chart so that i can reduce my weight upto 10 kgs in few weeks.

  74. Krishna says

    my my age is 21 n height is 172cm …weight is 83kg mam i need your help medical examination going to be held at 15 September 2014 .. doctor recommended only 65 kg at 172 height … i have only 31 days to reduce weight . plz help … till medical examination my weight must be 65 ..after medical if weight increase ..its not a matter ….plz suggest me some tips …

  75. sahana says

    Hi mam,

    My age is 22,height 157cm and my weight is 68.i have to lose more than 10kg.
    my diet plan is
    1 hour yoga
    1 cup green tea
    oats meal
    4 rooti
    veg poriyal
    Mixture of 2-3 fruits
    2 badam
    1 cup lemon water

    is it ok????????? or how can i improve my my diet plan???please help me

    • says

      Hi ,

      thanks for reading at Dietburrp. i think you should now replace yoga with some faster pace exercise like walking / jogging / power yoga / treadmill walk / aerobic dancin etc .. food wise all seems good to me , just that you should try to include some more veggies / salads and fruits , and some green tea.

  76. Mamta says


    I am 29 years old and my wight is 65kgs. I have recently joined aerobics classes and go 4 days a week . Its ually for 1 hour.

    Below is my diet plan.

    Breakfast – Oats with milk

    Midmorning Green tean and 1 fruit

    Lunch 2 chapatis and sabzi

    Snacks Green tea

    Dinner I have at 9 o clock 1 chapati or some time boiled vegetables

    Is the above diet good or do I need to make some changes

    • says

      Hi Mamta,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp . i think your routine is really good . you should lose good weight with this. only change i would suggest is you should have early dinners , that is around 7.30 … and have some salads along with both meals. post dinner you can add up a 30 mins walk, for getting better shape and digestion. also add a glass of skimmed milk before bedtime.

  77. Noopur says

    Hello Ma’am

    This has been an effective and motivational read so far… i got to learn a lot from you as well these comments here…i weigh a massive 86 kgs and i am confused about where and how to start to lose weight…being a college student who has to travel distances to college and fro i am unable to have a compelling diet plan and good amount of exercise….i have been planning to try to slim down a little for a wedding some months down but it looks like a far etched dream…i would like you to suggest and correct my current diet which follows:

    6 am : 1 glass milk, dry fruits
    10 am : fruits, khakhra or a light snack
    12 30 pm: 4 chappatis and sabzi
    3 pm : tea or coffee or soda
    6 pm : rice dal sabzi

    I would be grateful if you could help me with this
    thank you for reading this :)

    • says

      Hi Noopur,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. i understand that traveling an college may be restricting you from doing a lot of things that you should be doing for weight loss. but a good way to get over the diet part is to walk or do any possible exercise for 45 mins everyday or night , as per your convenience, diet wise you need to go lighter, have small frequent meals instead of having 4 chapatis at once , you can carry fruits in your bag to college.

  78. Prem Kumar says

    Hello Madam, im Prem, 23, 75Kg, 5.11 Ft, I like to lose 5 Kg…

    as of now im in lite diet plan, which, i take 2 Dosa for Morning, 1 Bowl of Rice With Vegetables for Lunch, & Oats With Nuts in Night.

    This is Diet Ok for me, or Would you like to suggest some Diet plan to Me..

    Thanks in Advance.

    • says

      Hi Prem ,
      are you doing any exercise ? a 45 mins walking / exercise session is equally important for weight loss. the diet you mentioned is ok , but you need to include some food every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolic rate up so that you can lose good weight. you can fill in these gaps with green tea, fruits and have salads with both the main meals.

  79. Kanhaiya says

    Hi mam My weight is 110kg And it has gained within a span of 2 year from 60 to 110. can u please suggest me a diet plan to reduce approx 15 to 20 kgs. please.

    • says

      Hi Kanhaiya,

      Doyou have any health issues ? 50 kg rise in weight in just 2 months sounds unnatural. there has to be some issue. plz give me all the details so that i can understand your case better.

    • says

      Hi Kanhaiya,

      Do you have any health issues ? 50 kg rise in weight in just 2 months sounds unnatural. there has to be some issue. plz give me all the details so that i can understand your case better.

  80. omkar says

    I M a clg going student appearing 12th now n want to lose weight within a month
    so will u plzz prescribe me with a perfect deit so that i can lose 10-15 kgs in a month

  81. Jai says

    Hello…ma’m ,i m 21 m and weigh 95 kg height is 5 ft 8 in, I want to reduce it to 70 kg….how long will it take if I go for normal balanced diet nd do approx 1 hr workout daily….my family has a record of genetic type 2 diabetes…so plz suggest me…how shud I proceed and the time required to reduce it… I know that even after reducing it I have to keep healthy living….my father died due to heart attack ….so I m really worried….plz help me… Thank u for ur valuable advice….

    • says

      Hi Jai ,

      losing weight will help you in keeping away from these health issues. yes type 2 diabetes is genetic, you cannot run away from it, but you can definitely delay its occurrence by improving your lifestyle and maintaining your weight and good eating habits.

      You should first concentrate on weight loss. Walking or exercising for 45 mins everyday will help you in a good way to lose weight. along with the exercise you also need follow a healthy regime. if you want me to analyse your regime and plan a diet plan personalized for you, please see this page. –

      Or You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article.- this is a general 1200 calorie diet plan and has helped many. it may be of help to you as well.

  82. mahak says

    Hello mam I am an mbbs student,doing internship.. joined gym 3 months back lost just 2 kgs n now my weight has stuck on 60kgs n not at all losing since last one month.i hav changed my diet plan since last 15 days bt dat too nt of any effect.
    Here my diet:-morning :-water n tea widout sugar
    Breakfast:-muesli n milk wid 3-4almonds n kishmish
    Den a light fruit
    Lunch:-2 rotis n huge amount of salad n dal n one sabji

    Arnd4: green tea n few nuts
    7-: 2 boild egg white n
    8.40:- big bowl of boild dal n curd low fat
    10.00-: green tea n I drink arnd 5 to 7 lit of water
    Plz do advic wat changes should I make as my weight is just stuck even aftr going gym.. n I liv in hostel so cant do much..plz do rly..thanx in advanc..

  83. Durga says


    I lead a sedentary lifestyle and have had a baby a year back.

    I am 5’3 and currently weigh 83 kgs…Is there a suitable way I can get back on track/?

  84. Paramita GUpta says

    Hi Payal – I am very impressed with your diet plan and the dedication with which you respond to so many queries. i wanted to seek yr advice on some thing – I am trying to lose weight from 73 kgs to 58 kgs over 1 yr timeframe. We often have dosas, green moong dosas, yellow moong dosas, veg utthappam for breakfast – try to make with less oil on non stick but it still has some oil as opposed to oats etc which has no oil. Unfortunately i cannot digest milk so cant have oats. I request you to advice (a) is having so many types of dosas frequently for breakfast bad for losing wight and (b) pl suggest some breakfast dishes without or with less oil and without milk. Many thanks in advance, Paramita

    • says

      Hi Paramita,

      Thanks . Yes you can have the mentioned variety of dosas. the green and yellow mung dal chilla / dosas are actually very good for weight loss. add lots of palak / capsicum to increase the weight loss factor. other than these you can also have daliya upama / oats upama (cook same like rawa upama) / rawa idly with veggies / eggs if you eat. / vegetable poha / dhokla / fruit poha

  85. vignesh says

    my age 21 , height 170 cms , weight 80 kgs.
    iam following diet as given below sugggest whether is good or bad
    1.morning – warm lemon( without sugar)
    2. mid day – 2 guava or 2 cucumber , Amla juice
    3. Afternoon – 100gms grapes
    4. Evening – puffed rice ( inclusive of carrot , betroot , chilli powder)
    5. Night – pomegranate juice , 1 banana

  86. Alice says

    Hello Ma’am
    I am 16 years old female….my height is 5’4 inches and i weigh 65 kgs and i want to lose 15 kgs in about 2 months…how can i do it? Please help.

  87. Yvonne says

    Hie! Im Yvonne, im 19 yrs.I have hip and thigh weight and a lil bit of belly fat.Im 72 kgs and 5’7″ tall.I really want to loosethe hip and thigh weight and want to weigh 60 kgs. But I have only one month to loose the weight. Can you please suggest some diet plans or some exercise that will really help me. Please .

  88. aradhya says

    hello madam. i am 32 year old married lady. My height is 5 feet 4 inch.
    5 years back before marriage my weight was 49 kg. Now my weight is 75 kg. I am working (sitting job).
    In these 5 years i haven’t planned for baby. Now i want to plan for baby. Doctor advised me to reduce some weight.
    My thyroid, sugar, blood pressure, hemoglobin all reports are normal.

    I have only one problem of gas and acidity. For which doctor advised me eat after every 2 hours and drink lots of water (while my water intake is still good).
    Kindly advise me to reduce weight.
    What fruits/vegetables should i take or avoid.

  89. sunil says

    hi, payal
    my age is 29. And my weight is 95 kg and height is 5’6. I want to reduce my weight to 70 kg and want to get in shape. I have 5 months to do it….kindly help

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