Indian diet plan for weight loss (1200 calorie)

indian diet plan for weight loss Indian diet plan for weight loss (1200 calorie)Getting into a restaurant and waiting for your order sets your stomach on fire! And this fire may really eat you up if you are about to be served with paneer butter masala, dal makhani, tandoori roti and chicken biryani! The names of these popular north Indian foods are enough to bring about some emotional hunger even if you have had your last snack just a few minutes ago! But what about your promises on shedding off a few kilos? “Gone with the wind?”  No ! hold it right there, here is an North Indian diet plan for weight loss. Achieving weight loss goals with north Indian diet may not seem to be feasible for you, but limiting your caloric intake to 1200 a day may help to serve your purpose.


Here is a sample for You:

Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss (1200 calories)

Food Item Amount Calories (kcal) Protein (g)
Early Morning
Lukewarm water with lemon 1 cup
Tea (without sugar) 1 cup 35 4
Marie biscuits 2 56
Skimmed milk with sugar 1 glass 90 8
Brown bread upma 1 plate 205 6
Besan Chilla 2 290 12
Fruit salad 1 small bowl 40
Veg Khichdi 1 medium bowl 202.5 9.5
Veg raita 1 small bowl 75 3.5
Mix veg salad 1 bowl 30 2
Tea (without sugar) 1 cup 35 4
Wheat rusk 2 120 6
Missi roti (without oil) 2 200 6
Mix veg 1 medium bowl 95 4
Curd 1 small bowl 30 1.5
Total 1213 kcal 54.5 g


When Kareena Kapoor started off with her “size zero” venture, many people thought that she will not be able to lose her hefty look! Being a typical Punjabi woman with all the “Punjabi tastes”, how could she finally achieve to hit the target? It was passion coupled with dedication that allowed to her to get into “Tashan” or “style” while defeating her intense urge for Aloo Parathas, a “must-have” breakfast in every Punjabi family!

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How is an Ideal indian diet plan for weight loss made ?

An Ideal Indian diet plan for weight loss can be designed keeping in mind the person’d individual requirements. Every person has different caloric requirement. the calorie requirement is based on various factors like age, sex, medical conditions, activity levels, metabolism etc. To Lose weight in a healthy manner, calculate your BMR ( Basal Metabolic Rate). This will help you in knowing how many minimum calories your body requires in order to function properly.

This Sample north – Indian diet plan for weight loss, will provide you with an idea of what ideally a 1200 calorie north Indian meal looks like. Although you must understand that this is just a generalized Indian diet plan for weight loss, it may or may not suit your weight loss goal as there are chances your body requirements will be different. So do consult your dietician in person to know if you can use this 1200 calorie  North Indian Diet plan for weight loss.


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  1. Durga says


    I lead a sedentary lifestyle and have had a baby a year back.

    I am 5’3 and currently weigh 83 kgs…Is there a suitable way I can get back on track/?

  2. says

    Hi Payal – I am very impressed with your diet plan and the dedication with which you respond to so many queries. i wanted to seek yr advice on some thing – I am trying to lose weight from 73 kgs to 58 kgs over 1 yr timeframe. We often have dosas, green moong dosas, yellow moong dosas, veg utthappam for breakfast – try to make with less oil on non stick but it still has some oil as opposed to oats etc which has no oil. Unfortunately i cannot digest milk so cant have oats. I request you to advice (a) is having so many types of dosas frequently for breakfast bad for losing wight and (b) pl suggest some breakfast dishes without or with less oil and without milk. Many thanks in advance, Paramita

    • says

      Hi Paramita,

      Thanks . Yes you can have the mentioned variety of dosas. the green and yellow mung dal chilla / dosas are actually very good for weight loss. add lots of palak / capsicum to increase the weight loss factor. other than these you can also have daliya upama / oats upama (cook same like rawa upama) / rawa idly with veggies / eggs if you eat. / vegetable poha / dhokla / fruit poha

  3. vignesh says

    my age 21 , height 170 cms , weight 80 kgs.
    iam following diet as given below sugggest whether is good or bad
    1.morning – warm lemon( without sugar)
    2. mid day – 2 guava or 2 cucumber , Amla juice
    3. Afternoon – 100gms grapes
    4. Evening – puffed rice ( inclusive of carrot , betroot , chilli powder)
    5. Night – pomegranate juice , 1 banana

  4. Alice says

    Hello Ma’am
    I am 16 years old female….my height is 5’4 inches and i weigh 65 kgs and i want to lose 15 kgs in about 2 months…how can i do it? Please help.

  5. Yvonne says

    Hie! Im Yvonne, im 19 yrs.I have hip and thigh weight and a lil bit of belly fat.Im 72 kgs and 5’7″ tall.I really want to loosethe hip and thigh weight and want to weigh 60 kgs. But I have only one month to loose the weight. Can you please suggest some diet plans or some exercise that will really help me. Please .

  6. aradhya says

    hello madam. i am 32 year old married lady. My height is 5 feet 4 inch.
    5 years back before marriage my weight was 49 kg. Now my weight is 75 kg. I am working (sitting job).
    In these 5 years i haven’t planned for baby. Now i want to plan for baby. Doctor advised me to reduce some weight.
    My thyroid, sugar, blood pressure, hemoglobin all reports are normal.

    I have only one problem of gas and acidity. For which doctor advised me eat after every 2 hours and drink lots of water (while my water intake is still good).
    Kindly advise me to reduce weight.
    What fruits/vegetables should i take or avoid.

  7. sunil says

    hi, payal
    my age is 29. And my weight is 95 kg and height is 5’6. I want to reduce my weight to 70 kg and want to get in shape. I have 5 months to do it….kindly help

  8. says

    Hello mam..i have gained 90 kgs weight from 68 kgs due to gyming.. i hve to reduct my weight from 90 kgs to at least 72 kgs… give me some effective tips.. my height is 5.10 weight 90 kgs nd i hve to reduct it in 2 months , give me a proper diet chart and exercise schedule from which i hve been able to reduct my weight and also i hve to reduce face fat . i waiting for ur reply . thank you mam :)

  9. Krutika says

    I am 24 years old and my height is 150 cm,weight is 62 kgs. BMI is 27.6. Accordinly to this my ideal body weight should be 49.5. Now I have to lose atleast 12 kgs within 3 months. Can you please advice?

  10. neetu says

    Hello mam,
    I m a 26 yrs old female, unmarried . My height is 158 cm n i weigh 62 kgs. I was diagnosed with pcod two months back and i was told to lose weight . Kindly suggest me a diet / exercise plan for this. Thank you .

  11. mirza aslam beg mughal says

    hi, my name is aslam and i am writer. my waight is 90kg and my west is 36 , how can i loose my weight and burn my belly fat .. please tell me
    thank you

  12. Angel says

    Hi Ma’m
    m 5’2 feet n 60 kg weight…:(
    need to know the session of exercises to start with and…i stay in hostel…so pls suggest me easy diet paln as well…or whateva else is required to loose 10 kg weight maintaining the skin glow..i was nt well for past 2 years n lost glow as well as my fitness…:(

    more importantly, i want to keep the routine regular for long…so that i don’t feel i m on diet ever… and can maintain it easily loosing weight as well…:)
    pls help me getting back all of it..would be grateful….:)

    • says


      you can start with easy exercises .. start with walking for 45 mins, to begin , and then increase it to 1 hour and then do it tswice a day .. diet wise i really dont know what you will be able to manage in a hostel ..but you can definately keep fruits ahnc=dy and eat them when hungry, instead of eating fried foods and binging … have green tea and lemon water when possible .. this will help you get the glow back

  13. monali says

    Hi I am26,height 5ft and weigh 58 kgs/I work in an IT company so generally I do not get time to go to gym.Can you please suggest me a diet plan or some way so that I can shed some weight.I generally feel very lethargic and sleepy ad get tired very soon.

  14. Sai Harsh says

    Hello Sir/Mam,
    i m 23 yrs old guy.
    my height is 5.10 feet.
    weight is 90 kg.
    need to reduce it till 60kg in 5 months .
    plz help me and give me tips to reduce my weight as fast as possible.
    thanx :)

  15. priya says

    hi payal
    just now i read all your comments and story .. i am impressed
    actually i am house wife .. my weight is 57 height-5.4′, age-24,
    2 years back i got thyroid .(hypo thyroid) becoming week , and gaining weight without my knowledge and my stomach and my back part..
    can u please suggest me to stay fit and healthy ….

    best regards

    • says

      Hi Priya,

      thankkfully you are yet into your ideal weight range .. all i would say is you should main tain this weight and join in some exercises for atleast 35 mins every day to be able to maintain this weight . to lose from tummy and thighs you need to do abdomen specific exercises like crunches and do walking and jogging. this will help you get more tips on thyroidism and weight loss.

    • nishu says

      dear mam/sir,

      ma roj exercise krti hu diet b normal leti hu.. per fir bhi pet kum nhi ho rha
      please mujhe koi sujhab btaen ki mera pet andar ho jae

  16. Pri says


    I am 21,Male, Height 5’7″, weight 58kgs,BMI-19.9(check on website). I want to add up around 7kgs weight.

    My diet:
    Morning – 10 pieces almonds(Sometimes 1 banana medium/large if i feel a bit light)
    Breakfast- 2brown bread or 2 chapatti, 1 omllette, 2 banana, a class of milk.

    Lunch- White rice(1 1/2-2 bowls, dal, vegetables(mostly potato and sometimes others. I don’t eat most of the vegetables) & sometimes seasonal fruit.

    Evening Snacks- 2-3 bananas or fruit/biscuits/tea or sometimes i eat some oily or junk snacks(but keep it limited to twice-thrice a week)

    Dinner- 3 Chappatis,Vegetables(potato/soyabeans/lady finger/beans etc.), a glass of milk(i don’t take milk when i have non veg at night). I have my dinner around 10-10:30 p.m and sleep late.

    *In the diet i eat chicken 3-4 times a week and fish 1-2times a week.
    *Sometimes eat outside(meal and snacks)

    #I used to do free hand exercise but from last 4 months haven’t been doing that. I haven’t gained weight due to that because i kept walking daily and did some stretching & cardio in between.

    *#From last two weeks i have joined swimming classes. I am a novice and swim 30 min per day for 4-5 days a week.

    *# I am planning to start my workout( i do cross training).

    Please advise and give your opinion on how can i improve on my diet and plans.

  17. Ruchi says

    hello, I was hoping if you could let know as such what all fruits to eat or the recipe for the fruit salad in the north Indian (1200 calories) diet plan. cause I have looked up plenty of recipes but none below 100 calories intake and according to this plan it should be ”40”

    • says

      Hi ruchi ,

      in this fruit salad , you can simply mix 1 slice each of apple , guava, orange and melons. basically just a bit of variety .. the quantity is of 60 gms … (equivalent to 1 whole medium sized apple … ) you can replace it with a whole apple as well .


    Hi Payal,

    I am impressed by the diet plan you have mentioned here. THANKS :)

    I do regular gym except Sunday with proper routine: upper body, cardiac and abs, lower body repeating 2 times in 6 days.

    My current diet plan is;
    morning: oats
    brunch: green tea
    lunch: 2-3 chapati and sabji and juice added sometime
    snacks: tea with light snacks
    dinner:1-2 chapati and sabji with dal sometime


    • says

      Hi Sujit ,

      all is working well , except , you can add salads and fruits to your day , and can have lighter snacky items for dinner instead of roti .

  19. tushar ugale says

    hi madam
    my name is tushar my height is 6 .1″ and weight is 120 kg i want to loss my fat . but dont kknow from where to start i getting depress abt my weight kindly help me plsss

  20. MHS says

    Hello, I am 36 years old, 4.11” and weight 60 kg. I want to loose atleast 10 kg, as lots of health issues are started. Please suggest me vegetarian diet. I am a s/w professional, working and have to sit for 8 hours. will 45 min. walking help me in reducing weight?

  21. fathima says

    Hi…im 23 years
    And weighing 72 kgs of height 1.61 m
    I need to lose 10kgs in 2 mths badly as prescribed by the doctor.
    Could plz give me best diet plan so as to lose 10 to 12 kgs in 2 mths??
    Thank you!

  22. Nidhi says

    mam, myself Nidhi My age is 22, height is 5.2, but my weight 62 kg i want to lose my weight to 50 for this what i have to do mam P/z help me ..

  23. skoradey says

    Hi Payal,
    I want to lose around 10 kg of weight as I have severe feet pain because of overweight.I am 33 ,height 5 .0 and weight 68 kg.
    I sit long during travelling to office and vice versa. and due to this from past 1.5 yrs my weight is increased enormously leading to some effects like breathing problem, dry skin( AC in office),less immunity.Also my tummy is big…because of which i feel low when i go out.

    Please suggest how can i reduce weight along with tummy and belly.


  24. Manali says

    Hi Payal,
    I am Manali. I am 5’4″ and I weigh 83 kgs. I was 95 kgs when i joined gym. After few mnths of regular training I left the gym as I was not able to make out time from my studies and trainings. But i din’t gain weight… rather i lost more weight after leaving the gym. I maintain a proper diet (initially wen i was 95, i went to doc to know my cause of obesity as i hardly used to eat anything. And then my doc sugested to maintain a proper diet as empty stomach can somtyms b the cause of bloating) My diet-
    morning(9;00)_lukewarm lemon water then i do som free hand xcrcises for 40mins-1hr (i strted frm lst 1 week), then hv a cup of green tea.
    brkfst(10:30)_fruits.. somtimes poha
    lunch(2:30)_2 rotis ,vegetbles, a bowl of dal
    mid evening(4:30)_curd
    evening(6:30)_green tea nd cream cracker biscuits
    dinner(11:30)_1 bowl of soup/ masala oats(home made)

    but now i feel my weight is at still. can u jus suggest me something so that i can lose weight fast!!

    • says


      your diet is ok .. but when any diet followed for long, it stops reacting . you need to change the pattern of your exercise and diet to lose further weight … try going off cereals completly for a week … try walking or any other exercise for 45 mins daily . i think this should help

  25. says

    Hi, I am Anu. I am 24yrs old and i weigh 64kgs. I am very active in physical activites like sports (adventure sports, mountaineering, trekking etc) and climbling. I have alwyas been involved in exercise like jogging, yoga and lil weight training. I am working in an IT firm and my sittings hours in 9-10 hrs in ofc. I do one hour of physical training 5-6 times a week.
    From last six months i am gaining weight even aftr regular workout. I always feel hungry and crave for more food before and after workout which results in over eating or bigger meal portions.
    Kindly suggest me why am i gaining weight?
    what should i eat before and after workout, so i dont feel hungry (to avoid empty stomach pain)
    what should i snack on when feeling hungry before bed time or early morning.
    I aim to loose 6-8kgs in next three months. Pl help. Thanks.

  26. monisha says

    hi payal
    i’m 25 yr old , 5ft n my weight is 26 kgs n i’m vegetarian .. i want to loose 5kgs in 2 months plz suggest me some gud tips n diet

  27. AASTHA says

    hi . i m 28 years old . my height is 5,4 and i weigh 65 kg… i have been doing gym from last 2.5 years.. but now my weight is stuk. i have lost almost 20 kg.. but now i have mariage in 5 months. i want to be 57 kgs or 55 by that time. is it posible. can u suggest me a diet plan. these days i am not doing gym rather than i am now doing surya namaskar

  28. neraj says

    Hi,i am 30yrs n4.11″ n 83kg now.I have a 8mths old baby n i breastfeed her.After delivery i gained 15kg.Can i follow this 1200 deit.pls help me how to reduse weight.

    • says

      Hi Neraj ,

      Are you still breastfeeding the baby ? if yes , plz wait for some time till your baby completely relies on top feeds for his nutrition. if you are not breast feeding him , Walking or exercising for 45 mins everyday will help you in a good way to lose weight. along with the exercise you also need follow a healthy regime. if you want me to analyse your regime and plan a diet plan personalized for you, please see this page. –

      Or You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article.- this is a general 1200 calorie diet plan and has helped many. it may be of help to you as well.

  29. Vandana says

    Dear Payal,
    I would like to lose 10 kg of weight as I have severe feet pain and edema because of being overweight.
    Age:33,female.height 5″2 and weight 68 kg.

    almost a year back I was 58kg,this sudden weight gain is very disturbing at physical as well as mental level.Please suggest the best way to lose. I read diet plans on your website.


  30. Pooja says

    Hi Payal, I want to lose 10 kgs in 2 month, I am working in 7am-3pm shift
    Below is my diet chart
    6 am tea with 2 biscuits
    8 am breakfast of kellogs k
    green tea
    10:30 fruit
    1pm lunch dal, sabzi, 2 rotis and salad
    green tea
    6 pm tea with 2 biscuits and diet namkeen
    7 pm fruit and salad
    9 pm kellogs k

    please advice is this diet chart is fine or needs some changes, if changes requires kindly advise the changes
    looking forward for your reply

    • says

      Hi Pooja ,

      yes the above given diet is ok to begin with , but after a month plz increase the intensity to be able to achieve your goal. increase the consumption of fiber through fruits and veggies and whole grains, increase your liquid consumption and do a 45 mins workout along with the diet to be able to lose more weight. All the best ! :)

  31. polly says

    Hi Payal.. I am 26 years old. I am 80 kgs at present. My BMI is 29.3. I need to shed off some weight from my hips, thighs and belly fat. I am aiming for losing 8kgs in 2 months. Is that possible? I have started gym.. Please suggest me some tips to lose weight

  32. Abhishek says

    Hi , my current weight is 113 kgs and myheight is 5’8″. My age is 26 years. I want to loose 12 kgs in 2 months . I have already started to follow the diet plan for 1200 calories and I jog/ walk for 45 mins a day .is it sufficient or I neef to put more effort to it……

    • says

      Hi Abhishek ,

      thank you for reading at Dietburrp. this diet and exercise regime should help you for the first month, after that you might need to increase the intensity of exercise and change your diet pattern. depending upon the results. if you continue to get results with the same routine , you cancontinue to follow it for some more days.

  33. Afrin says

    hai Payal..

    I Am 18. weight 61 with height 5.7. It is correct weight but, I want to loose my thigh weight.
    What i have to do?

  34. bhawana says

    hi payal,, my weight is 68 kg and m 26 yrs old. i want to shed weight from me. could u plz help me in this

  35. Pooja says

    I’m 28 yrs old. 5’1 height nd my weight is 50kg.
    is weight ok according to my height n age ??

  36. akhilesh says

    I am Akhilesh i am 17 years old and I am 80 kg I want to reducese my weight so please suggest me a good and balanced dieting chart …

  37. Shivam says

    Hi Payal
    It was a delight to read your article. We Indian people are often confused about what to eat to loose weight as we include too much Oil, Ghee and butter in our meals.
    You have explained everything quite well. I too have started fighting excess of body fat recently.
    As a bachelor i usually have oats/cornflakes with a cup of meal in the morning and usually rely on roti sabzi or a glass full of Banana shake in the afternoon. sometimes i eat Rajma-rice or chley bhature to delight my tastebuds.
    Evening time is the tricky one I dont know what to eat, so usually i end up having a samosa or just coffe.
    I usally have dinner at 8:30 or 9 PM and have a cup of dal 4 rotis and veggies.

    I would appreciate if you could suggest me few things to loose fat from my chest and belly
    I stand 5’7″ and weight 68 KG.

    • says

      Hi Shivam,

      Thank you for appreciation. i really feel you should have lighter dinner. that will take you long way for weight loss. evening time when you are hungry, instead of eating samosa , choose on vegetble sandwich , fruit plate , fruit juice. or roasted nuts and murmura. these low alorie snacks will help you in weight loss.

    • says

      Hi vinay,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. Yes I’m already working on a balanced diet chart. You can subscribe to our rss and you would get a notification when the chart is up.

      Keep reading at

  38. reema says

    hello mam i m 21 and my weight is 72kg my height is 5’4″ please suggest me a proper diet plan for loosing weight

    • says

      Hi remain, if you want a ersonalized diet chart to suit your timings, diet pattern you can subscribe to our diet service.

      If you just want corrections in your current diet pattern, Plz mention your diet routine n I shall help you.

  39. dipeeka mittal says

    Hi mam,
    My self dipeeka . I am 24 yr old my height is 5.3ft and weight is 64kg . I am following the diet and I loss 4kg but after this no weight loss. I am doing 40min exercises like cycling . Please tell me the diet plan and cycling is good for weight loss or not , if not then tell me another exercise.

    • says

      Hiu Dipeeka,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp and following our plan . congratulations on your 4 kgs weight loss. every diet works for 25 – 30 days , after which you need to change your diet and exercise routine to lose further weight. i feel if you change your timings and diet and exercise pattern, you can definately carry on with your health goal.

  40. Kasvi says

    Hie payal maam

    Im kasvi
    I love yr diet plan
    Im 17 and my height is 5’3 and weight is 58
    I really wnt to loose weight and be atleast 52 in one month
    I walk fr 1 hr daily too
    Pls help

  41. dipti says

    Hi mam,
    I had my c section 6 mnths bak, I m 5 ft 4 in n weigh 79 kg I want toreduce 10 to 15 kgs can u guide me with a proper diet chart, I do wakjin fr 30 min is that enough

    • says

      Hi distinctive, congratulations on your new addition to the family. are you breastfeeding the baby? In that case you should wait till your baby is on top foods. Till than you should do 45 mins of exercise.

  42. Monika says

    Hey mam,

    I am 62 with the height of 5’1″ ,kindly suggest me some dos and dongs for weight loss,please help me I am 23 years old

  43. aquib shaikh says

    Mam, my self Aquib age- 24yrs, weight- 73kg, height- 5.6”, Mam, major problem is that my office time is 10 to 6 and + 4 more hours in travelling, so i dont get time to workout and maintain my body shape and weight.Please help me out to loss some weight and in shape and size. Please suggest me a good diet plan.

  44. yatin says

    Hello maam,
    i want loose weight and become slim & fit, my weight is 75kg and height 5″8inch i recently joined swimming and controlling my diet but im very confused with my diet as in our home lots of non vegeterian food are involved (chicken,mutton,fish) so is it good to eat? if not then how to make it less fatty and please suggest me some good diet food

    • says

      Hi Yatin ,

      yes non veg food serves fine for weight loss if made the right way . gravy laden and fried non veg is not healthy . but f you take boiled egg whites, broiled or roasted / tandori chicken made with minimum oil and in little amount , or grilled fish is also good for weight loss.

      swimming is a good exercise for the body ., i am sure if you club it with a healthy food routine , you will get amazing weight loss results.

  45. Arjun Gupta says

    Hi i’m Arjun. I want to loose weight and also want my belly to go in which would make me slim and smart, currently my weight is 81Kg’s.
    Please recommend a suitable diet plan which could show magnificent results withing the shortest time.

    • says

      Hi Aarjun ,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. You havent mentioned yoyur height and age for me to analyse your stats. also let me know if you are following any routine for exercise and diet. i can suggest you about the changes you need to make to get good results.

  46. Deep says

    Hello mam,,, my age is 22, height 6.0ft and weight is 107 kg…..i have to loose fat from body….please give me suggetions???

  47. Ashish says

    hi gud even mam
    i am 37 yr old and having thyroid problem, pls suggest me a diet plan so that i can loose my weight and can restrict the thyroid problem.

    • says

      Hi Ashish,

      Thank you for rreading at Dietburrp. you need to exercise for 45 min and take medicines regularly along with a low calorie diet. you can see this page , if you want me to analyse your lifestyle and accordingly plan a diet chart for you –

      you can also try following the diet chart mentioned above . it is a general low calorie diet and should help you lose weight

  48. Abhilasha says

    Hi….I am 23 year old…5’6″…I weight 69 kgs..I usually do brisk walk for 30 minutes.. I want to lose 10 kgs in 2-3 months… Kindly help me with that.

  49. Sahiba says

    Hi maam..m 20yrs old..and my height is 5.2″ and weight is 77kgs..maam i want to loose 2months..can u tell me the proper diet..m very fond of non veg..but i dont do any sort of exercise..m too lazy to do this

    • says

      Hi Sahiba ,

      20 kgs in 2 months is very agressive goal and unhealthy … if you really wish to lose weight, dont take short cuts. start with 45 mins of workout as in walking , jogging or gyming and along with that trim down your diet. and you would achjieve your goal in 3-4 months time. All the best

  50. tanu says

    Hello mam,

    My age is 28 and weight is 65 KG and height is 5 FT 6 Inch( 165 cm). I am living in Punjab and working from am to 8 pm. I also go zym alternative day in morning but i am not losing a cm from abbs not a single kg. now i want to change my diet. Please tell me a diet plan. i want to loose my weight ASAP(my sister marriage is in next 15 days please help me i wanna loose just 3-4 kg in these 15 days


    • says

      Hi Tanu,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp , and congratulations on your sisters wedding. along with the exercise you also need follow a healthy regime. if you want me to analyse your regime and plan a diet plan personalized for you, please see this page. –

      Or You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article. this is a general 1200 calorie diet plan and has helped many. it may be of help to you as well.

  51. Misha says

    Dear Payal
    I am 28 years old and about 5’9″. I am from India but I live is US right now. Currently my weight is 210 pounds and i would like to get down to 140-150 in 1 year. Could you suggest me a diet plan and exercise plan.

  52. lavanya says

    HI mam,
    i am 28 years old and height of 5.1. after my c section 15 months ago , my weight was increased now am 61 kgs of weight. my diet was
    breakfast: 1cup of oats with butter milk and a tea
    lunch :1cup of rice with vegetable curry and weekly once chicken
    evening: tea
    dinner : wheat ravva upma .
    plz mam give me solution to loss my weight . my tummy also increased which looks ugly in any type of dress. i want to have flat stomach. plz reply me.
    thank u mam

    • says

      Hi Lavanya,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Walking or exercising for 45 mins everyday will help you in a good way to lose weight. along with the exercise you also need follow a healthy regime. if you want me to analyse your regime and plan a diet plan personalized for you, please see this page. –

      Or You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article. this is a general 1200 calorie diet plan and has helped many. it may be of help to you as well.

  53. ayush says

    i am 16 years old & height is 5.7 and weight is 60kg.
    i want to loose at least 10kgs in 2 months.

    • says

      hI sUSHMA,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. If you discuss abt your food and exercise routine, i will be able to help you better . :)

  54. khushbu says

    hi I am 19 yeas old my weigt is 67 kg plz suggest me some diet my hips are increasing day by day
    I start my diet but I am not able to follow regulary plz help out

    • says

      Hi Khushbu , you havent mentioned your height so i dunno what your BMI is . if its only abt measuments, then you need to exercise more than dieting. walking, jogging , swimming and skating will help you in great ways to lose weight and tone up from lower body area.

    • says

      Hi sasha,

      yes ofcourse you can if you aim for 4 -5 kgs in a month . 4 kgs is liberal … rest you can just leave on the way your body responses. just do the right diet and the right exercise to lose weight. if you want me to analyse your regime and plan a diet plan personalized for you, please see this page. –

      Or You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article – . this is a general 1200 calorie diet plan and has helped many. it may be of help to you as well.

      • Enya says

        Hi Payal.. I am 21 years old. I am 68kgs at present. My BMI is 26.23. I need to shed off some weight from my hips, thighs and belly fat. I am aiming for losing 8kgs in 2 months. Is that possible? I have started jogging and few push ups and crunches.. Please suggest me some tips to lose weight

        • says

          Hi Enya,

          Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. yes these exercises will help you. make sure you exercise for 45 mins in total. with the last 15 mins being the most intense. along ewith exercises you would need a healthy food routine as well. if you let me know your current routine, i ll help you in making the required changes. or you can see this page – if you want a proper personalized diet plan.

  55. Monika says


    I am 23 with 62kg weight, i want to lose weight till 55 to look pretty and I want to tone my body as well, kindly suggest me the Indian righ diet plan, I used to walk 5 km 4 days in a week and have moderate activity level throughout the day.

    I wanto look slimmer, please help me so that I can look good on my wedding

    • says

      Hi Monica,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp , and congratulations on your wedding. Walking or exercising for 45 mins everyday will help you in a good way to lose weight. along with the exercise you also need follow a healthy regime. if you want me to analyse your regime and plan a diet plan personalized for you, please see this page. –

      Or You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article. this is a general 1200 calorie diet plan and has helped many. it may be of help to you as well.

  56. pratheepan says

    Hi, This is pratheepan from Chennai. and I have a doubt about my health that my food is enough for me or not?
    I am 29 years old and 82 kg and 5.9 inch.I would like to reduce my weight as 76 is it my correct diet plan or not?

    08.00-100 g of horse gram(boil)
    09.00-2 egg white
    10.00-2 banana(small)
    01.00-300 g vegetables mix(peas,onion,green beans,carrot,beetroot,tomato,garlic,ladies finger,drumstick)(steam)(everyday)
    Monday-300 g fish(fry)
    Wednesday-300 g chicken(fry)
    03.00- 2 banana(small)
    05.00-25 g flaxseed
    07.00-1 cup tea
    09.00-100 g oats
    10.00-2 banana(small)

    Sunday I ll eat full meal.

    I ll walk and run for 5 km.(06.00 to 07.00)

    please consider my post ..Thank you…

    • says

      Hi ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Are you taking rice or chapati with fish / chiken ? if yes , then your diet is enough, if not, you need to add some. also skip the bananas instead have melon fruits, they help great deal in weight loss.

  57. chandan kumar says

    hi payal,

    i am 25 years old & height is 5.7 and weight is 84 kg.

    I want to lose weight from stomach. Since I am working in IT, m unable to spare time for workout. Please suggest some useful tips.

    • says

      Hi Chandan,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. you can try following the above mentioned diet plan for weight loss. ssome of our readers have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet for 2 months. If you cant workout at gym , try walking at home min the morning or at night for 45 mins . if you do not get 45 mins at a strech to walk, you can walk for 15 – 20 mins 3 times a day.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan, based on your lifestyle, diet pattern, timings and food choices, plz see the page here –

  58. meenu says

    Hi Payal,
    I am following your diet plan given above from 2 months.but i m not losing any weight. i have checked my thyroid. i have also tried some other diets also but i am not able to loose weight. can you please tel me what is the problem.

    • says

      Hi Meenu,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. The reasons can be many. it can be your hormones ( age related at times. ) medical problems like pcod, pcos. sometimes it is heridity and sometimes it is not the diet but lack in exercise. to lose weight you need to work in the problem area. if diet is not the problem area, then no matter how hard you diet it will hardly bring in any changes. Please see a dietician and get your self properly analysed to find the basic reason of your weight.

  59. says

    Hi Payal,
    my name is shraddha my age is 16 my weight is 62 my height is 5’3″ I live in hostel I want to reduce my weight upto 10 kg my diet is
    one and half paratha in morning
    one chapati in lunch kukumber in salad
    some biscuits or snacks at 5 pm
    ome or two chapati in dinner
    I take walk of 30 to 45 min after dinner regularly
    I dont eat a lot but my weight never comes down suggest me what should I do?

    • says

      Hi Shraddha,

      You are already eating very little and walking for 45 mins too. In such a case, i would ask you to chang your eating pattern and timings. even that can bring a jerk in your metabolism and you would start losing weight. replace wheat in your diet with other grains and snacky items instead. you live in a hostel, so i understand it will be hard to manage .. but that is the only way out i can think of right now.

  60. Pooja Dave says

    Hi mam,
    I am 27 years old. 5.1″ and weigh 128 lbs. I am trying to lose about 6-7 kgs. came across your website. i became a huge fan of your sugesations. i reside in texas. u.s.a . its been 10 months. and very soon i started gaining weight here because it seems that the food and dairy products are very rich in nature.currently, i started taking some slimming pills known as slimquick pure 3x but doesnt seems to work for me. so i decide to give up those pills and try to lose naturally. I am a housewife and have sedentry lifestyle. i workout thrice a week for an hour. i am very much following your north indian diet chart.i am vegetarian. could you suggest some more options for dinner. i usually feel more hungry in nights. even afer having enough dinner.. i end up doing late night munching a few times which i am sure leads to more calories. so i wanted to know those foods that can keep stomach full for long. Thankyou!

    • says

      Hi Pooja ,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. you can have vegetable daliya, vegetable khichadi, vegetable stuffed paratha, vegetable oats upama, vegetable brown rice pulav, spinach oats chilla etc. In case if you feel hungry later at night, you can have fruits, salads, 1 glass skimmed milk, fruits.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan, based on your lifestyle, diet pattern, timings and food choices, plz see the page here –

  61. says

    Hi madam i posted a comment 2 days back.
    But now it is not even appearing on ur website.
    What’s the reason?
    Why didn’t u reply to me?
    My name is Siva Sanvi.My age is 28 years 10 months.
    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz mam reply to me
    I am in obese type 1.My BMI is 32.2.
    My height is 4′ 10″ n wt 70 kgs.
    My shoulders are so heavy.
    I have a huge belly and is more expanded after my delivery and
    i didn’t get my shape bfore pregnancy.
    I am unable to breathe during ni8 times for 10 to 15 mins sometimes.
    I am feeling tired all the day.
    I feel sleepy throughout the day.
    I am not at all interested in doing my household work as i am feeling so laziness
    The reason 4r this may be becoz of my heavy weight.
    And if at all i work more on a day ,i feel a very severe pain from lower hip to heel a lot .That pain takes me to hell.
    Plz suggest my diet schedule mam i must reach 50 kg wt in order to reach normal BMI.I am a south Indian.PLz mam suggest my daily diet schedule ,exercise schedule n foods that must be avoided accordingly.

    Hoping a very nice reply from u soon.

    Thanking u Payal mam.

    • says

      Hi Siva,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. we are sorry for inconvinience caused. your earlier comment went to our spam folder because of some words used in it. but anywaz thank you for writing back to us.

      yes the reason for all the problems may be your weight. if you lose 5 – 10 kgs , you will be relieved from all these issues. you need to eat healthy and also exersice for some time to be able to feel fresh. inclue more raw fruis and salads in your diet to feel fresh.

      you havent mentioned your about how many days have passed since you delivered your baby. if you are still breast feeding the baby then just start with walking , and wait before dieting.

      if its been a long time, you can try following the above mentioned diet for losing weight. some of our readers have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan, based on your lifestyle, diet pattern, timings and food choices, plz see the page here –

  62. nita says

    Hi Payal,
    I have started following diet:
    7 am : warm water with honey and lemon
    8 am : breakfast- poha/ sandwitch of 2 slices multigrain bread with low fat butter or cheese/ 1 wheat paratha with dal or veg/ low fat milk with 1 spoon sugar and 2 white egg.
    10 am – green tea with 1 spoon sugar
    11 am – fruits
    1 pm – lunch – 2 wheat roti with veg and youghurt
    3 pm – green tea with 1 spoon sugar
    5 pm – masala tea with 1 spoon sugar and 2 wheat rusk
    7.30 pm – salad : sprouts, cucumber, onion, tomato,lemon
    8 pm – dinner: 2 wheat roti with dal

    Some times I replace wheat roti with multigrain flour roti
    Please let me know if any changes are required in diet. i want to reduce 5-6 kgs and also have flat belly. i had c section 15 months ago.

    current weight 64kgs. height – 5.6
    age 33

    • says

      Hi Neetu,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. Your diet is roughly around 1500 – 1600 cals. I feel you need to cut down on calories a bit to be able to lose good weight. changing siet pattern will also help. if with the above given diet you are doing hard core exercises than this diet may surely work. All the best !

      • nita says

        Hi Payal,

        Thanks for response

        in order to reduce calories, what changes in the diet is to be made …pls suggest

        • says

          you can try cutting down the rotis in dinner and have light snacky items instead. also change the timings to break the routine of body.

          • nita says

            Thanks Payal, but some more questions…
            only cutting dinner will reduce the calorie by 300-400 ?light snack items like?……also am working women , so i feel hungry when am back from office.

            if i follow aerobics or walking of 45 mins , then can i follow my original diet

          • says

            calories are not everything. sometimes when you continue to have similar calories, but you change the diet pattern and timings, you would still find that your weight is coming down. 45 mins of exercise is definitely required to tone up the body while losing fat. snack items like khichadi / daliya / poha / upama / idlis etc

          • says

            yes barley water helps in reducing the bloating and accumulated water weight by flushing the excess water out of the cells.

  63. Kriti says

    Hello mam,

    Thanks for helping people like us . Plz answer to my querries.
    1. i want to loose 20 kgs in 2 months.
    2. I am a teacher so i can devote time to my weight loss program as i am tired of listening comments.
    3. i weigh 78 kilos. my height is 5’3. my age is 27
    4. I can’t join a gym coz it is very very far.
    5. plz can u tell me some subsitute for khichdi in ur diet.
    6. I would be really really grateful if u could help me. As my ex rejected me coz of my weight and used terms like i look like a mother of 4 children. my age is 27 now.
    7. I have strtch marks on my stomach, upper arms, hips and thighs. i hate my arms it is so sagging and fat as if i am making muscles.
    8. my knees are not visible coz of fats. whenevr i try to do something i get pain in my left knee. i know it is coz of my heavy legs.
    9. my breast is also sagging. plz tell me something step by step and some exercies as i want to prove to the world and me. i want the figure like Shilpa shetty. with no strech marks.
    plz plz plz help.. i am waiting desperetely.


    • says

      Hi Swati , sure ill help you,

      you can replace khichadi with plain rice and dal / daliya / curd rice / 2 small phulka and veggies.

      You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan, based on your lifestyle, diet pattern, timings and food choices, plz see the page here –

      • Kirti says

        Thank you so so much for ur quick reply. I request you to kindly tell me some fitness regime to be followed for my sagging arms and fat legs thighs hips and knees.



  64. nikita says

    Thank u mam..i will surely change it..but can i follow this diet..cos i want to reduce in 2 mnths..n my age is 21..n in dinner i have 2 boil eggs

  65. nikita says

    My wt is 79 kg n height is 5″6 mam..n i want reduce 13-15 kgs..but aftr certain time my wt does nt reduce but inches do what to do…

    • says

      Hi Nikita,

      any diet polan or exercise plan when followed for weight loss, works fine for 20 – 25 days , after that the body adapts it as a routine, and no matter how strict of a diet or exercise regime you foillow, the weight loss pace falls. Hence the only way out is to change your diet and exercise routine every 15- 20 days , to keep up with the same pace of weight loss. so whatever you were following, now needs to change ! All the best

  66. VIBHUTI says

    HI DEAR,


    • says


      Thank you for contacting Dietburrp. You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article for 1 week and see how it suits you. Then you can contact us for a personalised diet plan.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan, based on your lifestyle, diet pattern, timings and food choices, plz see the page here –

  67. arka raha says

    i am a 24 year old male studying mbbs final year.there is a lot of stress in studies,and not enough time to exercise.and have gained a lot of weight during the 70 kgs of weight an 5’8″ height.please suggest a suitable diet for weight loss.

  68. khushi says

    Hi Payal,

    I am 21 years old and my weight is 72.5
    I am very keen on losing at-least 15 kilos. I live in Australia so I have my work commitments. I tried doing gym but at the end of the day there is no time to go and exercise. I have to wake up at 4:00 am as I leave the house by 5:30. so please suggest me a diet plan which is easy so as I can prepare my breakfast and lunch (for work) during a short time.


  69. says

    i am 17 year old boy. i wanted to know that if i want to run faster and longer which kind of diet should i prefer. i run 3-6 km a day, But my timing is the same every time. i think if i want to increase my speed i have to decrease my weight. basically i just want to run more faster and longer. oh! yes my weight is 64 kg and height is about 5.8. plz guide me.
    thank you

  70. rahul says

    Hello mam ,
    my age is 20 , i am 5″10′ and 80 KG ….
    Inorder to loose weight i joined gym too but didnt get satisfactory results.
    could u pls help me

    • says

      Hi Deepa,

      Thank you for contacting Dietburrp. You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article. exercise and diet in combination work wonders when it comes to weight loss.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan, based on your lifestyle, diet pattern, timings and food choices, plz see the page here –

  71. Sanjana Sahni says

    Hello Payal,

    I’m 41 yrs old women…height 5.3” and weight 75 kgs. My job is of sitting in front of computer for 9 hrs and apart from it I have lots of household work too due to which I cannot go for for gym or exercise at home. Please suggest me some good diet plan to reduce my weight as I have put on 20 kgs.


  72. rimi says

    Hi payal,

    My age is 23 and I am 5’2″. Currently I weigh 65kgs. Just a few months back I was 56kgs. My weight keeps fluctuating often. I have an average physical activity. I dont feel hungry often and skip my food most of the times. I dont eat junk,ice creams,chocolates, sweets,cakes,oily food. I am a pure vegetarian.
    The following is my diet everyday
    Breakfast: 1 roti or 2 idlies or 1 dosa
    Lunch: 2 rotis and 1 cup vegetable
    Dinner: 2 rotis and 1 cup daal

    I want to reduce my weight back to 56 kgs in the next 3 months. Please help me. Thanks in advance :)

    • says

      Hi Deepa,

      Thank you for contacting Dietburrp. You can try following the diet plan mentioned above in the article. along with 45 mins exercises. diet and exercise in combination will do wonders with weight loss !!

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan, based on your lifestyle, diet pattern, timings and food choices, plz see the page here –

  73. Divya says

    Hi… my age is 22, height is 5’3″ and weight is 83 kg. I followed the gm diet but there is no use of it. I want to reduce at least 10 kg. I do indoor cycling for 1 hour daily and take dumbbells for sometime.. I take 2 chapathis in morning, afternoon is rice and 2 chapathis for night.

    Please suggest me…

  74. Harikrishnan says

    Hi Mam, ….
    Im Harikrishnan , from Kerala…
    I weigh around 75kg…and height is 5’3…
    I really wanna lose weight fast.
    So is following the above diet good for me ?

  75. Harikrishnan says

    Hi Mam,

    My name is Harikrishnan. and I’m from Kerala..
    I’m 16yrs old. and I weigh around 76kg….and height is 5’3 …
    I really wanna lose my weight fast…
    please ! help !!…

  76. Vishwa Mehta says

    Hi, Payal
    First let me thank you for doing what you are doing. Its an amazing thing to have someone knowledgeable like you providing all the information.

    I am 5″0 and currently weigh 88.5 kg. I have hypothyroidism and take Armour medication. I would like to be in the range of 60kg.

    I am pretty much clear on the above mentioned diet plan. I needed this very much. The only question I have is…can we add milk in the tea?

    Also, I am going to be trying this for two weeks and will report back to you. If it works, great for me or else I will be getting your one week personalized plan.

    Thank you again for all the information you are providing.


  77. Sehar says

    Hi…just wondering bout the diet you mentioned. Can i have 2 egg whites and one bread plus tea for breakfast? Also the khicdi is it with white rice ? Ny oil? The mix vege for dinner are the steamed or cooked in gravy?

  78. palak says

    hiii payal…

    i think u can only help me in this…actually my age is 27 ,height 4’11 & weight is problem is that my marriage fixed in coming April 2014..i feel too fatty..please payal help me how can i loose ma extra weight within one month

  79. Monika Thakur says

    Hi..i am 28 yrs old, hight :5.4 and weight : 74 kgs. I do regular walk for 2-3 kms and surya namaskaar daliy but no effect.

    Do i need to eat same food everyday? cant we have something like weekly chear that we can follow.

    Plz plz plz suggest.


  80. Jyotsna says

    Hi Payal,

    I am jyotsna my age is 35yrs & i am unmarried. My weight is 59.5kg. I am going for Areobics but it is very irregular as i am working not possible to attend the sessions.
    Please help to reduce at least 5kg with diet plan.


  81. abc says

    i am ___ i am 18 years and 6 ft in height. my weight is around 100 kgs want to lose atleast 25 kg as fast as i can plz suggest me something…….

    • says


      You need to spend 45 mins to 1 hour of time doing any suitable exercise, gym , walking , jogging, swimming etc. you can also follow the above mentioned diet chart for a month , our readers who followed the chart have lost 14 – 15 kgs by following this diet for 2 months . In case if you face any problem while following the chart , you can write to us and we would try to help you out.

  82. abc says

    i am 18 years old and around 100 kgs of weight plzz give me a diet plan to reduce atleast 20 kgs… fast as i can……

    • says


      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  83. Nitu Saikia says

    Hello Madam , This is Nitul Saikia , I am 24 years old, 5.5 feet And my weight 85 kg, so I one to know how loss weight .please give me some idea.

    • says

      Hi Nitul,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart, along with 1 hour of exercise of any sort. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  84. vishal says

    Dear Payal,

    I Need your help on serious notes.I am 32 years old male height 5.5 and current weight is 105KG. Recently i have diogonist with dibeties.Need your help to achieve my weight lose goal.I want to reduce weight targeted 70 kg.I have controlled my diet intake and put down weight from 110 to 105.Need your help to reduce weight in safer manner so and so i can maintane it .Please reply me on
    It would be great help.


    • says

      Hi Megha,

      this is a very very very brisk goal and definately i will not be able to help you with this one. i dont think any thing in the world is as important as being healthy. so whether it is weight loss or anything else, plz dont play with your health goals by putting forth such impracticle goals.

  85. Ajay says

    Nice Explanation. Payal My Weight 90 kg & Height is for 5-6. Want to reduce my weight 20kg . I have schedule for 2 chapati wih vegitable in morning, 2 in lunch & 2 in dinner .At morning 1 glass of Milk . Tea 4 times in day. Cant go to gym due to my busy office & home work.

    Please sugesst how to Loss Weight through diet chart.

    • says

      Hi Ajay,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. Actually i you have been following this pattern for some time now, its better to change the pattern so that you lose good weight. have lighters snacky items all day long and give up on roti , chapati, phulka or any wheat item , replace with soft steamed rice, khichadi, daliya , oats , upama, poha etc .. and see the magic happening .

      If you cant go to gym, try being active otherwise through out the day , take stair case instead of lift, park your vehicle far and talk a walk to reach to your destination , walk for 10 mins after meals.. this will help you in losing good weight.

  86. SUSHMA JAIN says



  87. Anjali says

    Hello! I am a graduate student in USA. I am 23, weight 75kgs and height 5 feet. I have been following your 1200 cal diet plan for past 2 weeks with some ups and downs once in a while. Also, I have started with gym: treadmill for 30 mins, 20 mins cycling and 20 mins on elliptical machine. I manage to burn around 250-300 cal per day. Also, in the morning, I do some kapalbhati and suryapranam. I am aiming at 60 kg by May mid. Do you think I am on an achievable target or am I aiming way too high? Also, please suggest if I need to improve or change anything in my plan

    • says

      Hi Anjali,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. It good to know that you are following our plan. i think you are aiming right. you should be able to achieve this target in 6 months or so, if you continue with similar dedications.

      just to utilize your gym timings better, have a look at this article here –

      do let me know about your progress. in case if you face any problem while following the plan, we would be happy to help you.

  88. Akanksha says

    Hi i m 24 year house wife my height is 5’5 nd weight is 68 kg . Can u please tell me ideal weight according to my height. Nt how to loose it????

  89. Umaelango says

    Hi Payal,iam mother of two kids and after that I gained more weight and I am in 90 kegs now.i am doing exercise now but I donot know the diet .i am South Indian from tamilnadu.can u tell me the diet plan?rice and chappati is much that we consume.please help me with a diet paln

  90. Saranya says

    Hello madam,
    i am Saranya, 24 yrs old and got married 5 months back,
    i am 164 cms and my wgt is 78kgs,
    i need to reduce about 20 to 25 kgs.
    i am from Chennai,can u please suggest me a diet chat to reduce my wgt.
    i am having more weight below my hip.please help me madam.
    I used to go for walking 3 to 4 times a week for 1 hr and do all the moderate house hold work.

    • says

      Hi saranya,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

      • Saranya says

        i am just taking the tips from that chart and i am following a diet plan
        1. 8.30 – oats 1 tumbler
        2. 1.30 – cucumber 1
        3. followed by (roti 2 / idly 2or 3 / rice 1 bowl) + any veg gravy
        4. coffee 1/2 cup( rarely)
        5.roti 2 /dosai 2/ oats .

        i have reduced 3 kgs in 1 month…
        but will i have a steady progress if i follow the same diet??
        how can i reduce by fat in my lower part of my body.

        • says


          good to know that my diet chart has helped you lose 3 kgs weight so far. you can try to continue with the same chart, till you keep losing weight. once you feel that weight is stuck, you can change your diet pattern there on ..

          also start exercising for 45 mins daily for even better effects.

  91. Neena Arora says

    Hi mam. I m 34 yrs female. My current weight is 70.2kg and my height is 5feet 2inch.I want to lose 13 to 15 kg.pls help me out.

    • says

      Hi Neena,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  92. Sagar says

    Hey Payal,
    I am Sagar. 22 years old with height 6’4 and weight 94. I really want to reduce the extra fat from the body. The most important thing is that i want to reduce my chubby cheeks.
    will this diet chart is going to help me for the reduction or something more is to get add.
    plz suggest …
    Thank you :)

    • says

      Hi Sagar,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months. You loose weight in an over all manner, so it would include cheeks too :)

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  93. Anchal says

    Hi Payal,

    I had Cesarean delivery 6 months back and want to lose weight as soon as possible. Ideally I want to lose weight overall but more from stomach and below. Since I am working, m unable to spare time for workout. Please suggest some useful tips.


    • says

      Hi Anchal,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Are you still Nursing your baby ? if yes, plz do not follow any calorie restricted diet plan or it will affect your baby’s health. Once your baby is on top feeds, you can go on diets. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  94. Smriti says

    Hi Payal

    i am 40 years old and am at 84 kgs. i have been trying very hard to loose weight… but except one or two kg s here and there
    … nothing happens

    • says

      Hi ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  95. Darshana says

    hi payal
    i m 20yrs, 5’6″ n 62kgs, i wanna lose 10kgs in 2months, i m doin my articleship so i dun get time fo cardio vascular sessions, please suggest me healthy diet plan fo d same.

    • says

      Hi ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  96. Darshana says

    Hi Payal
    i am 20years, 5’6” n 62kgs, i wanna lose 10kgs in 2-3 months. M doin my articleship so i do not get time fo cardio vascular sessions. please suggest me healthy diet plan fo d same.

    • says

      Hi ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  97. mini says

    Dear Payalji

    I am 40+ female of 5ft 2”height. Last to last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have taken my due treatment. At the time of my chemotherapy and radiations I was advised by my doctor to increase my weight and eat lot of proteins. I had maintained my weight between 55-58 Kg but now I am 70 kg. Mt diet plan is as follow:
    6.30 A.M – Lukewarm water 1/2 glass
    8.00 A.M – 2 bread slices + 1cup tea, 1 egg rarely
    1.30 P.M : Lunch – 2 rotis + 1 katori sabji
    6.00P.M :Any fruit/Biscuits /namkeen
    10.00P. M Dinner: 2 rotis + 1 Katori Dal or 1 small bowl rice and dal
    I am working woman and my job requires me to sit whole day. I am not doing any kind of exercise. Please tell how to go about my weight loss as I am very conscious of my over weight. Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards

    • says

      Hi Mini,

      Hi ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. congratulations for fighting strong.Respect your efforts. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  98. Neelam Mane says

    Hi payal,
    I m 40yrs old housewife. I m suffering from hyperyhyriodand have gain 75kg since 2 yrs. My height is 145cm. I had join gym also joined power yoga n do walking 30 mins daily but of no vail. M purely non vegevegetarian. I eat veg twice a week. Plz recommend me proper diet plan as m non veg.

    • says

      Hi ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. some of our reader have lost upto 15 kgs weight by following this diet chart for 2 months.

      If you wish to get a personalized diet plan based on your food pattern, cuisine and timings and body response, please see this page –

  99. bhargavi says

    hi mam,

    i am 15 yrs old and my weight is 59 kgs and height is 161cm.

    i want to loose at least 15kgs in 3 months.
    please help me with a diet plan and exercise plan.

    • says

      Hi Bhargavi,

      you are in your ideal weight according to your height. you can try exercising for 45 mins instead of dieting to get a slimer and a toned body

  100. Tushar says

    hi payal,
    i am 24 years, 5ft 9in, 96 kg. i want to loose atleast 27kg weight and I exercise 3-4 times a week. For breakfast i usually have poha/sandwich/pasta, for lunch 3 rotis and 2 medium bowl of chole/sambhar/rajma or vegetables like shahi paneer,palak paneer,etc. and for dinner 2 medium bowl of dal and 1 medium bowl of soup.Should I need to change this diet??

    • says

      Hi Tushar,

      yES YOU WOULD NEED TO CHANGE THE DIET PLAN, it is unbalanced. lunch is very high calorie and dinner is extremly low. if you balance out both meals , you would lose better weight.

  101. Tushar says

    I am 22 years old, 5 ft 9 in, 96 kg. I want to loose at least 27 kg, I exercise 3-4 times a week. My diet is as follows: having poha/pasta/sandwich in breakfast, for lunch:3 rotis and 2 medium bowl of dal/rajma/sambhar or sabzi like palak paneer,shahi paneer.etc. and for dinner 2 medium bowl of dal and 1 medium bowl of soup. Is my diet correct or I need to change it??

    • says

      Hi Tushar,

      yES YOU WOULD NEED TO CHANGE THE DIET PLAN, it is unbalanced. lunch is very high calorie and dinner is extremly low. if you balance out both meals , you would lose better weight.

  102. ananya says

    hi payal

    with lot of hardwork i kinda came down to 56 kgs from 65 kgs in 2011 am 5 feet 1 inch as tym did pass i strted feeling less energy i noticed my beautiful hair falling out small white patches on face… and slowly cme to know i had nutrition deficiency and hence i strted eating normal as in like really full and now am back to 60 kgs … what diet is good to follow such tht i remain healthy and lose weight w/o all this less energy or hair fall problems.. do suggest something …

    • says

      Hi Ananya,

      were you on a very low calorie diet ? crash diets have this effect. hence i do not recommend such crash diets to anyone. you can try the above mentioned diet plan and see how it suits you.

  103. Harish Verma says

    Hi Payal i am patient of AVN and doctor advised me to loose weight so tell me best diet plan with non weight bearing exercise on hip. i am 33 Years 5.10″ having 90 Kg.

  104. Sanjana says

    Hi all, My name is Sanjana and my age is 25 years.My weight is 122 kg. I am really disturbed due to ill effects of being Overweight. Please help

  105. twitty says

    hiii payal this is twitty,age 19 ,weight 62 .i just want to loose my weight up to 6-7kgs m a south indian and i need a diet plan nd i came to know that according to my age nd weight i need to take 2200kcal a day to maintain my body so i want to loose weight so i think i need to take less than that nd i use to walk 1km for my clg daily up nd down.nd exercise in the morning for 20min so pls suggest diet plan so that i can reduce my weight with in a month nd more important thing i need to burn my belly fat.reply me fast
    i dont like oat meal nd all we south indians use to rice so pls tell me hw much quantity i need to eat in lunch nd dinner.

  106. Anwesha Dey says

    Hi Payal,

    Finally read a diet chart which is edible… So tried of getting the same info that have brown rice, oats, dalia..:( So nice going through whatever you have written for the readers. I am 5’2″ and weigh 62kgs. I think 52-54kgs is ideal as per my height. One more thing, am a true bong at my taste buds. Please can you refer a diet chart where rice is included. One small bowl will do:D. Looking forward to your valuable suggestions.

    Take Care!

    • says

      Hi Anwesha,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp And thanks for liking my plans , will sure try to include something specially with rice

  107. ABHILASHA says

    Hi Payal

    I am 23, 5 feet 6 inches high. I usually consume around 1200-1500 calories in a day and have also started working out since last one month. I weigh 68 kgs and my weight is not coming down infact its increasing. Although i will be following the above given plan of yours. but still if you have any further suggestions, do help me with your vital advise.


    • says

      Hi Abhilasha,

      Thanks for reading at dietburrp. Actually calories are not the only factor when it comes to weight loss. You can try changing your diet pattern and you would see wonders happening. exercises are equally important.

  108. rajeev says

    my wife age 32 years. weight 100 kg.height 5,3 .she did not have periods from last 10 years.can she refuse 30-40 kg weight.please help.

  109. siddhesh says

    hii payalji
    madam it is really good you are awering the people about diet and weight. I am 33 yrs old my height is 165 cm and weight is 77 kg. my ideal weight is 65 kg. I have to reduce near about 12 kg.. my work is sedentary. plz suggest me diet plan for loosing weight.

  110. Ratna Trivedi says


    I am Ratna. My height is 5.6″ and weight is 76 Kg. I want to reduce my weight for upto 10 Kgs. Is the diet plan mentioned above is good to reduce the weight I mentioned? Also I stay in eastern part of US where there is snow for almost six months. I can not go out for walking but I try to do some workout at home, though I am not that regular. Although I get most of the Indian food in supermarket I visit here but I dont get all the food mentioned above. Please let me know if I can replace some items mentioned above with which is available here & also Is this diet plan correct for me?

    • says

      Hi Ratna,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. as mentioned above, this is a general 1200 calorie diet plan , and it may or may not be helpful to one and all . but there definately is no side effect, and majority of our readers have tried it and have lost gud weight.

      If you are looking for a personalized diet plan based on your schedule , lifestyle and food availability , please see our diet services page .

  111. subha says

    Hi Payal,

    This is Subha. Am getting married my may. And my weight is 65 kg and my height is 5.2″.
    Please suggest me a diet plan. I want to reduce minimum 8 kgs. Please suggest me a diet plan. Am walking for 60 min in morning and evening for past month and for a week i followed GM diet and reduced 2 kgs but again gained in next day.. I stopped eating rice, sugar, fried,nonveg. I can’t find any change in weightloss. Am so worried Payal please guide me.

    • says

      Hi Subha ,

      Crash diet and GM diet has a fast result but only a temporary one . Now that you have experienced it yourself you know, 1 week of hard work for no results hurts !!! so plz dont get swayed away by the promises these unhealthy diets make. All you need to do is follow a balanced, healthy yet low in calorie diet plan . You can try the above mentioned diet plans . Some of our readers have lost upti 15 kgs using this diet chart for 2 continous months. And with exercises its alwaz easier to lose weight.

      You have already taken the first step by giving up on the unhealthy items. Dont worry you would be there !!

  112. Shweta Pomal says

    Hi Payal,

    I am 30 years, 5ft, 84 kg. I want to loose weight but I have Thyroid and PCOD too. I am maharatrian by birth but Gujurati after marriage. I am a working woman. I do 2pm till 12 am shift for 5 days a week and Sat n Sun off. Please suggest a diet to loose 15-20kg weight in 2months approax.

    Shweta Pomal

  113. madani says

    hi payal, iam 22 years old… my weight is 72 and my height is 5’2″ and i want to lose my weight upto 15 or 20 kgs before may month… so now i have only 3 months… is this possible for me to lose 10 kgs in three months??? i do workouts for half an hour daily.. how can i reduce my weight with a healthy diet??? please suggest me diet plan…

    • says

      Hi Madani,

      Thank you for reading At Dietburrp. Yes you definately can . try following the above given plan for a month and you would lose 4-5 kgs or even more depending on your body type. Also increase The timing s of your workouts . Fat burns only in the 30 mins to 45 min window of workout. Those who workout for 30 mins end up only maintaining the current weight but not much weight loss is seen. Make the necessary changes and you would reach your goal in time . All the best !!

  114. Aishwarya says

    Hi payal ji,
    My age is 22 and my weight is 60kg.. Recently i gave birth to a child old 9months. and now what my problem is i was unable to reduce my belly i tried in all aspects but i am unable to lose my belly how i can i reduce it please suggest me.. due to this i am suffering a lot with my family so please help me…

  115. preeti says

    Hi Payal,

    I am 33 years with weight of 64 and height 5.6. I had c section one year ago. I want to reduce 5-6 kgs. I have started with aerobics 3 days a week. Please suggest me diet plan to reduce. I am veg (only consume eggs)

    • says

      Hi Preti if you are in to any exercise or 45 mins a day , you can follow the above mentioned diet plan to lose weight . I am sure it will help you great deal .

  116. Junubiya Khan says

    Hi Payal,
    How Are you? I need your suggestion,I Am 27 Years & My height is 5.2 & weight is 83.4 kg,& i want to lose my weight approximately 25 kg according to me,i have check bmi online bt every website show different different bmi i so i m confuse abt which is right & which is wrong,i have seen your this diet chart As well as your course package, pls suggest me some excercise, & diet chart according to my healt.bcoz i am working girl wont get much time for walking,so pls help me out with it,,i am very much worried about my weight now,i take lemon wit luke warm water & 1 tea spoon of honey daily,,help me

    • says

      Hi Junubiya,

      dont get confused. the best way to know what your weight should be is to use this formula , Height in cms – 100 , for the first stage of weiught loss you can try following the above mentioned diet chart for weight loss. this will help you in intiating weight loss. then i needed you can subscribe to our service . I you do not have much time or walking, do 15 mins o walk 3 to 4 times a day. wheneever you get time, this will be equally helpful

  117. JAI says

    dear payal i am 37 weight is 110 kgs and height is 6” , joining gym from 1st feb would like to go for a strict diet plan for 28 days to loose weight , could u suggest me some good vegetarian diet plan and email me at

  118. Sumaya says

    Hi Payal,
    i have gained 20 kgs during pregnancy and since 2 years was unable to get back.i possess a pear shaped body and had a flat belly before being pregnant.moreover my tummy looks like a 5 month pregnant lady now.:( will it be hard for me to regain the shape back by following the above mentioned diet??im 22 aged and weighs 96 kg and 161cm tall.
    i have seen many people who do not respond to the comments regarding their posts,but you are not one among have responded to all of them!!

  119. Avni says

    Hello Payal,

    i am a 27 year old girl , weighing 79 kgs currently with a height of 5’5” inches . I have a heavy lower body . i have started working out recently and have a busy work schedule with my university studies as well . I need to reduce 25 kgs by August. i have the right exercise schedule but i tend to screw up my diet. I currently live in Melbourne, born and bought up in India. I am not exactly a foodie and nor do i eat large portions or a lot of junk everyday. But i end eating crap at least twice a week or small stuff in between meals which might involve a cookie or something just for a bite. I have a sweet tooth though. I would request you to recommend me a diet of 1200 calories as such to reduce the required weight. i usually end up burning 500 calories attest 5 times a week .
    Looking forward to your response.

  120. Divya says

    Hi Payal,

    This is the second time I am writing to you, Hope you find time to reply even during your busy schedule.
    I am 5.5 feet and weight 73 kgs now. I started following the similar diet plan u suggested 2 months back. I have reduced by 2 kgs. But I want to reduce to 68.
    I have changed my habits a little as per your phase II tips. I will have ragi porridge at 8 AM and 10 AM corn flakes with milk along with Tea.For lunch I have 2 chapathis dhal/sabji +1 small cup rice followed by tea + biscuits for tea. I have started having only one roti in the night instead of 2. but I will have one bowl of raw salads. I will have green tea 3 times a day, once in the early morning and after lunch and dinner.

    My exercise regime is 18-20 mins of cardio-I workout on a elliptical, then followed by 20 suryanamaskar and other abs and stretch exercise where the overall time would be around 35-40 mins. I make sure I walk a little(0.5 km) in the evening instead of picking an auto. Let me know If this would be sufficient for me to reach my goal.

    Please help me with suggestions. I am not seeing any results offlate when I check weight. What shoudl I alter?

    • says

      Hi Divya,

      I am really sorry for having ,missed your earlier comment , some comments get queued in the spam folder, your earlier comment happened to land there .. and i dint check it .. Sorry for that. the diet you have mentioned is ok for weight loss, except add more fruits and raw salad to it. sometimes you need to change the diet pattern to lose weight without changing the calorie pattern, weight loss is all about trial and errors , you never know what diet might suit you when. so to change the pattern a bit , go light on dinner , have only khichadis , oats , daliya upma or other breakfast item in limited quantity and avoid roti. even rice is fine .

      exercise pattern is wrong . plz read this article –

      first 15 min should be warm up , necxt 15 min should be medium pace exercises and the last 15 min should be hight intensity exercises as the body burns fat in that phase only. in your current patter, at the fat burning phase, you stand and ddo streches or surya namasakar. Reverse it , start with streching , warming and surya namaskar , then do 10 mins cycle, thn 10 min eliptical and the 10 mins running on treadmill.

      I am sure these changes if done and followed will make you lose weight further. All the best !!! keep reading at dietburrp.

  121. kavita says


    I am very healthy as per my age. I am working in a bpo and I am doing a night shift till 8 AM.
    Please advise me what diet plan I should follow to reduce my weight.


  122. meetali says

    hello mam
    i am 27 years old, 5ft 5inches, 58 kg. Not that i am very fat but i am gaining weight regularly and becoming flabby. please suggest me a diet plan that does not make my face look dull and help me lose fat

    • says

      Hi Meetali,

      This diet plan mentioned above will help you with all that you need and that you mentioned. just follow it as it is . there is so much of fiber and vitamins and minerals in the given items that you would definately keep glowing while you lose weight.

  123. Nabeel Abbasi says

    Hello and Good Morning Payal,
    Im Nabeel from Karachi, Pakistan. Im 25 years old and my weight is 108kgs, my waist size is 44 inches. My height is 5 ft 9 inches. I have tried many diets, nothing works, please help me, advice me a diet plan which i can easily follow. My target is to loose 35kgs. I have joined a gym and have started stregnth training with cardio.
    Waiting for your reply

  124. says

    Hi Payal,

    I am 32 Yrs old working women. Right now my weight is 72 kg. I am doing yoga from last two months, at that time my weight was same 72 KG. I really dont know why my weight is not loosing. Generally i didnt follow diet plan. what should i do plz suggest me. waiting for ur reply…

    • says

      Hi Arpita,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp . actually the weight loss depends on a number of factors like intensity , duration and calorie game . if yoga isnt working out for you, you should try other faster intensity exercises and along withit ofcourse you need to watch your diet too. unless you create a negative calorie balance in the body, weight loss will not be possible no matter how much you exercise . the above mentioned plan can be followed along with exercises to lose good weight. All the best !

  125. says

    Hi Payal,

    I m 32 Yrs old working lady. I am doing yoga since from last 2 months. at that time my weight was 71 kg. now its everytime increasing. I am thyroid patient too and having my medicine timely. I usually follow normal food not too oily. But i dont understand why my weight is not loosing. Kindly suggest me. i want to loose my weight.


  126. nisha sahai says

    hi payal my i am 28 years married.. my hight is 5.2 nd weight is 67. want to reduce
    10kgs in 2 months, how can i do?? plz reply dear….

    • says

      Hi Nisha,

      Hi Nisha to lose weight all you need to do is

      1] exercise
      2] reduce your calorie intake ..

      start with both and you ll lose weight .. check out our weight loss section, you ll find great tips on weight loss. In case if you are looking for anything specific let me know and i shall try to help you.

  127. Satyanarayan says

    I m Satyanarayan and i m 5.3 in height and weight 78 kgs and im 34 years old i want to reduce my weight as well as belly fat. Kindly suggest me
    does ur diet chart given above will help me as i have started with it from today an even started walking/jpgging from today…Kindly suggest me is this sufficient or i habve to do certain more things

    • says

      Hi Mr Satyanarayan,

      Yes this diet would definatley help you in losing weight .. a lot of our readers have reported to have lost good weight with this plan, ranging from 5 kgs to 13 kgs in 1 and 2 months respectively. I would suggest you to include any 45 mins workout / exercise / walking too in your routine . diet always works out well in combination with exercises. If you face any problem while following the plan, do let me know and ill try to help you out on the same .

      All the best :)

  128. pooja says


    I m pooja and i m 5.1 in height and weight 55 kgs and im 24 years old i want to reduce my weight as well as belly fat. Kindly suggest me
    does ur diet chart given above will help me as i have started with it from today an even started walking/jpgging from today…Kindly suggest me is this sufficient or i habve to do certain more things

    • says

      Hi Pooja,

      Thank you for reading ata Dietburrp . This plan along with the exercises that you mentioned will definately help you a lot for the 1 st month . do not do any additional stuff for now. Meanwhile if you face any problem in following the diet , plz write to me and i shall try to help you . I will be glad if you can later share your experience with our other readers.

  129. Ashwin says

    Hi mam i am 21 year old,weight is 105 and height is 5′.i want to lose 25 kg weight therefore i also started gym 2 days please suggest me diet plan.

  130. shantanu agnihotri says

    I am 21 years and my BMI is 27% and weight is 75 kgs, I am 5″5′. Please suggest me an effective diet to reduce weight(atleast 10 kgs) and how to maintain it constant? I am a vegetarian. I also go to gym. Please help.
    Thanks in advance. :)

    • says

      Hi Shantanu,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp, you can try following the above mentioned diet for achieving your weight goal. I am sure it will help ! :) all the best !

    • says

      Hi Madhavi, you can replace it with soy milk curd or you can avail the proteins from boiled egg white / panner bhurji / green mung dal or soya chunks.

  131. Samriddha says

    Hi Payal,
    I am 27yrs,162cm,weighing 70kg…. I have a sedentery job.Could you please chart me a diet plan to loose atleast 10kgs in 6months… I am a bengali so diet plan for bengalis keeping a little fish and rice would be overwhelming.also it would b gr8 if u suggest me any exercise which takes less time and can b repeated everyday.

  132. bhavik merchant says

    i am 28 years old, 100 kgs of weight, height 5 11 male.

    i want to lose my 20 kilos which is excess with 2 to 3 months.

    kindly suggest me a standard plan which an obese person like me can successfully conduct.


    • says

      Hi Bhavik ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp . you can sure follow the above mentioned plan, it is helping a lot of our readers in great ways . Although your goal is a little unhealthy. 20 kgs in just 2-3 months is too much … dont plan to lose more than 4-5 kgs in a month .

      If you want to get a diet chart based on your personal needs , food habits and time schedule plz see this page –

  133. namrata says

    hi iam 22 yr old my weight is 75 kg and i want to lose 20 kg weight in 3 months iam following your indian diet plan from 1week is it enough i also dont do any kind of exercise due to busy schedule pls sugest me something other i can do to reduce weight i also had survical and problem of constepation

    • says

      Hi Namrata,
      Thanlk you for reading at dietburrp and following the diet plan .. If you are seriously following it, im sure you will benefit in lots of ways. however a 45 mis walk along with the diet would help you lose weight in great deal !!! morning is not necessary , you can walk at any time of the day you find time.

  134. Rashi says

    Hi Pooja Ma’m,I am a 16year old girl and I want to lose atleast 10kgs because my weight is almost 60kg.Can I use this diet plan?

  135. Arzan says

    Hi Payal

    I am starting with the above mentioned diet from tomorrow. I want to know if I can replace breakfast with egg whites omelet for alternate days. I want to loose 30 kg in 6 months and get back to martial arts. Started a good cardio + weight workout from today. Will this diet help me to achieve my target? My age is 25, weight 109 kgs.

    • says

      Hi Arzan ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Yes you can follow the above mentioned plan and change the breakfast as mentioned. also if your cardio workouts are heavy , then i would suggest you to take some pre and post workout nutrition as well .. kindly check these articles on dietburrp , a lot of low calorie meals ideas are mentioned in the article.

  136. Ravi Batra says

    Hi Payalji,
    I am 53 years old. Height 5.1″, weight 97 kgs. I want to lose my weight near about 35 kgs. I m tking High BP medicine, & my sugar level is also little bit high Plz. suggest me diet for early weight loss.

    • says

      Hi Nupur,

      Sabudana is made from tapioca roots. It is basically very high in carbs. there is nt any harm in consuming sabudana as a pre or post work out nutrition meal. if you are a sports person, sabudana is a life saver and full on energy giver snack to take on the event day. But if you are eating it for weioght loss, i would suggest you to take in moderation or avoid it on a daily basis.

  137. Rajni Garg says

    Hi Payal,
    my name is Rajni….i am 48 years and height:5″2 .My weight is 75 kg and i want to reduce around 13 kg weight. I have back pain and survical pain .I am a housewife and doctor suggested me to reduce weight.

    my diet is
    morning: Daliya and brown bread on alternate days, tea
    lunch : 2 roti and sabzi
    evening: 1 cup tea and biscuits
    night: 2 roti and 1 glass milk
    diseases : regular constipation, survical pain in shoulder and elbow, back pain
    thank you….
    plz suggest some diet chart for reducing weight , will the above mentioned diet chart will do ??

    • says

      Hi Rajni ji ,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Are you taking any medications ? any pain killer ? pain killers will make you gain weight if consumed on a regular basis. Plz get rid of them .

      I understand you have back pain and would not be able to workout , but small walks of 10 mins each 3 -4 times a day will prove helpful in weight loss. Along with this you can follow the above mentioned diet chart. this will help you in losing wholesome weight.

  138. pinky says

    hai payal,
    my name is pinky….i am 20 years and height:5″3.i am fed with this sudden weight gain one year before i was only 50 kgs but now my weight has increased to 66 kgs i want to reduce 16 kgs in 3mnths is it possible please suggest me it very important for me..i used to walk 45 min in the mroning for 2 moths but i dnt find any use.i am from andhra pradesh
    my diet is
    morning:regular breakfast like idly,dosa.
    after nun :rice with gravy
    evening:one fruit and one snack item
    night:2 roti
    please suggest is shold lost my weight about 16kgs in 3 months
    thank you….. :)

  139. Saka says

    Hi Payal,

    I appreciate the efforts you have been putting for making people aware about their health management. Well, My husband is 28yrs old and he is a working professional. His height is 6 ft and weight is around 85 kg. According to BMI his weight should not be more than 76kg. Please suggest me some measures to reduce his weight which will work on us since I am a working professional too .

    Thank you

    • says

      Hi Saka,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Yes you can follow the above mentioned diet plan for your husband . our readers claim to have lost upto 13 kgs weight by following this diet chart. If you wish to get a personalized diet chart for him based on his timings, food patterns, likes and dislikes and his routine, please see this page –

  140. Hrishikesh says

    Hi payal ji
    my age is 21 and my height is 163 cm and my weight is 90kgs
    i need to reduce my weight in 6 months bcoz of my brother’s wedding so plz do suggest me a good diet chart and i’m suffering from a type 2 diabetics which is now in control with medication….. please do help me with diet so i can reduce my weight

  141. Sarthak Bakhri says

    1. I’m 19 years old guy ,5’7″,83 kgs ,vegetarian, I work out for 1.5 hrs daily , please suggest a diet plan that will help me loose weight and provide me necessary strength to lift weights (not taking supplements)
    2. Is taking supplements harmful?
    Please help I’m not able to lift much weights
    because I don’t eat much

  142. Shanoor says

    Hi Payal,
    I am 32 years old, my height is 5 feet 5 inches and weight is 82 kgs .
    I am suffering with Diabetes Type 2, High Cholesterol, Hypothyroidism and anxiety please suggest diet chart.

  143. Pia says

    Hi ma’am….., I am a 14 year girl. My height is around 5’4 and my weight is 65 kg.. :( :p
    Please suggest me a diet plan so that i can reach my goal, i.e. least 55-58 kg… :p
    I would be really grateful to you if you help me reach my goal.. :)

    • says

      Hi Pia,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. You can sure try and follow the diet chart mentioned in the above article. ours readers have lost from 5 to 13 kgs weight with this diet plan. I am sure this will be of help to you too. all th best !

    • says

      Hi Nikita,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the plan mentioned above along with 45 mins of walking / exercise session every day, and you would be able to lose good weight. one of our readers lost 13 kgs weight in 2 months by following this diet chart. if you wish to get a personalized diet plan then plz see this page –

  144. Liza says

    Hello mam,
    I am liza from bangladesh. age 24, height 5feet, weight 64kg. i want to lose 15kg… plz give me diet & exercise plan…

  145. AMMY says

    hello! i m 14 yrs old and my weight is 48 kgs. I want to loose my weight upto 10 kgs. plz suggest me some way to do so.

    • says

      Hi Ammy,

      Are you doing any physical activity ? sports ? if not i would advice you to start exercising or participate in sports of your like. let me know your food pattern then ill help you with the diet plan

  146. zulie says

    hello mam,
    I m 20 yrs old gal from nepal , height 5.7 and weight 60 kgs. I think m obessed and I wana loose my weight I need a proper dieting chart for loosing weighf in two months mainly wana loose fats frm lower waist , upper arms thighs and hips. plz suggest some particular excersise. Thankyou …

  147. simran says

    hey mam,
    I am 21 yrs old female , my height is 5.8 and my weight is 70 kg
    I want to loose 10 kgs weight as I am having heavy face . I don’t go for gym or exercise .

    can u plzz suggest me the right plan … plzz

    • says

      Hi Simran,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Try following the diet plan mentioned above. I am sure it would help u lose weight. For trimming down from face, you need to do neck exercises and facial exercises. you can easily find the videos on youtube.

  148. Indu says

    hi payal,
    I am 20 year old my weight is 60kgs and my height is 5’4 and i want loss my weight plz suggest how to reduce my weight .
    plz reply

    • says

      Hi Indu,

      You can try following the above mentioned diet plan for weight loss. This has helped a lot of people lose weight. some of our readers tell us that they lost 5-6 kg in a month and other lost 13 kgs in 2 months by following this diet chart. Also include 45 mins workout in your routine.

  149. anu says

    thanks 4 reply mam.can i add bourvita in his milk and give cornflakes with milk.can i apply little butter on his toast.

  150. simran says

    hi payal..i m 34 years female…..a teacher…i m fond of tea…coffee….but according to ur diet plan u mention 2 cups of tea…its very difficult for me to live without tea..can u suggest me…can i take 4-5 cups of tea without sugar n a day..pls help me..

    • says

      Hi Simran , Tea And coffe can be healthy only when consumed in limitations. 2 cups is all that comes under the healthy category , the 3rd one becomes unhealthy for you .. at the max you can minus the quantity of intake , divide the 1 cup in to 2 times and then you can have tea 4 times and after that , add green tea to your schedule .. no matter how much you have it , it will only benefit your health. :

  151. Sam says

    Hi payal ji
    I am a pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and insulin resistance patient ..losing weight was always difficult for me as I do baba ramdeva full weight loss yoga n walking 30 mins morn nnight and very strict on diet only vegetables and fruits and chicken 1nce a week but still in 1 month I only lost 2 kgs including water weight …I realllly really want to lose weight and to concieve a baby ..I am 29 years 4’7 hight and83 kgs please please please help me….give me adiet plan please this is my last hope…please :(
    Waiting eagerly for ur reply

  152. says

    I M 28 YRS OLD.



  153. Kritika S says

    Hi Payal, 3 days back i suddely found your amazing website and I find your articles and diet plans really simple and motivating. I am 30 year old and weigh 64 kgs and want to lose at least 6-8 kgs cos currently I am in overweight category. Pls suggest me, should I follow 1200 calorie diet plan. My mother is hypothyroid patient and my younger brother is also overweight, Is thyroid imbalance hereditary. Thanks in advance for all the help.

    Regards & Take care
    Kritika S

    • says

      Hi Kritika,

      Thank you for all the compliments. Please continue to follow that plan, i am sure you will see some great results. Alot of our readers followed it for 1 or 2 months and have lost 10 kgs and more weight.

      Yes thyroidism is heredity. What i would advice you is keep a check on it , get your thyroid tested once every year. early detection can help you take precautions and the medications will help you keep away from gaining weight. After weight is gained, it is very hard to lose it. But you as well might be careful beforehand.

  154. Divya says

    I am 25 year old working women and my height is 5′ft 5 inches .weight is 70 kg. I want to reduce my weight.And i also my tummy is increasing and I have bigger thighs .. Please suggest me some diet ..

    • says

      Hi divya,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. You need to start with 45 mins of exercises , include jogging / running / brisk walking for reducing thighs , hips and tummy. you can follow the above mentioned plan in combinmation to exercises to lose weight.

  155. anu says

    my son is 12 year old and overweight.please suggest a healthy diet menu so that his growth do not affect.his weight is 62kg.should i give cornflakes with milk in breakfast .please help.i am too worried about him

    • says

      Hi Anu,

      You can use the above mentioned diet chart for your son as well .. this diet chart is low in calories but equally good in nutrient content and it wont deprive him from his growth. Aalso at this young age , he needs to concentrate on exercises more than on diet. please make him join a good sport that he is interested in and will help him burn calories too. skating and swimming help great deal too.

  156. jay ahir says

    Hi ma’am
    My name is jay
    Hight 5.6 weight 78kg
    Main 2km runing karta hu daily
    Than 100pushup three day in week
    250 squt three dau in week
    Stape up 10min nonstop daily
    And ye apka diet plan bhi agar main use karu to month ke kitna weight kam ho sakta hai mera kam se kam?
    Plz answer ma’em

  157. sumana says

    Hi Payal,
    I am 29yrs old and my height is 5′ft 2inches.weight is 73kg and I suffer from mild pcod and acid reflux.can you suggest some diet plan to shed off my excess weight.

  158. Rohit Verma says

    Mam..I am 18 year old my weight going to 70+ n my height is just 5″4 That’s not too tall as my healthy body so i want som3 advise but .. Too for my tummy fat ..
    Please Reply

    • says

      Hi Rohit, thank you for reading at dietburrp. looking at your age , why dont you try jogging / running in the morning .. this is the best exercise for tummy and for losing weight and being fit . while doing so , try following the diet mentioned aov and this shall help you.

  159. mamata says

    HI Payal, thanx for writing such an informative article, im glad i came across this site and ur write ups.
    I am 33 yr old weighing 90kgs, my pre pregnancy weight ws 76-78kgs i also hv been diagnosed with PCOD and Insulin Resistance plus hypo thyriod. can u pls help me with a suitable diet plan to reduce 25 kgs atleast. Iam taking metformin 500mg twice.
    pl help. rgds

  160. Abhishek says

    Hello Mam,

    My name is Abhishek and I am 32 yrs old with height 5’7″ and weight 94kg. I am despiratly trying to loose weight. I do gym 3-4 times a week that include tredmill walking for 30-35 mins, then cycling for around 15-20 mins. I also walk for around 30-40 mins. Still my weight id not reducing. My diet is

    b’fast:- Dosa(masala/plain)
    lunch:- 2 chapati+2 bowl white rice+2 bowl daal+1 bowl green dry vegetable
    Dinner:- 2 chappati/paratha+ 2 bowl gravy vegetable+1 bowl dry vegetable

    other than these 3 meals I usually do not eat anything but sometimes do have biscuits and all.

    Please suggest how can i reduce my weight

    • says

      Hi Aabhishek , your diet needs a lot of work …this pattern will not get you a long way in weight loss. try following the above mentioned plan, or osubscribe to my weekly diet plan and you would get a good idea of what to do and how to do –

      exercise pattern is ok but you need to workout atleast 5-6 times a day to be able to lose good weight.

  161. Sakshi says

    Hi , I just read your blog today for the first time and I was really impressed !
    I have been fat all my life except once when I lost 25 kgs in 6 months but gained it all back and even more.
    Am 23 yrs old and I weigh 94 kilos and my height is 5’2″, I am in a desperate need to get motivated and become healthy. Please suggest how I should start ?

    • says

      Hi Sakshi,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. the best part is you havent lost hope. to start with try following the aboive mentioned plan and i am sure the results will be very good and they will keep you motivated .. you need to find a patneer in your weight loss journey. whenever you feel the need of motivation please write to us at and i shall help you get over it agfain !

  162. Kasturi says

    Hi Payal mam,
    I am 19 years old,height 5’8″ and weight 85.5kg . Please suggest me a diet plan which will help me in losing around 20 kg in two months… :)

    • says

      Hi kasturi,

      you can try following the above mentioned diet plan, one of our reader lost 13 kgs weight using this plan for 2 months. If you face any probvlem while following the plan please do write back and i would help you.

  163. Richa says

    Hi , I am 27 yr old female. I have a 2 year old boy. since pregnancy i got hypothyroid and i am taking medicimes regularly.. but my weight has increased from 55 kgs to 71 kgs. my height is 5ft 3 in. i really need to reduce 15-18kgs by may 12th as its my brothers marriage. can u pls suggest me diet and exercise regime to lose 20kgs.. Thanks. Awaiting ur response.

  164. says

    hello Madam,
    I am 23 yr old, working in dubai, height 5.6 and weight 70kgs, i want to reduce my weight. i am fond of nonveg, food and daily having hotel food. my main problem is increasing my tummy fat day by day. i dont do any exercise except 20-30 minutes walking because of tight schedule. please help me to loose my weight and tummy fat.
    Thanking You,

    • says

      Hi Amrata,

      You are already walking for 30 mins , please increase 15 more minutes to lose weight fast. i undero light on diunners have corn flakes and milk , no cooking reqquired and it is low in calories too .

  165. Kajal Parmar says

    Hello Payal !!

    I am 26 yrs old working woman and married too, my current weight is 58 kg and my height is 4.11″. I want to loose weight but I am failed everytime. My big problem is I need to travel 140 kms by BUS to my office place. So I leave home in morning 7 am and come back in night at 9.30 pm. I am unable to do exercise or not able to follow any diet plan to reduce wt… Can you pls help me with this situation,………….

    • says

      Hi Kajal,
      I understand you case is a little different, but what you eat through out the day is also important .. try top choose low calorie and healthy food and you would still be able to lose weight .. use weekends for a proper 45 mins workout session.

  166. NAVYA says

    hi mam..
    i am 21 yrs ,5’3″ height and 70 kg weight…. i want to reduce my weight upto 10kgs and i also have tummy.. i am very much worried abt it…. and my main problem is tht i cant hold on to a diet food for long tym…. and also wthout coffee.. can i reduce my weight with all these problems..?? please do suggst me ?????

  167. Aishwarya says

    Hi my name is aishwarya weight is 75 kg now..started with 82kg..lost through gymming n little diet control..height-5’4 age 20yrs. Don’t eat pls suggest a diet plan accordingly.

  168. bhawna says

    hello mam,
    i am 27 years old my weight is 72kgs and my height is 5.1. i want to loose around 23 kgs in 3 months. please suggest me some diet. please please m waiting for ur reply,,,,

  169. Swati says

    Hi Payal……
    I m 26 year old 5 fit 3 inch. My weight is 60 kg. I wanna do it 50 badly……
    I m a working girl so I have 2 do a proper lunch with everyone…. Please suggest me something to loose my weight
    I have another question also… As I wanna join jym but everyone says that jym can reduce weight but if I will leave jym after sometime then my weight will increase very soon….
    I m going for a running now a days but it i can not see any progress till now…..
    Also I m little bit foody also so for that can you give me any suggestion……..
    I know I m asking 2 much question but plz try 2 help me out…… :)

  170. daniya warsi says

    my tummy is coming out day by day,, my waist is 32 and i want it 30.. my big problm is my tummy which is coming out day by day.. and i also want to loose my weight help me out..!

    • says

      Hi Daniya,

      try doing jogging / running and tummy muscle tonning exercises and this should help. also try following the above mentioned diet plan and it would help you achieve you your health goal.

  171. Richa says

    Hi Payal,
    I am 26 years old my height is 5’4″ . My stomach is too fatty as i am not having time for exercise , i wake up early in the morning but not able to do workout and my working style sitting at one place for 8 hours and my travelling hrs are 4-5 hrs in a day. help me with this.My weight is 60 kg

    • says

      Hi Richa,

      If you dont have time for exercises at least do ab workout for 10 mins after you wake up, before geeting out of your bed, this will help you maintain a flat tummy. and try to follow the above mentioned diet plan, his will help you in achieving your health goal.

  172. Piyush says

    Hello mam ,
    I am 19 year old student from the past one year i am loosing my body weight and till now i already drop down 36 kg’s and 10″ from my waist . But from past 3 months my weight got stucked . i tried
    Everything but nothing is working from me now
    I daily goes to gym and spend 2 hours there . Daily i do 1 hour of cardio workout and strenght training .
    Body stats
    Weight : 80kg
    Height 5.9″
    I want to loose 10 kg more
    Looking forward for a positive reply from your side .

    • says

      Hi Piyush,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. first of all congratulation for your achievement. well done. But i am afraid that You have reached the weight plateau, and will not be able to lose further for atleast a month. The body is now in famine stage and will try to recover the weight you have lost. all you can do is be firm and still continue the regime for a month even if you do not see any result. Be patient and this will pass away. After a month , drastically change your exercises pattern and diet regime and you would resume with weight loss. In case if you need help then, do contact me back . All the best !

  173. Cdivya says

    hi..i am 23 year old female.i am 68 kgs and 157cm height. i want to reduce my weight.i read in a book eating radish and banana stem together with empty stomach can reduce weight. i just want to know whether its good to eat those two vegetables together.does it have any side effects??

    • says

      Hi Divya,

      No there isnt any side effect to this , Not that i know of ! But its my duty to tell you that just this one step will not help you that bit in losing weight. weight loss is a combination of a exercise pattern and intaking the required calories only. Unless you follow the negative calorie law, it is hard to lose the desired weight with just 1 food item or two. correct your lifestyle and it should be of help.

  174. Preeti says

    Hi payal, great site!! Got a lot of info,specific to indian needs.
    I need some advice. I was 84 kgs and managed to come down to 68kgs over the course of the year. I go tp gum for an hour 4-5 tines a week, and follow a fairly decent diet of 1400 calories per day. two months back, I increased my calorie intake a little and cut back on my gym. Gained 2 kgs as expected. But ideally I would like to lose 10 kgs and come down to 60-61 kgs.
    Since my body is used to diet and exercise, how can I go about this? Importantly, how do I prevent gaining back my lost weight?

    • says

      Hi Preeti,

      To lose further weight, you will have to completky change your regime, change the diet and exercise pattern and also the timings of exercise and food, and you woul see weight falling down again. But you have already come a long way. i would suggest you to be consistent with your routine for a month even if you do not lose any weight and then change the regime. Weight is like rubber band , the faster you pull the rubber band and leave it , it comes back to original shape in the same speed. so you strech it a bit and then hold in for some time to make it permanent, and then strech it further. hope you understand what i want to sy .. in case you need further help, do let me know.

  175. Laxmi says

    I am 34 year old working woman , after my delivery I have put on lot of weight (80kg) my height is 5’2″. since my work is kind of sitting at one place for 6-7 hrs so please help me with diet and tell me whether exercise is must for reducing wt? since i wont get time at all for it. help me with this

  176. saba khaliq says

    HI Payal,

    I’m 24 yrs old guy and height is 5’10″ having 76kgs. the problem is that my tummy is coming out day by day n i’m very worried about it. My whole day spent in office sitting on a single chair and no physical exercise in whole day. I want to reduce my tummy and weight too. My waist is 34 and i want it 30. Please suggest something for me.

    • says

      Hi Saba,

      You are not really overweight, i believe more than focusing on weight loss, do abdomen exercises and work on your ab muscles , this will help you lose the paunch and become healthier.

  177. Ronit Roy says

    Hello Payal

    23 yr old
    weight – 60 kg
    Height – 5’5″

    Workout –

    8 k cycling then 3 k running (HIIT) then crunches and other abdominal exercise for about 15 mins and then again 2 k running (HIIT) followed by 8 k cycling back to home at normal to fast pace.(Total 16 k cycling and 5 k running) (6 days/week). Doing these for last eight months.

    Diet –

    Breakfast (10.30) – Two Brown bread with lots of Peanut butter, 10 soaked almonds,10 raisins and some honey b/w them followed by one Apple and 4-5 teaspoons of Kellogs.

    Lunch (12.30) – Two bread with two bowls of Daal.

    pre-workout (4:00) – one small banana.

    post workout (7:00) – Two Banana with one glass of skimmed milk.

    Dinner (8:00) – Two rotis with two bowl of Daal.

    Late Night (11:30)- Two Date Palms.

    b/w them all I consume one bottle (250 ml) of Energal during workout and near about 2 ltrs of water whole day ( In winters)

    In these last eight months I lost 11 kg of Fat and have increased my body stamina and endurance.


    Now I want to know three things ——–

    1) The problem is that I have shreded body fat mostly from my lower part and some from my jaws and hands but I have not lost much from my Belly. It’s still in D shape :( ??????????

    2) I want to know more about my pre-workout and post-workout diet ??? ( like about the gap b/w them and workout. ????

    3) What can I do particularly for my constipation problem ????

    Thnxx in advance and I appreciate for what you are doing (free) for us through your website. :)

    • says

      Hi Ronit,

      First of all congratulations , you have a come a long way !! and i can see with your routine that you have put in so much of effort . kudos to that.

      Well i feel that what you are doing is good and slowly you would be able to cover up the be;lly fat too. basically in male, the last part of the body to lose fat is belly and in female it is hips and thigh . so i believe you just need to be a little more patient and i can see the belly fat being lost !!

      Your regime is good , keep up with it. in gym concentrate on building abbs and you should be able to see changes soon.

      Constipation – take 1 glass of milk with 1 tsp ghee and a little haldi every night with your dates . This should start helping you from 1 week onwards. dont worry this much ghee wont harm .. remember you are building muscles and working out well.

      for pre and post workout nbutrition, i have just what you need .. please read these –

  178. zaheer says

    Hi payal my name is zaheer want to loos my weight my height 5″9 age 36yrs weight 85 please suggest me dite plan my job is field work I will drive car 14hours in day i cannot do gym I want to loose 15kgs. Thank u.

    • says

      Hi Zaheer,

      I you cantgo to gym , you should try walking for 15 mins 3-4 times a day whenever you are not on the driving seat. also you can try following this diet plan mentioned above. It has helped a reader lose 13 kgs of weight and another one 5 kgs of weight within a few days. this is ideal diet chart and if you face any issues while following the plan , let me know which part is uncomfortable and ill give you more food options for weight loss.

  179. Neha says

    I am 5″2 feet and my weight 48 kgs. i need to lose 3 kgs. what would be my idle diet plan. waithing for your reply.

    Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Neha,

      Your current BMI is 19.5 . (normal range 18 – 23) Losing 3 kgs will make you underweight. Sorry but i feel you should focus on fitness and health rather than unrealistic weight loss goal

  180. Suraj Vaidya says

    Hi Payal , I am 29 & Married from last two years & doesn’t follow any routine excersise due to my schedule & travelling job . Most of the weekend I end up with sleeps for long time & very relax person don’t take much stress too on weekend . & now my weight is 83 KG appro & fluctuates at times by 2- 3 kgs & height is 5feet 10 inches . Over all I am fit never get tied soon . Can such personality loose weight without compromising daily routinee or any change is required in life style ..Please suggest.
    Thanks in Advance , Suraj.

    • says

      Hi Suraj ,

      I understand that you are very comfortable in the lifestyle you currently have. It is my duty to tell you that not taking stress and tention will take you very ahead in being fit and healthy. but at the same time lack of exercise mite cause some health issues after a few years. I would rather suggest you to take up walking / gyming or any form of leisure game activity that you like for 45 – 60 mins . dont think of it as exercise, but as a leisure activity and you will enjoy the sport and parallel remain fit. If you are a food lover , do not compromise on food , but you need to select your food carefully while on tours or acidity , digestion , an d gas problems will become prominent. while at home you can follow a simple diet routine. or follow the above mentioned diet plan.

      • Suraj says

        Hi Payal,
        First of ALL I would like to thank you for your response & time. I really appreciate that you are sparing time in helping to remain fit & healthy by sharing your knowledge on health & fitness.

        I forgot to mention that I occassionally drink & have nonveg (Only Butter chicken boneless as I belongsto a family who is pure Veg & orthodox) .COnsidering my height & weight do I face any health issues in going future – Please suggest as I can’t afford a highly paid activities & would like to stay healthy to surve my family & self.

        Thanks in Advance


        • says

          hi suraj ,

          Your BMR is around 34. It should be below 25 to be in your ideal weight range. You need to lose 5-7 kgs . obesity can have various health effects , it can make you prone to issues like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol problems, other cardiac ailments, knee and joint pains , back ache, metabolic dysfunctions etc.

          It is alwaz advisable to be in the normal weight range.hence exercising is advised. you can follow the above mentioned diet plan alonmg with a 45 min workout to be able to achieve optimum health.

  181. savi says

    want to loss my weight
    my age is 37 and height 5 and my weight is 75 kg
    I want to lose 15-18 kg kindly suggest me diet plan.
    i am droid patents

    • says

      Hi Savi ,

      You can try following the above mentioned plan. this will help you in losing 5-6 kgs weight. 1 of our reader have lost 13 kgs using this chart for 2 months. You also need to add walking for 45 mins to be able to lose weight in a good pace

      • zaheer says

        Hi payal my name is zaheer want to loos my weight my height 5″9 age 36yrs weight 85 please suggest me dite plan my job is field work I will drive car 14hours in day i cannot do gym I want to loose 15kgs. Thank u.

        • says

          Hi Zaheer ,

          You can try following abobve mentioned diet plan for weight loss, it has helped a lot of my readers i am sure it will help you too. In case if you have any issue following the polan, lemme knw and ill give you suggestions on what can be done.

  182. Rakesh Medhi says

    Hi, Payal Ji

    Myself Rakesh Medhi, I have started to go to gym….it’s been two months now….but am not having a proper diet. My weight is 80 kg …..height 5.7” and age 24yrs. And ya am tooo lazyy…I eat and sleep…come from gym and sleep. I go to gym between 7.00am to 7.30am & back by 9am. I do take protein power (Amway) Suggest me a diet chart (weight loss), and please mention the time. Am a non-veg, veg will also do.
    And thanks, you helped so many people. You are no less than an Angel. Liked your FB page.

    Thanks again, take care. :)

  183. NIdhi says

    Hi Payal,

    Myself Nidhi , Age -26 , Height – 5 ft, Weight – 58kgs.
    I have started gyming from one & a half month Cardio & strength training under personel trainer . i am heavy on lower body so my most of the work out is on the same .
    my current diet includes .
    Early morning before workout- 4 almonds & green tea.
    Work out
    Breakfast – K flakes/ boiled eggs
    Snacks – Tea & 2-3 marie gold biscuit
    Lunch – Fruit plate / brown rice/ omlette/ veg sandwich
    Snacks – 1 apple/ orange/ tea
    Dinner – 2 chapatis- sabzi- dal/ lettuce & broccoli salad.

    But from last 10 days my weights is going down till 57.1 n then again going up to 58 . I am not able to understand why ?
    I have digestion & acidity problem.
    Being in sales profession i have to be in field n sometimes i miss my meal.

    My question is i have to reduce 3-4kg in another 20 days before 25th dec as i have to attend 1 imp function .
    Kindly suggest me diet & workout.

    Thank you

    • says

      Hi Nidhi,

      When you increase your aerobic workout, the body tends to gain some water weight to be able to cope up with excess muscle wear an tear. so when you start with exercise or do it after a long time, or increase the pace all of a sudden you will see fluctuations in your weight, these are temporary. Other reason can be menstrual cycle, if you are nearing your cycle or just got done with them , then weight fluctuations are possible.

      What you are eating is ok, just include 2 small meals / drinks in between breakfast and lunch and eve snack and dinner. also you would benefit if you reverse and switch your current lunch to dinner and dinner to lunch.

  184. hyndavireddy says

    Hi Payal,

    im hyndavi,

    I want to loss my weight
    my age is 25 and height 5.3 and my weight is 70 kg
    im working for night shifts so please help me how to loss my weight and what kind of diet i follow?

    • says

      Hi Hyndavi,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. I have just the right post coming up at Dietburrp Tomorrow. ” Diet chart for weight loss for night shift workers” Please bear with me for a day and tomorrow you shall get a full chart for your need. Do subscribe to our rss feed so that you get a notification about the post.For now have a read here –

      Have a great day ahead :)

    • says

      Hi Mysty,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Taking regular milk will be ok , but you can skimm your regular milk at home. you dont need to buy skimmed milk. here is how you can skim your milk – boil milk , let it cool down and refrigerate , after 2 hours remove the cream layer and boil again and repeat. if you are taking milk in the morning for breakfast , you can use the milk from previous day , it automatically gets skimmed if you remove the cream layer from top.

  185. Alisha Sethi says

    I am 25 years old and have a 1 year old baby.I live in Mexico moreover i am a vegetarian ,so already have very less variety of vegetarian food to eat here and i really want to loose pregnancy weight ,almost going in depression due to increasing weight ,i started gaining weight 3 months after my baby,don’t know why.
    Following the same diet plan every day would be too boring with limited variety.Can you please suggest me me 2 3 different plans so that i can keep on changing. i exercise on a treadmill but my stamina is too low,what can i eat to boost my stamina.

    • says

      Hi Alisha,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. Yes i am already writting a 1200 calorie diet plan for 7 days.. full 1 week variations would be mentioned .. but im afraid you will have to wait for some time before i publish it on the blog .. till then you can choose healthy food and lighter foods . Or join in our diet services to avail your personalized weekly chart.

  186. says

    Hi Payal,

    I am 33 years old. i am Maharashtrian. I have post pregnancy weigh. My daughter is only 4 months old. What type of diet will work for me? can i start exercise as I nurse my daughter.


    • says

      Hi Devyani,

      Frankly speaking 4 months is too early to start with diet, you should wait till she is 8 months and is on top feeds , does not completely rely on your feeds. till then you can now start with slow pace walking for 30 mins , and after a month increase it to 45 mins and medium pace. Also you can take 10 – 10 mins small walking sessions through out the day for 2- 3 times . This much is enough for the next 2-3 months. After which you can contact me back and i shall help you with the diet part too. :) all the best !!

  187. saranya says

    hai mam
    My weight is 68 kgs and my age is 25.
    I want to reduce 15kgs weight in 3 months
    I am non veg. from US and not regular on exercise .
    But now I am ready to do whatever you advice …..
    plz provide a diet chart for me

    • says

      Hi Saranya,

      Thank you for readsing at DietBurrp. You can try following the above mentioned diet chart. This chart has helped a lot of our readers and 1 reader in particular lost 13 kgs in 2 months using this chart. I m sure you too can lose some weight with this. also exercise is essential if you are looking to a permanent solution to weight.

  188. Bhushan says

    Hi Payal,
    I am 34 and 77KG, I want to lost my tummy
    Following is my meal plan – Could you please advice if my meal plan looks okay? Being vegetarian , i am finding less choice hence this plan.
    Breakfast :- OAT with Skimmed milk (withou sugar) / two phulka with sabji
    Snack :- coffee
    Lunch :- 3 roti with sabji
    Snack (around 4):- idli with coffee
    Snack (around 7):- fruits with milk
    Dinner (around 8 or 9) :- 3 rotis with sabji or some rice with dal
    Does my meal plan looks okay

    • says

      Hi bhushan , The given meal plan is providing around 1800 – 2000 cals. Problem is you will not be able to lose weight with so many calories . You can do a few things .. have lighter dinner , something like what is suggested in the plan , and you would be able to substract 300 – 400 cals. Increase salads and green tea in your diet.,

  189. ABHI says

    Hi Payalji,

    My weight is 83 kgs my height is 168cm and my age is 30. I want to reduce 13kgs weight within 2 months
    I am from veg. from Ahmedabad and not regular on exercise .

    But now I am ready to do whatever you advice …..

  190. Saritha says

    Hi Payal,

    I am 31 years old women. My weight is 66.5 and height is 5.4 . This weight is after my delivery.Its been 1 year now after delivery. I was 58 KG’s. Struggling very hard to reduce.Would like to reduce atleat 6 kgs weight . Tummy part is more visible. My diet like I wont take much fried items , Rice. I will walk 1 km per day .Weekends will streach for 1 hr .Take stairs wont take lift in office. Please give ur valuable advice for me.

    Thanks & REgards

    • says

      Hi saritha,

      The above given diet plan will work wonders in your case. Along with this, stick to regular exercises, for 45 mins , if not anything else, do walking , if not morning, do it at night or in evening, whenever u get time.

  191. Payel Chakraborty says

    Dear Payel,

    Suddendly i have put on weight , mostly at belly area. it looks bad.
    I leave for work at 6.15am , return home some time 7pm , and if late 8.45pm
    Need help from you, kindly recommend me a diet chart with time, for my schedule which i have mentioned you . and also some tips.
    i will be greatful to you.
    Thank ,with regards

  192. abhijit says

    Hi Payal,

    Your blogs are quite useful,

    I am 35 and 77KG, I want to lost FAT.

    Following is my meal plan – Could you please advice if my meal plan looks okay? Being vegetarian , i am finding less choice hence this plan.

    Breakfast :- OAT with Skimmed milk (withou sugar) / two phulka with sabji
    Snack :- Tea / Green Tea
    Lunch :- two phulka with sabji
    Snack (around 4):- 2 idli / 1 phulka with sabji and Green tea
    Snack (around 7):- Fruits / OAT with Skimmed milk / cup of Curd
    Dinner (around 8 or 9) :- 2 phulka with sabji or 1 cup of Brown rice with dal/ 1 phulka with sabji and salad
    around 11 PM (if I feel hungry) – some frutis

    Does my meal plan looks okay, i am vegeterian.

    I work out for 5 to 6 days a week, which includes both cardio and gym


    • says

      Hi Abhijit,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Yes your plan looks ok . But you need to include some more of protein sources and fiber to be able to lose fat . so , add more salads to your meal at lunch and dinner. for protein, include milk (cold or hot )+ 2 tsp skimmed powder after your workout. add some dry roasted nuts, roasted soyabean, roasted channa, and mung dal (mung dal chilla / pancake / dosa , split mung dal for lunch and dinner. ) after adding all this, your diet would become wholesome. and your goal would be achieved.

  193. Neha S says

    HI Payal,

    This is Neha here. I am 28yrs old and my weight is 65 kg, height 5’4″. i am getting married next year in June. Can you please help with the diet plan i should follow to get reduce my weight in between 55 kg to 58 kg. I am into software industry and i use to work sitting all the time. Can you please give me some more tips and help me out to look beautiful on my marriage date :)

    • says

      Hi Neha,

      Congratulations on your engagement. actually you can try the above mentioned plan ,. It is helping a lot of people to lose weight. But exercise is verry important too. you should walk for 45 mins or workout in a gymn if time permits. this will help ou lose gud weight and get you in gud shape. you can also buy our personalized diet service and check out how you lose weight with us.

  194. SAURABH says

    Hello payal mam i am 17 year old and my weight is 65kg i have gained extra fats on my hips and thighs and so on belly i am tensed with this weight problem.I request you,please help me to solve my unberring weight problem……

  195. pakesh patel says

    my weight is 82.2kg height 5.10” age 34yrs
    i wanted to lose 10 kgs kindly suggest me diet plan.
    as i regular do exercise and walking.

  196. HINA says

    Hi payal I m 34 yrs old with two kids .my weight is 75 kg and height is 156 cm . Please suggest some diet plan as I cannot go for any walk. But yes I can do some exercise at home for 10-15 minutes.

    • says

      Hi Hina,,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above mentioned plan it has benefitted a lot of our readers, 1 reader in particular lost 13 kgs in 2 months with this diet plan. You can try following it, while exercises, you can do 30 mins of exercise / yoga in your room in the morning or night or any time convinient

    • says

      Hey Hina ,

      Sorry i forgot to mention earlier that if you have stairs in the house, the best exercise would be to walk up and down the stairs for 10 mins , you would see excellent weight loss / inch loss specially within first and 2 nd week.

  197. Kavitha says

    Hi payal,
    I am 35 years old.I am 160cms.My weight is 65kg.
    Early morning I drink hot water+honey+lemon juice .
    For Breakfast I eat Oats+1 spoon Curd/small Dosa.
    For Brunch I drink Ginger Tea with less sugar.
    For Lunch I eat Veg Salad +3 piece Grilled Chicken /2 Chappati + Veg Salad.
    In the Evenings I drink Milk Tea+2 biscuits.
    For Dinner I eat 2 Wheat Dosa/Veg Salad+Fruits.
    In Between all of this routine I drink 2 cups of Green Tea+4 almonds+3 walnuts.

    I go 4km a day ,5 days a week.
    Is this Diet format Correct?
    I want to reduce 12kgs.How many months will it take?

  198. neha says

    Hi payal,
    I am 27 years old, and 4.11″ ft. height. my weight is 68 kg. I want to loose my overweight. how can I do this.?Now I started to eat 2 cup of puffed rice with vegetable instead of steamed rice three times in a day. Is it loose my weight ?I want to loose my weight within 2 months. please tell me the way… thanks.

    • says

      Hi Neha, Instead of taking these extreme steps , try following the diet chart mentioned above in the article , one of our reader has lost 13 kgs in 2 months using the same chart. also try to incorporate exercises and walking . at your age , only diet would not give much results . but a 45 mins workout or walking / jogging will do wonders.

  199. Deepali Gogna says

    Hi Payal,

    My name is Deepali and my weight is 90 kg and height is 5’6 and age is 29 years.
    My marriage ll be held in april 2014. Please suggest me some good diet plan to loose atleast 20 kg weight in this time period. Please help me with positive reply. I m ready to do hard core dieting also. Please Please Please help me payal.

    • says

      Hi Deepali,

      You can try following the above given plan, 1 of our readers has reported to have lost 13 kgs in 2 months with this diet chart. You too can shed a lot of weight using this chart .. follow it for a month to check how it suits you .. or you can buy our diet consultation services to promptly lose weight

  200. Asif says

    Hello Ma’am

    I m ASIF 23 years old and 6’2 feet tall my weight is 93 I have been goin gym for last 2 weeks and I take fat burners :) can u please advise me about my diet by the way in breakfast I take 2 brown bread , 1 cup of tea with 2 boiled eggs and in lunch I eat fruits and vegitables ‘ den before goin to gym before 5 I take papaya den after gym u drink juice with 5 eggs boiled den in dinner I eat 2 leg peace of chicken grilled without oil and at nite to avoid stress I take green tea :) how’s my diet plan please advise me I want to loose 7 kg in one month and I do 2 hours of gyming . Thanks I m really thank full you

    • says

      Hi Asif,

      your diet needs a complete makeover … no carbs , only protein and fiber works for a few days . then will lead to acidity , constipation and digestive issues … You need a complete makeover in your diet .. please consult a dietician.

  201. panir says

    hello mam,
    very impressed with both ur diet plan& quick reply to each comment.
    gender F, wt: 65 kg, Goal: 55kg. Ht: 5’4″. age 30
    I m playing tennis regularly- morning 7-8 am, & now since last month I hv started wt training and cardio exercises- 5-5:30pm. what changes are required in above mention plan. & should we hv any of fruits or it should b of low calories.

  202. Resmi Kakkat says

    Dear Paypal,

    I’m basically a Keralite and very obese. I would like to get a suitable diet plan to reduce my fat and weight. I have no exercise routine till now but would like to start. I eat2 dosas for breakfast and 2 chappathies for lunch and dinner. Weekly once or at times, twice i have Kerala rice also. I drink 3 cups of coffees and 2 cups of tea with 1 spoon of sugar everyday. I would like to lose at least 15 kgs. My present weight is 78.8 and my height is 170cms.

    Waiting for your quick response.

    • pinkysanghavi says

      Hi Payal my name is pinky my current weight is 72 kgs i want to reduce 15 kgs can u give your no so i can contact u


      • says

        Hi Pinky ,

        Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. you can mail me at and i shall get back to you. or you can leave your query as a comment under the article and i would answer you. we do only online consultations, hence cant provide you with any telephone number. please pardon us for that.

  203. Shivam says

    hi mam
    this is shivam mungiya 21yr old boy .i do gyming with my friends and have reached a very good level .But in doing so i have increased my body fat percentage also.
    also being a high workout training i have reached a high poundage with a max of 4 repetations .
    i avoided cardio b’coz of which nw my herat beat rate gets increased very soon .
    i am on fat loss now for which i have to make 20 reps on a lighter weight but i cant do dat bcoz of my increased heart rate .
    i even cant run on treadmill for more than one or one and half min.
    please help me mam with dis problem.

  204. Saurabh says

    Hello mam i am 17 year old and i am tensed by my day by day increasing weight my weight is 65kg and also gained weight on hips and thighs plz tell me wht to do to reduce this unwanted fat frm thighs and hips……

    • says

      Hi sourabh ,

      Ath this age exercise is very important , why dont you join a gym or go walking / jogging and follow the above given diet chart . This would definately help. try it for some time and let me know the resultls , we can planb further based on the result.

  205. Kartikey says

    Hi ma’am,
    I’m 28 yr old bachelor, with a height of 5’6″ and weight around 60 Kgs (have recovered from typhoid a month back during which i lost about 7 Kgs).
    I want to work on my internal as well as overall physical fitness and am thinking of hitting gym. But due to office hours, unavailability of a nearby gym i’m thinking of an alternative routine where i go for running in morning/evening for about 10-20 minutes.

    Please suggest if running (and home-cooked food) would help me in achieving what i seek.
    Also, if i need to follow some fixed diet.

    PS: i cook on my own.


    • says

      Hi Kartikey,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. Yes a jogging scedule for 20 mins will help you in acheiving your fitness goal. But before you start, remember the basic .. see the pre and post workout nutrition . and what out of the given option can you arrange.

      Before you run, Warm up and stretching , and after finishing the run, streching and cool down are of utmost importance.

      As far as a fixed diet chart for every day is concerned , i can help you if yoiu tell me your routine with timings and items you intake and that you can cook .

      • Kartikey says

        Hello ma’am,
        First of all thank you so much for your advise. I’m checking the two plans shared by you meanwhile as for the timings you have asked, they are as below:
        1. Wake up between 7:15-7:30 (at times i gets delayed too)
        2. B’fast between 8-8.30. Leave for office by 8.30
        3. Lunch between 1 and 2:00
        4. Reach home by 7.30
        5. Sleeping time varies from 11.30 to 2 AM

        For the food:
        1. B’fast consists of either poha/dalia/oats a day. I’m trying to make a habit of eating 4-5 almonds empty stomach (as advised by elders :)

        2. Lunch: 4 rotis, dry-sabji/daal
        3. Evening (once i reach home): a small bowl of laiyya+some peanuts
        4. Dinner: 3-4 chapatis, dry sabji/daal
        In between these meals there are about 4-5 cups of tea in a day.

        PS: i got a med-checkup recently and it said that my cholestrol level is on high level ~200 (another concern fr fitness) . Also i walk up/down my office as it is like 15 min from my home.

        Look forward to hear from you.


        • says

          Hi ,

          Your meal timings have a lot of gap .. need to correct that first .. give up on the tea :P too much !!! you can rather take up to drinking green tea .. it will help in satisfaying your tea requiremnet and at the same time help you in reducing weight and cholesterol .. so double effect. Please try following the charts on my site .. im sure they would help you great deal even in the first month … see if you can make it possible.

          • Kartikey says

            Dear Ma’am,
            I have been following a regime as per the pre-post workouts, running and the diet plan. But since 2 days i have been experiencing a lot of fatigue in the morning (9-11 AM) and afternoon (3-4 PM).
            Though i’m taking around 7 hours of sleep but i’m concerned if there is any issue.
            Please advise.


          • says

            Hi Kartikey,

            Are you taking the pre and post workout meals as instructed ? The morning fatigue may be due to less food intake, or no streching and cool down after your jogging session.

            I have a big time feeling that what you are eating for breakfast and lunch may be causing sluggishness of metabolism, due to which post these meals you feel dull , tired and fatigued .. please check on what are you eating for these meals. also take green teas, it will help you in refreshing your mood and physique. Please do not over workout , you are just out of typhoid ! body needs rests also. good you are completing the required sleep.

  206. vittal says

    good afternoon payal mam,
    mam i am 33 yr old my weight is 87 kg and height is 5’2″. i m suffering from lower back disc problem and due to that i am not able to do exercise even walk also. i am following your above diet chart but after that i am feeling energy less and tired every time. what to do please help me.

    • says

      Hi Vittal,

      If that is the case , you can eat fruits / murmura / veggies / salads and soup in any quantity whenever you feel hungry. You can also increase the quantity of food to some degree.. May i know from how long are you following this chart and how much weight have you lost since then …

      • vittal says

        thanks mam .
        i am following above diet plan approx last 40 days.lost only 2 kg.mam before disc problem i used to work out in gym at least 80 mins till last 1 year but my weight was stagnant, at that time i was not aware about above diet plan . earlier i think it may be due to thyroid but my thyroid was little above than normal and cholesterol is normal.due to excess of weight i am not attending any social function.

        • says

          Hi Vittal,

          To be able to lose 2 kgs in a month with no exercise at all is a good thing, specially when despite of all the efforts , your weight was stagnant earlier.

          Please dont compare your results with any one elses rate of weight loss, every persons body differs and hence the body response to exercise and diet also differs. Dont worry , slowly but steadily you can get there .. I want to know the level of your movement , can you take 20- 30 mins walk in a medium pace ? not very fast … do let me know. if yes then you can introduce 10- 15 mins walking sessions 3 times a day and lose more weight,

          • vittal says

            hello mam,
            mam now a days i am not able to stand for 10 min continuously,after that my back stressed. mam one thing more i am very much found of sweets but now a days i am controlling not to eat sweets, but sometime i am unable to control to eat sweets,mam please advise me what to do in that case.

          • says

            Hmm .. well vittal then diet is the only way out. You need to diet , keepp following this chart for some more time. for sweets you can brush your teeth when at home and you get the urge. This will kill your urge, Or eat a spoonful of sounf. Otherwise make churmura and gurr ka laddu / gurr and phutana dal chikki and eat a small piece when you feel like having sweet. have a piece and then take some sounf .

  207. REKHA says

    hello mam,
    I need yur sugg, I am 26 yr and my weight was 87 kg and i followed the diet plan and i lost upto 13 kg in 2 mnth now my weight is 74 kg and i still want to lose my weight of 5 kg. Can i continue with this diet or not plz…. sugg me.
    (I walk for 30 min and workout of1 1/2 hr in gym )

    • REKHA says

      good morning mam,
      I thank you very much for this wonderful diet plan.
      It is really good and effective…..
      Yes, i followed your diet plan and i lost 13 kg in 2 months now my weight is 74. But still i want to reduce 5 – 6 kg. Can i continue the same diet or require any other plan plz suggest me…….
      (can i add rice in my diet )

      • says

        Oh Wow rekha ..

        congratulations. I am so happy that you actually made use of the chart . and i could be of your hel[p .. Well .. ypou can try continuing it for another month .. yes you can add some rice in the lunch.

  208. samiksha wadhwa says

    hi,PAYAL..after going through your diet plan i want to ask a few questions …..Q 1. Can i take 3 idlis with mint chutney / regular poha with ground nuts /upma with g.nuts/sooji chilla i usually take these as besan causes acidity to me ?..Q2. i get my thyroid profile done every 3 months n i have always maintained it within range for last 17 years (i take 1 tab eltroxin 100 mg empty stomach ) but is it possible to still get symptopms like bloating before periods ,dry skin,feeling cold,n mild depression ?? Q3. i was advised by my doctor to take 1000 mg calcium along with eltroxin ..what is the best way to take calcium for max. absorption in the body ..although i take dahi n paneer do i still need tablets ??…please elaborate on my querries ..thanks a ton !!

    • says

      Hi Samiksha, Please find your answers below.

      1] 2 idlies with chutney / poha and upama without groundnut -3/4th soup bowl full.

      2] The symptoms that you have mentioned are common symptoms that even an healthy women would face just before menstruation cycle begins. This has little to do with thyroid. It just depends on how much your hormonal levels undergo changes, the sysmptoms are faced by all women with different intensity based on their own bodily reaction.

      3] Calcium / Iron supplements are best taken on empty stomach for absorptiuon .. but but and a but with capital B , when they are taken on empty stomach, they cause serious gases and constipation problem, hence i normally advice my clients to take it morning with a fruit or light breakfast along with lemon. Lemon provides an acidic medium that is required for better absorption

      Actually take the tablets for 3 months and finish the course, it is better copz otherwise only with diet you would need a lot of time , after 3 months you continue eating calcium sources in your diet and get a higher calcium store.

  209. shobha says

    Hi Payal,
    I need to lose 30kgs. Am 46 and have pain in the knees and ankles due to excess weight. Have been advised by my orthopedic doc not to walk too much as my knees are not able to take the weight. I also suffer from high Blood pressure. Am a non vegetarian. Can you please help me??

    • says

      Hi shobhaji ,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp . You can first diet for 2-3 months, this will help you in losing around 7-8 kgs of weight and then im sure you will have a lot of relief in your knee and ankle pain, after which you can take up walking at medium pace along with diet and lose further weight. You can either follow the above given diet chart, or buy our personalized service to get a personalized diet plan. Even i you follow the above given diet chart, i ll be here to hlp you with wat ever problem you face while following it.

  210. Samaira says

    Hi Payal,

    I am 25 yrs old, 58 kgs and my ht is 5’3. I want to reduce 6-8 kgs in a month.
    I exercise regularly for an hour. Basically I do Zumba everyday. This burns upto 600 zalories in one hour.
    Can you please suggest a diet plan along with this.

    Thanks a ton,

    • says

      Hi Samaira,

      According to me you are already in your ideal weight range. although coming to 55 would be enough to be in a healthy weight range. You can definately follow the diet plan mentioned above. It would help you in many ways.

  211. Lipan says

    hi payal mam
    i need ur advice .i am 24yr and my weight i want to lose my weight in between 60 to 70kg plesse maam sugest me what to do?

    • says

      Hi Lipan , thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You need to exercise for 45 mins everyday .. becaause your goal is big, donbt join gym immediately . start with walking and jogging and save gym intense workout for later … 1-2 months from now. this will help in losing weight at a continuous rate. you can follow the 1200 calorie diet charts that we have on Dietburrp based on your cuisine. fllow it for a monh and do share the results with me, i will then advice you with further changes ..

  212. Adnan says

    Hi Payal,

    First of all, Thanks a lot for all your motivations thoughts and write up. Really helps an individual to stay healthy and fit.

    Its been long now i am trying to go on diet for sure. Its although tough but i think you can help me as i work in Night shifts (Evening 6:30 pm to morning 4:00 am)

    Please suggest a diet plan for me as per my schedule. With a superb diet plan i can start my Cardio workouts at Gym (i can manage gym time by 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm)

    My Current Weight – 123 kg
    Height – 6.1
    Age- 27 years

    • says

      Hi adnan ,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. Actually i must thank you for motivating me ;) .. making a diet plan specially for the night shift workers is long due on my list .. and now that you have asked me ,.. ill try to post a diet chart for you and other people with a similar work scedule as yours at the earliest. keep reading at dietburrp , or subscribe to our rss feed to know about the diet plan that i will post. till then try to give up on all unhealthy habbits .. if you smoke .. you need to cut down on that as weell . and try to eat clean whenever you dine… and ill son be ready with your diet plan !!

      • Adnan says

        Thanks for considering my request :)

        Cannot resist with this Junk body more now.

        Waiting.. waiting for the Diet plan now.

        PS: I do not drink nor do i smoke :)

  213. nithya says

    Hello payal,
    need your kind advice.
    I am 32, mother of 2 kids (4 and 2 years). I am 5’4 and 69 kg. I would like to come down to 60 kgs by April.
    for the past one month I am following this on weekdays
    early morn – warm water plus lemon juice
    bfast – oats cooked in 2% milk or granola bar
    mid morn – v8 vegetable juice
    lunch – whole wheat bread or roti with vegetables
    evening – 1 cup but coffee
    dinner – sometimes veg. Rice or pasta or puma

    on weekends
    brunch _ rice with chicken or biryani
    dinner – roti with veg curry

    let me know the issues with this diet . I am not shedding much weight . Help is most appreciated .
    I walk for 1 1/2 to 2 miles 5 days a week

    • says

      Hi Nitya,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. Actually , you are already following this chart from a month you said … and the body is anywaz used to this pattern now .. no use correcting it as you would not lose weight with this anymore . You need something more brisk of a diet to be able to jerk start weight loss. There are times that no matter how healthy you eat, you dont shed weight coz the BMR is stablized and the body is used to the pattern .. I feel change your routine completely. you can try following the 1200 calorie diet chart on Dietburrp, Select it asper your cuisine.

      you need to add foods to increase metabolic rate . I didnt find any such food in your routine. Walking should be for 45 mins to be precise. read this article to know why . –

  214. Anu says

    I’m 25 year old lived in thiruchy, Tamilnadu. My weight is 86 kg and having thyroid (hypothyroid) problem… I’m taking treatment now but no changes that too having irregular periods also. Please give me best diet plan to reduce my over weight soon.. I tried gym exercises and yoga exercises now

  215. Sheela says

    Madam, I am 44 yrs old, 5 3″ and weigh 65 kgs living in Calicut, Kerala.. As I am employed, I donot do any exercise. Kindly advice a diet plan.

  216. geetanjali says

    Hi Payal,
    I have gained 13 kgs approx. in 1 year. During the last year I had dengue for which I was on saline for 1 week and moreover I have Lower Slip Disc problem, for which I was advised by Doctor to take rest for 6 months and not to walk much. As a consequence of all this I am 65 kgs now .My height is 5.2′ and age is 29 years. Idesperately want to loose those extra 13 kgs and want to get back to my 52 kgs of weight. Please suggest.

    • says

      Hi Geetanjali ,

      Sorry i dunno how i missed on replying back to you. H ow is your slip disc problem now ? are you allowed to do regular walking ?? i f yes , then in a medium pace you need to walk for 30 mins 2 times a day . and you can also follow the above given diet chart. Your weight gain was due to less movement becoz of medical condition. It can be corrected with regular diet.

  217. Asif says

    Hi ma’am

    Is chicken is fyn in my diet if I want to loss fat ? Which one is better boiled or grilled ? Though I don’t use oil wen I grill it thanks

  218. Vijay says

    Dear Madam;
    I am Vijay, 27yrs old, my height is 5’10″, and weight is 86, i want to loose the weight, i do excise but i am not consistent. i am from maharashtra, which of the above mentions plan i can follow or can i follow 2 or 3 plans alternatively??
    Please Help

    • says

      Hi Vijay,

      Thank you for reading at DietBurrp. all these charts provide 1200 calories.. only cuisine is diffirent, otherwise they would all have a similar effect. you can try the 1200 calorie maharashtrian plan for weight loss. or any other which looks appealing and doable to you.

  219. Varsha says

    Hi Payal,

    I am Varsha and I am 23yrs old and I weigh around 60 kgs, My height 5ft 3inch I need to loose around 10kgs. can you suggest me a good south Indian diet plan to loose my weight in 3 months.

  220. ashna says

    dear mam i feel not good tights is very fatty, hand also…what should i do mam mam my height is 5 inches and weight is 55 kg feel so bad mam

    • says

      Hi Ashna,

      Dont feel bad about your body, rather works towards correcting the flaws. You are not very overweight. you can easily lose weight with a little bit of diet and exercise. you can start with 45 mins of exercise along with above given diet chart.

  221. naina says

    Hi..i m 21yrs old. I have lost 12kg in 5months and now i want to loose 10kg more. But from last 2months i have stopped loosing weight. I do gyming foe 60min. But still it is not working. I am doing dieting too. Plez suggest me how to deal with it. It is becoming frustrating now.

  222. madiha says

    Thanx 4 da reply mam plz guide me which exercise gud 4 me in this month pllzzzz
    As i cant go to gym bcoz of my little baby

    • says

      Hi Madiha,

      You can take up 45 mins work out session at home itself. spend thee first 30 mins doing yoga, and each body part work out , hand rotation, neck exercises, leg exercises, flooer exercises, and the last 15 mins do dancing if you like or do on the spot jogging. How old is your baby ? if less than 1 year , then avoid jumping, if not you can also include cross jumps .

  223. madiha says

    Hi payal i m madiha my height is 5’3 and weight is 70kg i m 24 plzzzz help me i want to lose 70kgs also want to tight lose skin of lowr abdominal plzz help me em worried

  224. Asif says

    Hello maam

    I m 23 years old 6’2 feet tall my weight is 95 I want to loose at least 12 to 15 kgs in 2 months. Is that possible? I have just joined gyms its been week. Please suggest me right diet plan . Thanks

    • says

      Hi Asif,

      H appy to see your enthusiasm to achieve your health goal. But 2 monts is a very small time and it would be unhealthy to aim to lose so much in a month. Rather aim to lose these 12- 15 kgs in 3 months time and the health factor would be intact.Yoy gyming, which is good .. read this article to utilize your time a gym better to lose more and more fat you can follow the above given diet plan, with a health drink added before and after your workout. Fat burners are ok .. but I recommend you to use it after a month. 1 st month of diet and exercise anywaz bring good results in people who just began with their weight loss journey. :P

  225. madiha says

    Hello mam my height is 5 feet 3inches and weight is 70kg
    I want to lose 10kgs plz help me give me some diet chart n also want to tight my loze skin on lower abdominal plllllzzzzzz help me

    • says

      Hi Madiha,

      Thank you for reading at DietBurrp. Exercise is the best way to tone up your lose body. dont go for massages and other such hypoed treatments. exercise is the best way out and a permanent solution. the diet chart mentioned above should help you to start with, and after a month you would need to change the diet chart and exercise patter to achieve further weight loss. but you can definately try the above given chart. all the best !!

  226. Sukh says

    Hello Payal

    My name is Sukh and I am 34 years old. My height is 5ft 4inch and I weigh 60 kgs. Would you be able to suggest what is ideal weight for my height and can I follow North Indian Diet Plan as given by you. Thank you.

    • says

      ideally your weight should be (height in cms- 100) .. we further substract 4 kgs to have a safer side weight. you are in your idea weight. Yes you can follow that chart . It might help you to shed a kg or 2 of fat !

      • Sukh says

        Hello Payal

        Thank you for your reply. I will follow this diet chart but I guess the ideal weight is missed in your reply. Could you please advice again what should be my ideal weight: age is 34 and height 5ft4inches.

        Many thanks

        • says

          Hi Sukh,

          Sorry i missed out on this one … you can calculate your ideal weight by using a simple formula . Height in cms – 100 (-5 kgs to know the range) . so yours would be 164 cms – 100 = 64. your ideal weight range is 60 – 64 kgs.

          • Sukh says

            Thank you so much Payal. I would still love to follow above chart just to shed couple of kgs more . Surely would let you know the results.
            Thank you so much.

  227. Priyanka says

    Hey payal,
    My name is priyanka. My age is 32, height 5’4″ and weight is 74 kgs. I want to reduce 10 kgs of weight in 3 months. My diet usually consists of-
    Early morning- 2 glasses of methi water and one kali mirch on empty stomach
    1 cup of tea with sugar after 1 hour
    Breakfast-1 bowl of vegetable oats/daliya/1 salad sandwitch and 2 soaked almonds
    Lunch- I bowl of arhar daal, 2 phulka without ghee/1 bowl of rice, 1 small bowl of seasonal vegetable, 1 quarter plate of salad and 1 small bowl of plain curd
    Evening- 1 cup tea with sugar and 1 mcvities digestive biscuit
    Dinner- 2 bowls of arhar daal soup

    Please suggest a day by day diet plan for effective weight loss. Also, I cannot step out of the house for excersise as I have 2 small kids to look after at home.

    Thank you in advance,

    • says

      Hi priyanka,

      what you are following is already a low calorie diet, since when are you following it ? and how much weight have you lost using this diet ? according i can suggest you changes

      • Priyanka says

        Hello payal,
        Thanks for d revert.I have been using this diet for months now with no or very little weight loss. I only lose it on weekends or when traveling. Is their anything that I can do to lose weight. I gained 10 kgs in 5 years.

        • says

          Hey priyanka ,

          I feel if you change your routine completely and shock your body with a new diet .. follow a single grain diet pattern or high protein high fiber and low carb diet method … and exercises exercise and exercise for a month … that should work.

          • Priyanka says

            Hello payal
            It is great to see that you genuinely and quickly reply people. This is the reason I am writing to a dietician for the first time. Thank you once again. You said- “follow a single grain diet pattern or high protein high fiber and low carb diet method”. What kind of foods will fall into this category. Can you please suggest any kind of diet plan according to aforesaid diet method? It will be highly appreciated. Also, does methi water and kali mirch do help in weight loss?

          • says

            Thank you for the compliment. and it is my pleasure that i get to help you all. About the diet pattern, i am writting an article on both these types of diet, so that all my reader could benefit from this. Keep reading at dietburrp and you would soon find these diet charts posted on website.

            About methi water and kali mirch … frankly there are a lot of other stuff which are even more beneficial than these 2. methi water will have a hypoglycemic effect. a better way is to soak methi seeds in water , and take the seeds along with water every morning. besides this you can include green teas , Soaked almonds , flax seeds , egg whites , red cabbage, all these foods will help in raising metabolism and losing weight.

  228. Kriti says

    Hello ma’am
    I’m 22 and I’m a pear shaped. my weight is 90kgs.. Suggest me something so that I’m able maintain myself in two three months.

    • says

      Hi Kriti,

      Thank you for reading ata DietBurrp. You can try following the above given diet plan. also , looking at your age you would definately need to exercise along with the diet so that you can lose weight effectively and quickly. Lower body fat can be lost with simple exercises like walking and jogging too. All the best !

  229. AMIT MISHRA says

    Hi Payal ,
    Please accept my sincere thanks for sharing and addressing our problems with such a fast and prompt replies. My age is 31 and height is 5Ft 8inch.My weight is 101Kg and practically i am not facing any severe problem but on a general routine checkup, my ultrasound report diagnosed enlarged fatty liver Grade III. Hence Doctor have suggested me to reduce weight and stop eating oil and fried foods. Thus it is my request that if possible please suggest me a diet chart for reducing the weight and healing of liver.
    Waiting for your reply as I am scared of this report.
    Amit Mishra & Family

    • says

      Hi Amit,

      Thank you for reading at DietBurrp. And thank you for compliment. Grade 3 fatty liver is a problem that should be corrected at the earliest, or else you would soon start noticing a lot of physical issues. Yes the doctor is right, you need to avoid anything that has oil , alcohol intake if any . and all foods with invisible fats. For weight loss i think the above given plan also should work well for a month along with a walking schedule of 45 mins. and your weight loss rate also would be great if you sincerely follow the plan. losing 5-6 kgs also will halp you great deal in getting the liverto function properly. Liver being the metabolic machine, it should be taken care of or it would lead to multiple health issue. so please start at the earliest. in case if you face any issue while following the plan , let me know and ill be happy to help .

      • AMIT MISHRA says

        HI PAYAL,

        Thanks for your timely reply. In addition to my problem , yesterday(God, On world diabetes day) I was diagnosed with Diabetes with Max Sugar level 341. Doctor has started medicine for the same asked to go for walk for 1 hour. Thus, now it is my kind request that if possible please let me know the diet chart while considering my diabetic condition as well.
        Second part is in lunch cant we go for chapaties rather than khichri .Or suggest me some other alternatives. And please confirm can I eat brown rice?
        Looking forward for your reply.

        Best Regards
        Amit Mishra

        • says

          Hi Amit,

          Please dont worry and dont get stressed, this is the beginning and if you are regular with diet, medication and exercise, you can still leave it behind. Yes walking is necessary . walking pattern should be like this –

          10 -15 mins after all three major meals. ( this will help in bringing down the post prandial sugar level)

          I want to know if your fasting sugar is also high. if fasting sugar is high, morning walk will not help. rather you need to walk later in the evening or at night to reduce it. otherwise a regular 30- 45 mins morning walk will help.

          - here is a diabetic plan for you. .. follow it for a week get your sugar levels checked and let me know … because it is the bveginning, you need to check your sugar levels evry week to know if the medicine, exerciuse and diet plan are suiting you .and sugar is decreasing.

  230. Huma Shah says

    Hi Payal,

    How are you? Thanks for replying individually.
    I am 31 yrs. old. My weight is 65 kg. and my height is 5″3. I want to reduce my weight atleast 6-7 kg. I have a sitting job throughout the day. I think that’s the main cause of increasing weight. Normally I do a little bit exercise, and try to take a controlled diet. Please suggest the above diet plan will be helpful for me? The major problem with me is that whenever I eat wheat chapatis, I gain weight very quickly, I normally takes 2 chapatis in lunch and one chapati in dinner. Please advice what should I replace with chapatis, as I am really fond of chapatis. My weight for the last 2 years was almost 62 kgs. but for the last couple of weeks, I put on weight very quickly.


    • says

      Hi Huma,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. It may be because of your work. Yes the above given diet plan should work fine with your for a month, after which ofcourse you would need toc change either diet or exercise pattern. 45 MINS WALKING AND THE ABOVE GIVEN CHART SHOULD HELP YOU CUT 2- 3 KGS OF WEIGHT IN A MONTH. Because you recently gained weight, working right away towards it will be more helpful and easy. so dont wait.

      You can replace wheat rotis, with jowar / bajra roti, daliya, oats, brown rice.

      • Huma Shah says

        Thank you so much Payal Mamm…….for your reply and valuable advice…I ‘ll follow the above diet plan alonwith your instructions.


        Huma Shah

  231. sUMAN says

    Hi Payal,

    I’m Suman age 35 yrs. height 5.2″ and weight 67 kg

    I’m badly in need to burn my belly fat within 2 months (40″ now chest 38″). Please help me as i have to fit in my dream dress on a marriage and suggest some diet (I’m fond of chpatis but i can resist). I also go to gym and do treadmill for 20 mins at 6.5.

    weighting for your early reply

  232. Parul says

    Hi Payal,
    Read ur blog, really helpful in staying healthy provided we follow it seriously.. Am 5 feet 1 inch and i weigh 69 kg..Have joined gym one week ago,where i was told i have a very low metabolism rate .i do cardio 30-40 mins 5 days a week.Can u please tell me how can i reduce my weight so that it doesnt come back again..I tried GM diet plan also but after completing the same i lost one kg but the very next week i had put on 2:( and what is the ideal weight one should loose in a month?Please suggest me a diet plan to shed those extra kilos? if u suggest the same diet plan mentioned by you above how long should i continue the same and why is it suggested to change the diet plan after some time??

    • says

      Hi Parul,

      Thank you for reading at DietBurrp. Dieting at extreme levels is not healthy and the weight usually comes back , coz all you lose in crash dieting is the water weight. that is one reason we ask people to not get attracted to suxh diets.

      Ideally in a month you should aim to lose 2-3 kgs. this kind of weight loss will be healthy and kind of permanent. this weight will not return back unless you completely go bonkers with your diet.

      I am right away writing an article on how to increase metabolic rate, it would be useful for you and other readers too. please do come back today later or tomorrow to have a read at it.

      Any diet plan / exercise plans works for weight loss for around 20 – 25 days. after which the body adapts that routine as life and hence further weight loss is not seen, or the pace of weight loss comes down. thats why the best way to reduce weight at a good pace is by changing the patterns every 20 – 25 days , and not allowing body to get used to any routine, thus the body tends to lose weight in the struggle of getting adjusted to the routine.
      All the best :)

      • parul says

        I really Thank you for providing the requested information and am too glad u paid attention to my queries and replied promptly.
        Heartfelt thanks again,

  233. roohi says

    Payal ma’am

    1st of all, thank you so much for actually replying to everyone !!
    your blogs are truly helpful

    i am 21 yrs old, 5ft 3″ 58 kgs. i ‘d like to reach 52 kgs.
    right now i eat a good breakfast (porridge/ upma/roti sabzi) + tea with milk
    lunch: salads (1 bowl) + orange
    evening :1 banana + green tea+ 1 glass milk
    dinner : 1 roti + sabzi+ salad

    i sanck on about 3-4 dates , almonds5-6 , raisins handful
    i also exercie : 10 minutes of yoga+ 10 min stairs

    do you suggest any changes.
    how do i maintain my weight, once i attain it ?

    • says

      Hi Roohi,
      :) Dietburrp is a platform for health enthusiast like you who want to acheive a healthy body and lose weight, but need guidance. I try my best to be able to contribute whatever i can to help you all .

      You need to change your exercise . you must exercise for atleast 45 mins to be able to lose weight. you are already in the ideal weight range, so without exercise, only with diet you would not be successful no matter how strict of a diet plan you follow.

      You need to switch your dinner and lunch . have what you are having for dinner in lunch ands vice versa. add soups to your dinner. without liquids it is hard to digest all the raw fruits and veggies that you are eating. have 2-3 cups of green tea.add buttermilk too. follow it for a month than you need to change the pattern . All the best :)

    • says

      hey sowmya,

      Thanks for reading at dietburrp. you can replace wheat chapatis with bajara chapati, nd oats and daliya with soft cooked vegetable khichadi. give up on idli and dhokla. instead have mung dal chilla .

  234. natasha says

    Hey Payal
    This is Natasha my height is 5.2and now my weight is 70 kg as I have delivered a baby on 15sept before pregnancy I was 62 kg.please suggest me a diet with which I can reduce my weight

    • says

      Hey Natasha,

      Thanks for reading at dietburrp . I understand your curiosity to lose weight. But frankly you should wait till your baby becomes 5-6 months old before you go on a diet. You must be lactating right now, and whatever you eat is directly proportional to your baby’s health. so dont compromise on your baby’s health , you sure can lose weight right now by slowly coming to your routine and next month onwards you can start 30 mins walks in slow to medium pace, and this shall help you without any diet, as women tend to lose weight during lactation due to the hormones released.

      for later on, you can read this article to get an insight of what is to be done and how . –

      All the best . once you cross the time frame , do write back and i shall help you :)

      • Natasha says

        Thanks for the reply. Please let me know is there any vegetable or fruit which I should not eat as I am feeding my baby. since I have delivered I an drinking boiled water of carom(ajwain), sonf,Black Cardamom and tulsi please tell me the benefit of this and how long should I keep drinking this water.and also tell me what can I take to increase milk. I am taking lactonic in milk thrice in day.i also have thyroid as well.

        • says

          Hi Natasha,

          The carom water is very beneficial post delivery. it helps in better digestion and thus even the baby can be saved from digestive problem, loose motion, gas formation nd the unreasonable crying. This would also help you in clearing off all the blood clots from the uterus. and in a way help you in losing weight too. you can continue to drink it till you complete 3 months, many women continue to drink this water till 5th month. the decision is yours. see how it suits you.

          To increase milk secretion ,
          - have 2 tsp of sounf powder + mishri every time you drink milk.
          - take palak ka roti both the times with orange (masoor dal) and mung dal mixed.
          - carrots are very beneficial while you are lactating. But they are gas forming so have it cooked.
          - Tke gum ka ladoo with dryfruits , old formula but most effective.

          • Natasha says

            Thanks payal
            Someone told me I should not eat cabbages,cauliflower potatoes as they are cold and will harm baby is it right.
            And my daily routine is like this
            Breakfast. @10.30am-oat +two slice of bread with cheese +1cup milk
            Lunch@3.00pm-3 roti+veg/dal+curd
            evening at 6.30pm-milk+4-5biscuits
            Dinner at 10.30pm-3roti+veg/dal+curd
            Late night 12.00am milk
            Plz let me know whether this is fine or not my timings are so bad b’coz my baby is in Nicu (hospital)as he is perterm I delivered him in 28 week.

          • says

            Oh !! I wish both you your baby good health. Yes cabbage and cauliflower are both gas forming and there are bright chances that a small baby on mother feed will react to these foods. I understand your timings are haywire right now. but you need to correct your eating pattern. as suggested above have vegetable daliya / oats upama with milk in breakfast. avaoid breads. For lunch and dinner have palak / methi ka roti, with lost of palak or methi. have a green subji like turai, bottlegourd, parvel and have orange dal with these. Take milk atleast 3 times and take sounf powder mentioned in my earlier comment.. both of you need extra care right now.

  235. Amruta says

    Hi Payal,

    My name is Amruta and i am 27 years old, my height is 5″6 and weight is 69kgs. Also i have hypo thyroid. Though i am not really over weight but still would like to reduece weight.
    Been an IT professional i am finding it difficult to excercise. However 5 times a week i ensure that i do cadio and gym.
    Request you to suggest any diet plan which would help me to reduce 5-6 kgs.
    Also please let me know if it is difficult to reduce weight for people having thyroid.


    • says

      Hi Amruta,

      I t is difficult but not impossible to lose weight with thyroid. read this article to find some tips . It has every info you need about weight loss –

      5 times in a week of cardio is good enough for you. I dont think you need to add more , just do it religiously. and add some weight routine too on alternate days.

      You can follow any of the 1200 calorie diet plan we have on our website based on your cuisine. All the best :)

  236. Anshul Sharma says

    Hi Payal,

    I am 28 yrs old with 88 kgs weight and height is 5’11″. I go to gym 5 days a week including running, cycling and other light weightlifting trainings.
    In breakfast I have corn flakes and 250 ml of milk along with almonds and boiled chaney.
    1 hr before lunch I take a glass mausmi or orange juice.
    In lunch 3 chapatis with dal or some other vegetable.
    In evening a take a cup of tea with some buiscuits n at times bhuney hue chaney.
    In night i have my dinner by 8 that consists of 2 chapatis with either dal or vegetable.
    Post dinner i have one fruit and in night one glass of milk attimes.

    Now I am planning to follow the above diet plan bt since I have now included weight lifting in my schedule can you assist me with veg protein items as I am not in favour of taking artificial protein or any other kind of supplement.

    Thanks in advance.

    Anshul Sharma

    • says

      Hi Anshul,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. Yes you can follow the above given chart. and i am super confident that with the exercises you have mentioned and this kind of diet routine, you would lose great deal of weight. :) so get started.

      what time do you go to gym ? add pre and post workout meals to the above plan.

      pre work out meals , check this – it has a lot of options and combinations .

      Post workout meal – a milkshake , fruit smoothie , fruit juice , coconut water are god options
      Vegetarian sources of Protein includes
      - soyabeans , roasted or any aother form like nuggets , beans, milk, tofu
      - Milk , curd , lassi , yougurt, paneer, skimmed milk powder
      - Dry fruits , nuts and seeds like almonds , walnuts, flax seeds , groundnuts,
      - lal chana , kala chana, rajma, chole, beans and other legumes.

      TO increase the protein intake , best way is to incorporate 5-8 tsps of skimmed milk powder in your schedule, with milk , vegetable gravies , dough etc .

  237. Shweta says

    Hi,before 1 yr i used to weigh 58 kgs but now i weigh 72 kgs,i tried but weight keeps on increasing,i work and have very less activity in height is 5 feet 2 inches and i am 24 years,i hv not been able to get a good diet plan yet,please help

    • says

      Hi Shweta,

      At your age, exercise and diert in combination works well to help you lose weight. you can use the above given diet plan for weight loss or buy a personalized diet consultation from us to have a custom made diet chart for weight loss. walking for 45 mins or any other form of workout will help you further. it is basically inactivity that leads to weight gain. so treat that and you ould come down to your original weight.

      • Shweta says

        Hi Payal,
        thanxx for ur quick response…i would try to stick to diet chart of urs for a month,actually i want lot of variety in my diet plan,cant keep on having same thing everyday,its very boring,in winters what are the best food which sould be taken which complement weight loss and make u warm also,,,?after 1 month i will go for your customized chart,please send me details of that too..,,,shweta

        • says

          Hi shweta,

          yes variety is must to make you enjoy food and health while you are on your weight loss journey. It also keeps you motivated. Best foods in winter for weight loss are vegetable soups. they are warm , taste lovely and help in weight loss. include varieties of vegetable based soups without cream. broken wheat daliya, oats and fruits like papaya are other options.

          whenever you wish to take the customized plan, which ofcourse has a lot of variety, you can write to me at and ill send over the details :) all the best !

  238. seema says

    I am 33 years old,my weight is 74 kg and height 5.4′ i am working my routine is so busy i.e why i am unable to do exercise .i want to reduce 10 kg weight plz suggest me best diet plan to reduce the weight as there is a marriage of my sister in january

    • says

      Hi Seema,

      Actually you can try following the above given diet chart. but it will better if you can take out 30 – 45 mins for walking / jogging. actually this is the rite age for losing weight. 2 years from now, your hormones would start undergoing changes and weight loss will become even more difficult for you. hence no matter how busy you are , but you must plan to utilise these 2 years properly for your health in order to remain fit for the rest of your life.

      so now you can try following the above given chartfor 2-3 weeks and see the reults and then change the diet plan to something even stricter to be able to lose evenn further. you can also buy a customized diet chart for yourself from us . if intersted you could mail me and ill send over the details to you.

  239. Farzana says

    Hey Payal
    I am 24 yrs old. My height is 5 2′ and weight is 59 kgs. According to my height I shud be around 56 kgs. I am working as a teacher, not having a complete sedentary lifestyle, but yes quite relaxed. I was always around 52-54 kgs before, but in the last few months all of a sudden I gained wait without even knowing. So I want to shed around 5-8 kgs.. And be around 50 kgs if possible. And I also want to get rid of the extra fats on my tummy,and thighs. I am afraid to jiin a gym bcz once I leave working out at gym I may drastically put on weight again (thats what ppl told me). So, I wanted to know if I simply walk for 30 mins -1hr everyday and follow the following diet can I achieve my goal (i.e, losing about 5-8 kgs, and get a flat tummy and reduce those extra thigh fats) in 1-2 months ??
    The diet is:

    Morning breakfast: 2 white atta rotis wid egg omelate.

    Mid day (around 12pm): 2 biscuits

    lunch (at 3pm) : 1 handfull (3 tablespoon) of rice wid fish/veggies and dal

    snack (at 7pm): tea/coffee 1 Cup.

    Dinner (9:00 pm): 2 rotis with 1 piece chicken.

    Plz suggest me if any changes r required in the plan. And suggest me smthing to reduce stomach and thigh fat too. Thank u soo much. Looking forward to you reply :)

    • says

      Hi Farzaana,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. dont worry you would be able to get your target soon if you stick to the routine given. yes walking for first 30 mins and then 15 mins jogging / running / brisk walking will help you lose weight. the diet you mentioned is also ok. but you need to add some fruits and salad. your diet lacks fiber and that can be a reason of sudden weight gain.

      Also increase liquid intake. in terms of warm water and lemon, buttermilk, coconut water , green tea and you would see some magical changes in body !! all the best !

      • Farzana says

        Thank you soo much for your reply Payal. I will definitely consider your suggestions. Your words have brought back the confidence in me to lose weight.. Thanx a lot! :)

  240. Apeksha Surana says

    Hie Mam I am 25 yrs female and have a weight of 85 kgs . My height is 5 feet. I am supposed to lose a minimum of 35 kgs kindly suggest me how to do it. I am a vegetarian bt can have eggs. I can exercise also as I am free nowadays.

    • says

      Hi apeksha,

      Thank you for reading at dietburrp. you should try following the above given diet chart in combination of a 45 min exercise / workout routine. try following this and let me know if you face any problem, i will try to help you with that.

      • Apeksha Surana says

        Thank you so much madam. I donot drink tea can I drink coffee instead of it and at times can I take dal instead of mix veg if yes which dals.

        • says

          Hi apeksha,

          All dals are fine, but mun g dal is easily digestible so wouldnt overload your system while you eat raw salads too .. so go for mung dal , it is absolutely ok to have dals.

          yes you can have coffee. or even best take herbal tea or green tea .. they help you great deal to keep metabolism raised and thus facilitate in weight loss.

          • Apeksha Surana says

            mam cn i take bournvita in skimmed milk or choc powder cz i vomit if i drink plain milk. n cn u tell me the recipe for brown bread upma n in the evening are there any options besides the wheat rusks

          • says

            Hey apeksha, i am posting brown bread upama receipe first thing in the morning tomrrow, so you can check our recipe section later in the day tomorrow. yes you can add bournvita or any flavor you wish to your skimmed milk. in evening you can have 2 rusks, or 1 khakra, or 2 marie/cream craker biscuits/ handful of roasted channa, or 1 katorie steamed corn.

  241. Priya says

    Hi Payal,
    My weight is 65kgs and my height is 5.2″. I am 37yrs old and I have two kids. I am really trying hard to loose weight but nothing is happening. I have started having constipation also. Please suggest some diet plan for me.

    • says

      Hi priya,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. you can try the above given diet chart to lose weight. for constipation try having carrot + beetroot + any other available fruit’s juice on a regular basis. increasing your liquid and fiber intake will also help in releaving constipation.

  242. karan sachdeva says

    Hello maam. Im karan . My height is 5’7 and I weigh 127kg. Im 16 years old. Please suggest me with a good diet that will help me loose weight. I love non veg.

    • says

      Hi karan, Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. You can try following the above given diet chart. but as your goal is big, you need to couple it with some sort of exercise. you can start with walking / jogging for first 2 months. and then 3 months onwards you can join gym. I assure you that if you follow this chart religiously and stick to exercisees, you would be able to come within 100 kgs very soon. in case if you face any problem during your diet schedule , do write back and i would be happy to help you. :) keep reading at dietburrp. all the best !

  243. dolly says

    hi payal

    I am 27, weigh 62 kgs and 5.4, is this an ideal weight or do i need to lose to more as my weight is stuck on 62 for a long time and i am not losing even after doing 75 mins of yoga and some excercises in the evening. Please suggest……

    • says

      Hi Divya,

      Yes you are in your right weight range , losing a kg or 2 will make you fitter though. you need to change your patter of exercise and timings too . yoga has helped you so for, but its not helping you in further increasing your BMR. shock your body by participating in faster activities like cycling / swimming if not these then do jogging / running , and you would see the results in a few days. :) All the best . keep reading at dietburrp.

      • dolly says

        thanks for ur advice payal i want to know one more thing i m at child rrearing stage so i m afraid that i may gain weight so do u think that above plan will work or do i need to for excercises..


  244. akanksha tiwari says

    hi payal,
    please help follwoing a healthy life style for the past 2 years..
    im fit but still my wieght is 64 kgs..recentlyi came to know im suffering from height is 5.2 and age is 25 years..
    i work out 6 days a week in the gym ..that too a very heavy workout. also because i want to lose weight quickly for an upcoming family function i started a 45 mints running schedule too..i dont eat junk food or late at night or any food that is unhealthy.
    still my wieght is stuck but i have been fitter and less flabby than i used to be..
    please help me ..i have tried everything
    suggest something

    • says

      Hi Akansha , don’t be upset. you need to understand that your problem is a little different from the rest of the world. your weight is not because of ignorance and sedentary lifestyle. but its hormones. and you are doing your bit to be active and lose weight. believe me hard work never goes wasted. as you said you are losing in inches, it is good sign, at least your body is responding in some way. may be your muscle composition is more than the body fat . hence this is happening. it is a good sign.. please read this post to take a few tips about thyroid and weight loss –

      also taking warm water and lemon in the morning and 2-3 times more through out the day has helped many of clients with hypo thyroid to decrease their medication and get thyroid to function normally. I THINK YOU TOO SHOULD TRY FOR SAME.

      experiment with your diet and exercise, same schedule will make your body get used to it and then the BMR get s constant. for losing weight with thyroid, you should be trying thing that would ultimately help you in increasing your BMR. weight loss will automatically happen, though the rate would be slower, but you would definitely get the results.

  245. Indu Sengupta says

    Hi Payal,
    Im from Mumbai. Im 5″1inch and weigh 57 kgs. I would like to lose 5 kgs. Can you suggest me a diet plan where i can lose 5 kgs. in a month or two ? Im not a gym goer. I eat non-veg and south indian dishes too. Request you to suggest me a good diet plan where i can reduce 5 kgs. and then maintain myself after that. Thanx a lot. God bless.

    • says

      Hi Indu,

      Thank you for reading at DietBurrp. You need to lose excatly 5 kgs to be in your ideal weight according to your height. you can try the above given diet plan for weight loss. and with this please try to walk for 40 – 45 mins daily. as these are the last few kgs, it might be a little tough to lose this weight with only diet. exercise and diet work better in combination, specially for those last few kgs. it might take 2 months to come to your ideal weight . after which ill help you with a maintenance diet plan. but for now , you must first follow the above given chart for 2-3 weeks and see the results. then you will have to change the plan further for next month to continue losing weight and reach your goal. so why wait, start with this plan today and in case if you face any difficulties foillowing the plan let me know and i shall try to help you with it. :) all the best. keep reading at Dietburrp.

  246. saadiaifzal says

    hello PYAL my problem is NES night eating syndrome I am 5.4 in height and my age is 36 years I am married woman with 4 kids my weight is 78 kg ,my weight is increasing day by day rapidly plz do something suggest something how to overcome my wt

    • says

      Hi Saadia,

      Thanks for reading at Dietburrp. are you exercising ? if not then you definitely need to start with walking or any other form of exercise that suits you. as far as diet chart is concerned , you can try following the above given chart. but for your night time eating, there are a few tips you could follow

      - brush your teeth when you finish up your work and feel you are ready to go to bed.
      - if you have early dinner, delay the timing or add a glass of milk before bed time.
      - munch on sounf / elaichi when you feel the craving
      - get rid of all the junk food at home, lock it away and give the keys to your husband !
      - keep fruits and salad veggies like carrot / cucumber / tomatoes handy .. and if you feel hungry , munch on these.
      - try to give away all your tention, people who are stressed tend to be emotional eaters and crave for food even when they are not hungry.
      - depression and mental stress can also lead to these problems. so the only cure is to get rid of anything thats bothering you. and attain mental piece and every thing will fall in place
      - get your blood sugar checked .

      i hope these tips helps you in recovering from your problems. active lifestyle with exercise / yoga / meditation and a healthy and balanced diet is the key to fitness.
      be free, and let go !!

  247. Raksha taneja says

    Hi Payal,

    My name is Raksha, age 36, height 5feet 1inch, weight 70 kg.
    I have been diagnosed with high level of fsh(follicle stimulating hormone), where I feel bloated all the time. My weight has increased.i am under medication .I exercise for almost half an hour every day and follow a normal diet.I am a pure vegetarian. Can the above diet be followed or any other changes need to be made.Pls suggest as I really want to loose weight and be fit.
    Thank you

  248. anna says

    Hello madam, thank you for your post. Im 25 yrs old,im 5’2″ and weigh 65 kgs. I lead a sedentary life style. I need to lose at least10 kgs in a month. Pls suggest me a weight lose plan. Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Anna,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading at Dietburrp. while 10kgs is a too much to be lost in 1 month, you must take it a little easy if you are looking for a permanent solution to your weight ! the above mentioned diet plan should be of help. and if you want to increase the weight loss, couple it up with any form of brisk exercise for 45 mins anytime during the day ! and this shall help you attain your goal in around 2 months time. dont ever choose crash dieting, you will lose your entire month losing only water weight, which will come back on the day you give up on the diet and c ome back to routine. so dnt get carried away. be realistic and lose efficiently and permanently ! all the best ! :) keep reading at Dietburrp.

  249. divya says

    Hi Payal,

    I am frm Malaysia, and having a wholesome indian lunch during work can be quite daunting. I am currently 73kg and have a good 20kg to lose as I’m 160cm. I have enrolled myself into the gym as well and would need your assistance for my food plan.
    My breakfast consist of coffee and 2 wholemeal bread with peanut butter spread. Then for mid morning i try to have almonds and a banana. Lunch either would be 2 chapati’s or a little rice with some chicken and vege. I plan to take protein shake mid evening as ill be going to the gym soon after. Dinner then would consist of some rice with dishes.Please advice on how can I modify my diet to achieve best results. Thank you

    • says

      Hi Divya,

      Every thing else looks in place, except just add warm water and lemon in the morning and post gyming. also add green tea wherever possible. and change your dinner to something lighter and better. like daliya, khichadi with soups and salad . is it possible for you to cook for dinner ? both these dishes are easy to make and are hassel free. see if you can if not you must tell me the available options so that i can guide you like wise. read – to know how to utilise your gym timings perfectly to burn fat .

      • divya says

        Thanks alot payal. I would definately incorporate lemon into my diet. Should I take half lemon with water with honey? Preparing dinner would be rather difficult, would it be ok if I take banana with milk or is there anything else that you would suggest? and having protein shake prior to my workout is fine i guess then Payal, since i tend to get rather hungry mid afternoon and would nt be able to sustain till my workout at night. Thank you very much Payal..

        • says

          hi, yes you can go ahead with lemon water in the proportion you mentionEd. for dinner you can have brown bread sandwich or wheat flakes with milk or soup and sala. Eith khakra. protein shake is fine before your workout you can also take fruit or miLk shakes

          • divya says

            Thank you Payal. But wanted to get an idea..i used to follow this meal replacement prog for some time but to no avail. Is there any particular reason that it didnt yield any results? previosuly, i used to consume herbalife, at first i did lose some weight, after that it was on plateu. And how do i check if i have any thyroid issues?

          • says


            to check thyroid functioning, you need to get your TSH, T3 and T4 levels checked from a lab. the reading will tell you if any thing is wrong.

            To be very frank i never believed in meal replacement products. they are only ways of minting money from people. They only have a temporary effect and within a few days / months , they end up weighing more than what they used to.

            Permanent weight loss needs lifestyle changes . eat everything yopu wish to, but in moderation . extremes of evry thing is bad. diet and exercise are the best possible solution for a layman to have a healthy body.

          • divya says

            Hi Payal,

            Thank you for all your suggestions. Its been great help. Could you suggest a meal during lunch, as I would nt get the options as your diet plan in Malaysia. I can get chapatis or even whole wheat naan with dhal, but that would be without any veges. Would that be fine? Sometimes I do take tuna sandwich as well.

            Plus, would banana and milk be sufficient for dinner, after exercising to keep it light?

          • says

            Hi Divya,
            for lunch – I am afraid nan is made of maida and will not be a gud idea for a weight loss plan… Instead you can opt for tuna sandwich with brown bread and no fat. Or a subway sandwich, or any salad and sooup and some time brown rice / whole wheat noodles /whole wheat pasta etc.

            for dinner – After a workout only milk and banana will not be sufficient enough. Rather have skimmed milk with wheat flakes / oats / mu;ltigrain flakes / museli and a fruit like apple / orange / any melons / any citrus fruits. Aavoid banana.

  250. Navneet says

    Hi Payal Mam

    My name is Navneet (Male) Age 23 Weight 96 Kg height 6 ft

    Mam i am suffering from a terrible weight issues
    i have a hereditary Thin legs problem due to which all my body mass get reflected to my spinal cord which eventually leads to a terrible back pain ,my physician advised me to loose at least 15-20 Kg but because of my back pain i am unable to join any Gym in place of that I started jogging for 30 min but unable to get any aspiring results after then i read your above mentioned diet plan from the past 3 days i am following it but i don’t know why but at some point of time due to starvation i suffer a terrible acidity(specially between evening and dinner and sometimes during morning ) due to which i have to drink a lot of water and sometimes even a ENO or digene tablet can you suggest me a diet in which i have to starve less


    • says

      Hi Navneet,

      dont worry this happens if you bring drastic chjanges in your diet . i would advise you to eat an apple or even 2 apples ath evening time an d in the morning too. this will take care of acidity. also please dont wait for the acidity to trigger, eat these apples when u feel hungry , or if u have observed the tiumings of acidity thn take these apple at that time. also in my plan the meal gap is 2-3 hours.. hope u r following the gaps timings too. if your evening tea and dinner has more than 2-3 hrs gap, then timing is the culprit. you can also take butter milk / chaas or coconut water to avoid acidity. lemme know if it works or no. write to me immediately if you still face problems.. :)

  251. A R Maurya says

    Hi Mam,
    My wife has gaind 75 kg. aged 38yrs and suffering from arthiritis. She is dibetic too. Kindly suggest her diet plan to reduce weight so that her life, along with mine, may be prevented from becoming a hell. Please!