Thyroid and weight loss; Losing weight with hypothyroidism

thyroid and weight lossThyroid and weight loss  has been a common problem among women. Thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped organ situated in the middle of neck. It is one of the largest endocrine glands and helps in the secretion of many hormones, such as thyroxine (T4), triiodothyronine (T3) and calcitonin, that regulate the metabolism rate of the body.

Thyroid and weight loss; The relation :-

You may be wondering what leads to weight gain during thyroid problems. Thyroid gland regulates the metabolism of the body and it is indirectly related to body weight. When the body enters ” hypothyroidism”, the production of the thyroid hormone decreases and the body metabolism decreases leading to weight gain. It also causes fluid retention leading to added weight. Other factors which add up on the weight gain are; increase in food intake, decrease in physical activity as a result of fatigue, and the aging process

If you too have hypothroidism and are looking to lose weight, here are some tips for you.

Thyroid and weight loss

Losing weight with hypothyroidism is a challenging task. All those with hypo thyroid and weight loss on their mind, go for a very low calorie diet which can further lower the body’s metabolism, worsening the problem. Hence the correct approach is needed .

  • Keep a check on your thyroid levels: Remember the answer to your weight loss question is solving the reason for weight gain. If you have a thyroid problem and weight loss is your goal, you must keep a check on your thyroid levels. Take your medications regularly and keep your levels as close to the normal range as possible. and you will see your weight coming to normal. Check your thyroid levels every 3-4 months, or at least once in 6 months.
  • Increase your activity: Lowered metabolism is the main hurdle for those struggling with thyroid and weight loss. Increasing the activity levels through exercise  will help in increasing the metabolism. Increase your activity levels by  including a 30-45 minutes exercise session, be it walking, yoga, tai chi, swimming, cycling or gymming. Take the stairs every time you have to climb up or down. Short medium paced walks after your meals will be beneficial too.
  • Increase your water and fibre intake: Hypothyroidism can cause chronic constipation, water retention and edema. Increasing water and fibre intake will help in regularizing bowel movements. Increased water consumption will also help in flushing out your lymphatic system, further helping water retention problems.
  • Increase  selenium intake: To supplement selenium in your diet, include bran,whole wheat, tuna, onions and tomatoes in your diet.
  • Increase iodine intake: Increasing iodine intake will help in improving the thyroid functions. Eat iodized salt. If your doctor advises, go in for iodine supplements as well.
  • Increase your metabolism: The key for thyroid and weight loss is increasing your metabolism. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

i] Have 5-6 mini meals – Small and frequent meals helps in reducing the sugar spikes and balance the blood sugar level. This will help in avoiding hunger pangs. Small frequent meals help by keeping the digestive system on the go. It helps in burning more involuntary calories and prevents storage of fat.

ii] Green tea –  Drinking green tea will increase the metabolic rate and your energy levels.  Hypothyroidism makes you feel tired and fatigued all the time. Green tea will help in decreasing the stress levels and will give you the most needed energy kick.

iii] Warm water and lemon – A glass of warm water and lemon early in the morning and after your main meals will help you in keeping the metabolism rate up through out the day.

Thyroid and weight loss:-

  • Foods to eat: Include a lot of carrots,whole grain cereals, avocado, apricots, fish, asparagus, olive oil and sunflower seeds.
  • Foods to avoid: Eat less of  broccoli, Lima beans, cabbage, peanuts, sweet potato, mustard, kale, kohlrabi, linseed and soy products. These foods may interfere with iodine uptake in the body. Don’t cut these foods out completely, just keep these to a minimum.

Whether the excess weight comes from thyroid or other hormonal issues, the key to weight loss is to correct the underlying condition while monitoring your diet, eating the right things and avoiding what’s wrong and exercising. A healthy lifestyle since the very beginning is the solution to every weight related problem, including thyroid and weight loss. You might also want to read –

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  1. payal singh says

    Hi my name is also payal n I’m 18 year old height 5.1 weight 47 kg. studied in bsc 1 st year I got my thyroid problem 1 year ago ” TSH level is 26 at that time bt now I’m getting rid from this disease not totally bt my TSH level is 4.45
    I have too much fat on my thigh n lower portion. So what can i do for slimming my legs n thigh.

    • says

      Hi Payal :)

      you can do exercises that involves your thigh and calf muscles. do walking , swimming , jogging, trekking , hill climbing , , skating or even dancing would help.

  2. Tashi says

    Hi Payal.. I’m a 21 year old girl… Weighing 73 kg and is 168cm in height. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 years ago and by that time I weighed 78kg. I managed to reduce 7kg but gained back 2kg after 1 year. I think the reason for this is stress because I’m a medical student and when it’s exam time I drink up lots of coffee and eat various things. 3 years ago I was 65kg… And very much happy with the way I looked. Can u pls help me out…? I really wanna lose like 10kg as soon as possible ….! Pls give me some tips…

  3. sushma says

    Hiiii payal , iam 31 years..5’3″ having 80 kg weight living in a small town, affected by hypothyroidism… need ur exclusive instruction to loss my weight. I bdy is accumulated by belly fat along with abdominal fat. I generally use to feel embrassing while wearing any cloths. Im still not married…m thyroid level is normal but then also im not lossing weight.1 month later I hav joined gym bt no positive result I hav got. As im a techer by profession I decided to continue my gym after 2 pm…. so plz kindly suggest some measures or tips to reduce fat…plz plz plz

  4. Subadra says

    Hey :) Am a b com student. Am staying at hostel in Kerala. Since I am staying at hostel ..its getting difficult for me to diet.. Coz hostel food is mainly rice. So.. Can u plz suggest me some ways in which I can diet?

    • says

      Hi Subadra,

      in that case you need to exercise and workout . walking is good too to start with. try to eat more of salads and veggies and less if rice at hostel . buy fruits and keep handy and have them when hungry at midtimes.

  5. Arshiya says

    Hi,I’m 5ft and 80 KGS.
    Pls help me to lose 15 kg of weight in 3 to 4 months.
    Will I lose weight by walking 50 mins i.e, 2.6mph ????
    I have hypothyroidism, presently my tsh is 2.4 it is in range but recently I gained weight of 4 kgs why????
    Now ramzan is coming when I have to do walking after iftar ??

  6. RAJ says

    hi payal,
    iam 33yr old working in advertising and marketing sector… recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism.. my height is 5`8 and i weigh 83kgs… my t3 and t4 are normal… tsh is 9.12…. is this problem severe and is it curable… can i get rid of this completely…. please suggest what foods to avoid….i m a non vegetarian…. and advice diet to take….

    • says

      Hi Raj ,

      yes , High TSH levels suggest initial stage of hypothyroidism . because your T3 and T4 levels are still normal, it is the right time for you to aim at weight loss and getting healthy. all the food and diet related tips are mentioned in the article above. exercises are crutial too.

      • RAJ says

        thank you so much payal ji… i was worried but im happy and relaxed to hear from u that i can get rid off this problem completely… And i already started warm up exercises and walking since a week….

  7. upendar says

    Hi.iam Upendar age 23 weight 42 height 5.3 .but I want to increase my wight 8kg tell me how to increase my weight.

  8. Farheen Qureshi says

    Hi my name is farheen m a model my height is 5″7 my thyroid level is 18 or 19my weight is 68 n i hv got tyres n belly fat n i look vry heavy dis is effecting my work n my career plz help me i hv joinedgym also can u plz send me a diet chart plzzzzz according to the time wat to eat from morning to evening

  9. pranavi says

    Hai man,my name is pranavi I am suffering from thyroid very much I have 150.5,weight73kgs,my husband avoiding me pls pls how can I weightloss fast 20kgs in one month must and should otherwise my husband want to leave.pls pls I will do any thing for weight loss possible tell me guarantee weightloss in one month 20kgs is my goal help me.

  10. pranavi says

    I want to die this thyroid problem because its150.5,no one can talking with me in my house avoiding age23years,height is4.9 pls fat weightloss tips give me man,I want loss 20kgs in one month other wise my husband is avoiding me.looking other girls pls pls pls pls mam

  11. neelu says

    I hav been daignosed with hypothyroidism last dr prescribed me thyonorm 25 mcg…
    Can i take honey and lemon with lukewarm water imediately after taking the tablet..because i hav put on lots of weight and i want to reduce my weight??plzz give me advise..can i take honey and lemon immediately after take the tablet??

  12. Riddhi says

    Hello Mam,

    I am 29 and have been recently diagnoised with Hypothyrodism and my current TSH levels are 24.80 ,my medication has just started and my current weigh t is 74 (height 5-2).have gained nearly 10 kgs in the process and need to loose the weight asap as I am keen to expand my family.I do 30mins Aerobics and 30 mins walk everyday.
    Would be greateful if you can suggest a Veg diet plan.

  13. anoushka says

    Hello mam
    My mother is suffering from thyroid disease. She is about 40 yrs old and her weight is 75 – 80 kg. Few days earlier she slipped and fell on her knee. Now she is feeling pain in that area. we have taken the required medication for this .her recent thyroid report was 7.43. but in this situation can you plz suggest the exercises, she can carry out to reduces her wait. What kind food she should eat and avoid. How she can get a better metabolism. And other suggestions related to this case.
    Thank you.

  14. sharika says

    Hi mam ,
    i am 12 years old and i am suffering from hypothyroidism. my weight is 85 kg . so mam,can you please help me in reduce my weight in 2 months. please mam

  15. anjum says

    hi payal m suffering hypothyrodisim my weight is 80 kg height 5 i have mant problem for weight gaining please help me what i do.

  16. Saloni Rambhiya says

    Hi ,
    I am Saloni 23 years old . Abt 8 months back i was detected with hyper thyroid . I then started taking medication for the same and now i have moved to hypothyroid .
    I have gained 15 kg in last 8 months .
    How can i effectively lose 15 kgs in 2 month .. i am currently on healthy diet and exercise

  17. riya says

    hi payal

    m 42yrs old wegt 77 nd heigt 5.3 i hve thyroid past 6yrs from last 3month m fastly put on i dnt knw y nd m also alcholic person i want to loss weigt any how as soom as nd m non veg person nd i goes gym bt from last 2month i feel very lethargic to i dnt wat to do plz give me strict non veg doet plan for fastly weigt lose plz help me payal plz

  18. sweety says

    I am 32 year old, have thyroid since 2007. I was 52kg before this …was an athlete once …but now too lethargic. In pregnancy , i was on bedrest for six months due to high BP..(my child is 5years old now)..want to go for second child…but its important to reduce my weight before that.. My height is 5’6″ and weight is 94 kg . I am a non vegetarian. ..somebody told me to leave non veg to reduce weight….my knee ligament ACL got torn while playing badminton recently..Now doctor has suggested me surgery…Please tell me some diet plan and light excercise to reduce weight .

  19. mrs savitha kartha says

    hello dr payal,
    my name is mrs savitha. im 37 yrs old having hypothyroidism for the past 8 yrs and on thyroxine 100 mcg as per the doctors advise. I weigh 75 kgs. and 5 feet tall. pls suggest me a diet plan to reduce my excess weight . your reply will be highly appreciated.wishing you all the best in your endevours.



  20. Sri Santhoshi says

    Hi Payal,

    I’m Sri, 27 years old. I’m currently taking 50mg of thyronorm tablet, which my doctor has suggested. I am 80 kgs with sedentary life style. I have low haemoglobin level of 7. Could you please suggest me the best way of losing weight and i live in a hostel and am pure vegetarian.
    Thanks in advance.

  21. sunita says

    Hi doctor,
    I m 25 weighing 64 kg. My height is 5 4′. I was diagnosed by hypothyroidism 7 years back and on doctors suggestion I tk thyrox 50. But m gaining weight continuously since then .please help me by giving a diet chart to decrease my weight

  22. Vidhya says

    Hi Payal,

    I’m Vidhya, 25 years old. I’m currently taking 75mg of thyroxine tablet, which my doctor has suggested. I was 79 kg’s(almost nearing 80 kgs) with sedentary life style. But I managed to do running in treadmill for half an hour daily. Now I’m 74.5 Kgs. Now after this, how much ever I try, my weight remains same at 74.5 Kg. My weight never goes below 74.5Kgs. I’m eating Ragi Kanchi in the morning. In afternoon, I eat normal 1 cup of rice with sambar and rasam. For dinner I have 2 or 3 dosa. Just to avoid my hunger in mid-morning, I have some fruits. Any reason, why it’s not going below the particular weight level? I’m sure I can’t reduce my food than this and very certain that I’m eating healthier. Please advice.

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hi Vidhya,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. your diet and exercise schedule needs to be updated every 25 days to be able to lose weight in continuity. your current pattern is ok, but if you are not losing weight with it, you need to change your timings or food pattern. If you wish to get your pattern changed by us, plz see this page –

  23. Rubal says

    Hello, payal. I m 38 years house wife . Suffering from thyroid since child hood . So pls help me to reduce myself. Now my weight is 90 kg , height is 5/4″ so pls help . I eat sprouts , 1 boul in breakfast

  24. Priya says

    Hi Payal. I have thyroid since last 2 years. I was prescribed 25 mgs of thyroxine initially but now after periodic checks on my thyroid levels its increased to 75 mgs. I found tat I reduced wt immediately after using tablets but after 6 months I started gaining back. Now I am 77 kgs .my height is 5.4′ .. Could you please suggest me a diet plan? Due to my over weight I am not planning for kids right now. I would like to reduce my weight first to avoid any further problems.

  25. Nandini says

    Hi Iam 29 years old now,recently i had a missed abortion,I have hypothyroid using levothyroxine 50mcg,I dont understand why i had a missed abortion,currently Iam trying for the second child,please suggest me on this Iam very depressed.

    Thank you
    Appreciate your time!

  26. sarita says

    Hi payal
    I am sarita.
    My age is 22 and 10 days ago I was diagnosed with thyroid,my TSH is >150. I have started taking thyroxin 100 mcg. My body pains terribly all the time and I have no energy at all.I have swelling in my hands and on my face. I feel very weak,can’t even walk properly and I have gained about 7_8 kgs of weight.I weigh 60 kgs and I can’t exercise now. Please mail me a diet plan.
    Thank you.

  27. pooja jain says

    hi i m pooja just computed my this year i … i have a hypo thyroid problem frm 1 year ago my age is 21 n my weight is 78 kg plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mam suggest me perfect n spl diet n exercise …i wish i want lose weight in 20 kg in 2 months plzzzzz do reply…. thnk

  28. Jasmine says

    HI.. am just doing my 11th std.. but am 90kgs.. i need to lose my weight.. pls can u help me with a diet plan that really works.. pls.. i need to lose 40kgs.. pls help me…

  29. abita bachan says

    I am.41yrs..from last 4 month I am suffering from thyroidism. and now my weight is70 kg. which is not being reduced..I am doing yoga. kindly advise good food including diet chart. pls

  30. Tanmay Das says

    hello doctor,
    my mothers height is 5’7″ & weight is near 75 Kgs. Recently we have found in blood test TSH is 9.53. please suggest proper diet.


  31. nisha says

    hi mam,
    iam 18 now i have hypothyroidism for last 3 years eventhough iam taking medications iam gaining cant lose i weight 79 can you pls share a diet chart for weight loss

    • says

      Hi Nisha, i am working on a diet pln for hypothyroidism .. plz subscribe to our rss field , so that you get a notification once it is posted on the website

  32. Divya Bhatnagar says

    Hi ,my age 22 and my wieght is 64 when i diagnosed thyroid my wieght was 57kgs but from.2month my wieght in 3kgs then i started gym and suddenly my wieght increasd by 4kgs now my wieght is 64 Actly in february my TSH level is 5.16 . N th4 n th3 are normal . After that my dr. Start a tablet called thyronorm 25 mg . I m a diabetic to from past 10 yrs ,i m on insullin. I m takin novorapid 10 unit in morin , 8 unit in lunch n n 6 unit in nyt and long active insullin i m taking is tresiba 10 unit. Now my tsh level is 3.25 , but now i want to know my weight is increasing like a hell , i do daily excerise in gym . I do 1 hour cardio n 1 hour other weight excerise but still my weight is increasing . I m taking normal diet . My diet is almost fat free diet . Low carbs intake , plz help me i m pizzed offf i m only 22 yrs old girl. Plzzzzzzzz itz al bcuz of thyronorm ???

    • says

      Hi Divya ,

      dont worry so much .. worry causes weight gain . your condition may not be bcoz of thyronorm. it is helping to get your TSH in normal range … or else your weight would further increase. thyroidism causes weight gain. dont worry it happens in the begining but if you manage it well, it will all come down to normal . follow the tips given in the above article and join some other form of exercise if gyming doesnt suit you … zumba dancing and swimming are also good ways. with that you can follow a low calorie diet, but for that you need to consult your diabetologist and adjust your insulin dose accordingly to avoid landing in to hypoglycemia.

  33. Gayatri says

    Hi Payal,
    Your articles are very encouraging. I am 35 years old. My height is 164 cms and I weigh 80 kgs/ 177lbs. Recently was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, T3 and T4 normal. TSH is 7.65. I am taking 50 mcg eltroxin. I was always overweight but after my second pregnancy I gained lot more. I joined group exercises and lost significant amount of weight in 6 months. Then we moved to a new place and have gained all the weight back. Now I have started walking on the treadmill for 30 mins. I have a pear shaped body and am a vegetarian. Kindly advice as to how I can get a permanent solution for my weight issues. How much should I weigh and how long will it take to get to that weight? Thanks a lot.

    • says

      Hi Gayatri,

      Your weight according to your height should be 64 – 65 kgs. try following the above mentioned tips. how long you would take to lose this weight can not be really answered, as it would depend on your bodily response. you should aim at losing around 2 kgs in a month. this kind of weight loss which is slow and steady brings about permanent changes, and the weight is less likely to bound back.

      while you exercise, take tips from here to utilize your time to the fullest. –

  34. Neha Narula says


    I feel upset when I got to know that my weight is 90 KG at the age of 26 as before pregnancy I was around 59 but know condition is worse so please help me

  35. pranav says

    I am a 74kgs 5feet 1 inch with hypothyroidism i have tried all diet plans a
    With minimal exercise of 30mins daily i am a moderate worker kindly suggest me a diet chart to reduce and maintain weight .

  36. M.padmavathy says

    My age is 48.I am eating red rice and brown rice alternative days.I completely stopped white rice. Will it reduce weight.

    • says

      Hello Madam ,

      Thank you or reading at Dietburrp. You can definetly benefit by eating brown and red rice, but weight loss depends on a lot of factor. as stage 1, you can lose around 1- 2 kgs in the first month by doing so . but for further weight loss you would need to ollow other tips as well.

  37. Shekhar says

    Hi Doctor,

    My wife got thyroid problem and her biological thyroid level is more than 8 points. she got three times miscarriage in last 3 years after marriage, due to this problem. Kindly suggest me diet plan (what to eat and most importantly what not to eat) to control this problem.

    I have gone through your blogs and you are doing a very noble work.

    With thanks and high regards

    • says

      Hi Shekhar,

      Thank you for reading at Dietburrp. i can understand your plight. But dont worry this can be managed with proper mmedications, and diet and exercise combinations. if You can give me the deails about her exercises and diet pattern, then i will be able to help you better. Mean while please try to follow the tips mentioned obve in the article, they would definately make a difference. Plz provide her tsh and t3 / t4 levels too .

  38. poonam says

    i have thyroid hypothyriodism and my age is 32 and height is 5″3 and weight is 80 now some weight is gained due to thyroid some due to pregnancy and my history i use to play badminton lot of physical fitness played almost 20 nationals now i have stoped playing so pls suggest me how should i reduce my weight

  39. Vidya says

    I have just recently tested for hypothyroidism after the reports being normal for nearly a decade, TSH has shot up, yet i do not have any symptoms. i am not on medications and dont plan to take either and fight this the natural way. I am 39 years and weigh 65 kgs. I want to knock off 3-4 kilos and keep it that way. Whats the best south Indian veg diet for it and how much exercise should i put in everyday? does it also mean absolutely no treats?

  40. savitha says

    Hi. My name is savitha. I weight about 60 kgs. My height is 5’2. I m getting married in may. please suggest me a good diet plan so that i can lose 5 kgs of my weight in next 3 months

  41. Sreeramakrishnan says

    Thanks for the post.. it was so informative..
    My mother who is 60 now is having 78 kg weight & 5′ 3″height. Now taking Electroxine 100 mg for hypothyroidism. to add up to the problems she is having knee problem and back pain as well.. In such cases how to maintain the metabolic rate ? what should be an ideal diet for her ?

  42. vani says

    Hi.this looks 33 yr old housewife.i hv thyroid since 7 yrs n hv been taking 100 mcg thyronorm.but since 2 mnths my doc reduced it to 75 mg.n levels r fine.i weigh 64 kgs n wanna lose 10 kgs.i exercise for 45 min but not regular.plz suggest me a good veg meal a marwadi

  43. Payel Agarwala says

    Hello madam my age is29 hight5.2 waight 72.I want to loss 10kg plz suggest me diet chart.I have thyroid problem. I am trying since 1yr to loss my wait. Agar 2kg kamta hai to next month 3 kg gain ho jata hai .Plzzz plzz help me maam. Mujhe knee m v problm ho gai hai to mai jyada exercise v nahi kar sakti.

    • says

      H i Payel ,

      you need to walk for atleast 30 min in the beginning and increase it to 45 mins from second month onwards , without exercise its hard to stimulate thyroid to fuction normally. take medicine regularly. coz if your weight is due to thyroid hypo function, then only improving the thyroid function is the key.

      drink warm water and lemon, follow other tips mentioned in this article above and with that try to follow this diet chart here –

      dont worry , weight loss will happen if you do your best and remain tension free. thinking about the weight will only make you gain more weight. All the best

  44. Meeta says

    thnks a lot…i wish i can loose 20kg in a month or 2 if you have nay special diet plan for loosing weight fast plz let me know?

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