Diet Consultation Program

At Dietburrp, our consultations go beyond the calorie counting. We do not believe in starving for weight loss. Our diet plans are Friendly, Based on your home made food and Cuisine preferences.  Our plans will easily become a part of your lifestyle, and you would never feel that you are on a diet or a calorie budget.  We go beyond the food in your life. We help you in increasing your physical activity, sleeping hours, and total fitness level.  It is not about following a starvation diet  or spending endless hours at Gym, But about educating yourself to take ownership of your lifestyle.  Welcome to our world of wholestic eating.

Testimonials from our clients

Dr. Debasis DasMS,DNB,MRCS(Edin),MCh, DNB(CTVS), MNAMS
Weight loss is often a challenging and lonely journey. In spite of being a doctor and knowing all about problems of obesity, I had never paid enough attention to myself and ended up being grossly overweight.
I tried many things, exercise, dieting, crash diets etc etc..I would lose some weight and ended up gaining back again.It just was not happening and I often overate in stress.

Then I tried Ms. Payal Banka’s dietburrp on line dietary advise plan. She and her team made apersolanised diet and exercise regime for me.It was custom made for me taking into account my lifestyle, job requirements and food habits. I started following it and results were evident. Mainly what I understood it that sustainable weight loss is mood game and once you master it, the craving, binge eating episodes , all disappear.

So in a span of three months, I reduced my weight from 88kgs to 72 and am planning to lose it till 65. I have managed to stick to healthy eating and it has now become a habit even if I don’t exactly follow the chart always now.But for first two months, I followed it verbatim. Thanks to Payal and her team for this effort and helping me get back in shape. Thanks, Debasis
Saee maliSr. Database Administrator in MNC
My name is Saee Mali, age 29 and i stay in Pune. I was doing G.M diet 3 weeks before, and was browsing internet for more details about it. In my surfing I came to know about “The” Payal Banka. Yes!! she is “THE”Payal Banka. She made me Beautiful from my mind. Why am i saying this, because I came across with her posts on dietburrp, and I really got influenced. I then subscribed for a personalized diet. I was little bit skeptical about How the diet will work and about results too.

But folks, believe me, Payal, is such a lovely Person that i could see changes in my body and weight and mind within 2 days of my Diet week. With Payal’s diet, my weight started going down, i started feeling fresh and positive.My skin started glowing. People started giving me surprise looks. 🙂 and most of all, i started feeling energetic and confident.

when she gives your 1 week diet, at that time she tells you that you can ask her any doubts at any point of time through email and she would answer it. I was little negative about it, i was thinking, how will she answer my all questions? why would she entertain me all the time? or she will jst ask me to refer this link , that site etc. But guys, I was all wrong. I asked her all minor doubts i had, and she was brilliant. She gave me all the answers with brief explanation and even provide me extra details too.

In a week I have lost 2.7 kgs and approx 2 inches from over all body size . Now with her suggestion, i m going to follow same diet for another week, and will see if it gives me same results. i will surely subscribe for a week 2 diet plan. Guys, i m telling you, it is worth to spend money worth of 2 meals in MC donalds to get superb diet for your health from Payal. I am seriously Thank ful to her for all her support. And I am proud that I will be a part of Dietburrp Family forever!! 🙂
Palak marketing manager in IT MNC
Hey folks, I live in Delhi and a big foodie :). Ms Payal Banka is not the first dietetin I have consulted. Before opting for her services I have consulted two more dietitians from which I could not loose much and was not satisfied with their diets as they were very boring and rigid too.

Then I started looking for someone who can help achieving my goal. This was the time I came across Ms Payal’s diet plan services. After coming across Payal I have not only lost considerable weight but started gaining confidence too.

I am a lazy person and have lower back problem due to which can’t do basic exercises also and not even brisk walk and hormonal imbalance in which weight loss is very tough. With Payal’s diet plans my weight has started coming under control and people who use to always tease me for my weight have started asking me how come I have lost so much weight.

Her diet chart include all the good things with different varieties and she always considers the food choice before making the chart. With her I have learned the healthy food can be delicious too and her mouth watering recipes these are just yummy which makes you just stick to the diet itself!!!

As her punch says “why starve when you can plan your food” . This has been very true for me, I didn’t have to starve at all. Rather still enjoying her diets.

Currently with help of Payal I am trying to shed few more kgs to come into perfect shape. She is the one who has boosted my confidence back!!! Thank you Payal for all your motivation and support. I wish you good luck for future!!!
Mr Shyam Khandalkar
The Great Payal Banka’s Diet plan is a Boon for me.I lost my 6 Kg. in three weeks.That is 2 Kg.per week. And that too at a very nominal cost.That is at the cost of two movie tickets of one hotel bill.

I never felt hungry and physically weak during the full course. I often asked her my too many difficulties by email and she replied my every e mail.The Best part of Payal is that she is always available through e mail.I followed her plan and wonderfully I lost my weight.

No need to ask anybody and no need of internet search. No headaches.No fatigue.Only smile and Pleasure. Only follow her plan and loose weight.No medicines,no artificial floor.Her all food items and present in our kitchen. She tells what to eat and what not to eat.First time,I came to know about the healthy foods from my kitchen.

I have to alter my all clothes.I have to loose my weight by 25 Kg. more.And I will follow her plan by closing my eyes-blindly. May God allow her to serve millions of people like me.God Bless Payal Banka. My best wishes from the bottom of my heart.
Dr. Vaishnavi krishnan
I have hypothyroidism and have been battling weight gain for a while now, i tried everything that could help me lose weight including avoiding foods that suppress thyroid. I was also on an exercise regime but my weight was just not coming down.

I have visited various dietitians who gave me either a tough plan to follow or one that was time consuming to prepare. So eventually i gave up on those. When i was almost giving up on finding a good diet plan i came upon dietburrp and contacted Ms. Payal Banka for help.

Ms. Payal gave me a comprehensive and easy to follow diet plan with an exercise regime. I have been following that for a 8 week now and have lost 15 kgs so far. More than anything i feel great, energized and more confident. So, thank you Payal for the diet plan and workout regime. It had truly helped!!
An expertise which should not be searched on web – diet planning!’

There are people who are experts in this and one of them is Payal. I contacted her after reading a few blogs & recipes on her website. The good part is she customizes everything as per your data. She really works on your own daily routine, lifestyle, exercise routine, habits and creates a Personalized diet plan for you.

You don’t starve the whole day. I lost 1.6 kgs in the first week itself & 2.4 kgs in next two week with same routine. so i lost a total of 4 kgs by subscribing to her 1 week diet plan. She keeps you motivated and answering all your queries (small or big). I highly recommend her for a diet planning or healthy living!
Rupali IT professional
Due to my hectic schedule, office work, kids their studies, I do not find the time to join gym but was worried about excess fat and looking especially out of shape. I tried various diet plans but nothing really helped me to reduce my weight. Diet plan provided by Payal helped me to reduce 2 kg in just one week.

The exercise were also simple and need not to go to gym. She send exercise video links and makes exercise a must do in our routine. Everything happens on email and is absolutely hassle free. Eating at regular intervals stopped me of over eating. Diet plans was tailored/planned to my eating habits. Follow up emails with motivating images are really inspiring for dieters.

Also the queries/doubts are replied immediately
Ramya IT professional
My 7 days fitness Journey with Dietburrp has been wonderful with a fabulous result of 2 kg weight loss in a week & I cannot ask for more.

What I thoroughly enjoyed through out the program was the instant response from Payal on all my queries. Yes – there were few surprises(?!!?) on the menu – but the disappointment was very well wiped off with various healthy options. I really like the recipes provided along with the diet plan – they were sure keepers & life saver – I’m(rather was) definitely one among the strong believers of diet food cannot be tastier and working with dietburrp proved it wrong.” –

The Bonus part of the program is I always felt like a talking to a friend & Payal does not sound like a stranger at all. I can go on and on but it’s my walking time – Way to go Payal – You are awesome!
Tania Seth
Tania Seth 32 yrs Toronto, Canada Business/self-employed
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I found Dietburrp on youtube and I’m so glad I did! Despite regular exercise, my weight was stuck for months and Payal’s diet plan was the push it needed.

It was difficult in the beginning but soon I could see the changes not only in my weight but my habits as well. Payal makes the diet plans easy to follow, not complicated and with so many different options to choose from. She is a thorough professional who is genuinely making efforts to help. Her level of attentiveness is exceptional. Any doubts or questions I had, I always got a swift response from Payal and she always makes sure that I am 100% satisfied with the diet charts.

Even after the diet consultation is over, I will continue to follow the tips and advice given by Payal and she would definitely be my go to person for any consultation in future. I highly recommend Payal and Dietburrp to anyone who is looking to make a significant change to their health and lifestyle.
Prasenjit Ghosh
Prasenjit Ghosh 34, Software Professional
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First things first, I was looking for a diet consultation service that takes place over emails so that I could write up the details at my own free time and don't have to find a 30min/1hr slot for on-call consultation. Dietburrp was probably the only service I came across that provided what I was looking for. That, along with the pricing, was the first reason to choose Dietburrp.

Now comes the important part. The actual consultation and diet chart. I filled up my lifestyle, diet and requirement very specifically as I wanted a highly customized diet plan catering to my own requirements rather than a generic "weight-loss" plan. Payal meticulously read and considered every detail, discussed a few things where she had doubts and even drafted a diet plan around my very oddly timed lifestyle. I was really impressed by the analysis and discussions.

The diet plan itself had a lot of varieties so that I don't get bored with the diet (which is very essential from a long term perspective). She is also mindful of the local cuisine, seasonal and regional grocery availability. Also, it miraculously kept me full even though it had cut my calorie intake. She would follow up daily, talk about adjustments and if I had any issues following the diet. She even recommended a few recipes.

I lost 2.5 kgs in the week of consultation (3.5 kgs in about 2 weeks), felt a lot better and all this by not starving myself for a minute. The catchline of Dietburrp "Why starve when you can plan your food!" is absolutely true. Highly recommended.