Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan for Teenager Boys

Indian Weight loss Diet Plan for Teenage Boys. You may be wondering about the difference between teenage girl’s and guy’s diet. Not only girls but even the boys face body shaming. More so the teenage boys feel a lot of pressure about the physique. In teenagers, there are a lot of hormonal changes. There is a change in the voice texture, growth of beard, and mustache along with a change in facial features. It takes time to accept the unavoidable changes which become more difficult along with being overweight. Hence we decided to provide a solution with this Indian Weight loss Diet Plan for Teenage Boys.

Teenagers have a lot of peer pressure just to get accepted in the social circle they mingle with. Peer pressure is the main reason overweight boys fall for the fad diets available widely on the internet to lose weight. Without proper guidance, they tend to lose all hope and become stressed. Hence we are here with a perfect Indian weight loss diet plan for teenage boys.

Indian Weight loss Diet Plan for Teenage Boys

The causes of weight gain in teenage boys:

  • Hormonal changes:

Teenage is said to have a second growth spurt in boys. There is a release of hormones that are responsible for hoarse voice, beard growth, and increased height. It is also responsible for a sudden increase in weight leading to obesity in teenage boys.  Check the Ideal height weight chart.

  • Sedentary lifestyle:

As we all know the teenagers have a hectic academic schedule. Whatever free time they get is occupied by the phone and other electronics. Due to the pandemic situation right now it becomes more difficult to indulge in some physical activity. If you have already started visiting your school or college again, you may be interested in reading about the Indian weight loss diet for school students. And an Indian weight loss diet for college students.

  • Junk food:

Teenage boys have got new independence and freedom. With the more pocket money there comes more binging on junk food and desserts. With more caloric intake and fewer calories burnt there is positive energy balance in the body. This positive energy balance leads to weight gain. Learn everything about calories.

  • Excess protein powders/ Muscle gainers:

With the teenage hormones overpowering, there is this wish for having biceps and six-packs abs. The fastest method as per the information freely available online is to consume protein powders. There are a variety of protein powders used for different conditions and requirements. Blindly consuming any protein powder or mass gainer will lead to weight gain. Learn more about protein supplements.

  • Peer pressure:

In the teens, there is this high yearning to be accepted into a particularly popular group. Such an attitude might push the teenager to take up smoking and drinking just to look cool. Alcohol being empty calories leads to excess weight gain.

Tips For Teenagers to lose weight:

  • Set realistic goals:

First of all the target weight loss has to be achievable. Fad diets lead to fast weight loss but once you stop the diet you tend to put on more weight. It is always better to lose weight slowly. It helps your body to adapt to the calorie and weight change you are making.

  • Eat right:

Following a certain diet or eating only 1 or 2 meals or not eating at all doesn’t give permanent results. It is most of the time accompanied by health disorders related to starving. It is always better to eat frequently and distribute your calories. Eating frequently keeps your metabolic rate high which leads to weight loss.

  • Correct carbohydrates:

Eat low GI carbohydrates that keep you full for long period and do not lead to excess glucose in the body. Less glucose load in the body helps you lose weight fast. Low GI carbohydrates have a high satiating effect which leads to less overeating in the next meal.

  • Right amount of proteins:

Protein powders might be harmful but the right proteins might help in weight loss. Proteins from animal sources, daals, pulses, sprouts, soy, nuts, and seeds help in increasing our body’s metabolism. Correct protein will automatically help the teenage boys to achieve the desired biceps, six-packs along the perfect body.

  • Good fats:

A balanced diet includes good quality fat too. Adequate fats from the best sources like olive oil, flaxseeds, rice bran oil, groundnut oil, nuts, and oilseeds are beneficial. A perfect balance of fats spares the carbohydrate and proteins to perform their duties. These fats help in the absorption and storage of certain vitamins and minerals.

  • Importance of fiber:

Fiber is low in GI. They keep you full for a long time avoiding binge eating. The satiating effect of fiber is high that helps get rid of hunger pangs or odd time hunger cravings. Learn more about How to stop food cravings.

  • Stay well hydrated:

Water is given the least importance when weight loss is considered. Sometimes the body is craving for water but we mistake it for hunger pangs. Whenever you feel a hunger pang try to have a glass of water and wait for half an hour. If still the huger persists then you can select a healthy snack or meal option. Consume at least 2 to 2.5 liters of water daily.

  • Exercise:

Diet along with some moderate-intensity exercise helps to lose weight fast. The exercise of 150 minutes in a week helps to burn fats and loses weight. Walk, cycling, stair climbing, spot jogging, or dancing are cardio workouts that help lose weight. Cardio along with some resistance training gives a very good result for weight loss. Home strength training twice a week is enough for the desired result. learn more about exercises for weight loss.

Indian Weight loss Diet Plan for Teenage Boys:

Here is a sample of Indian Weight loss Diet Plan for Teenage Boys.

Empty stomach:

1 cup Cinnamon Tea (1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder in 1 cup warm water) Or 1 glass warm water with lemon


1 glass Homemade Protein Shake

(150 ml curd + 1 tablespoon sattu powder + ½ teaspoon flax seed powder + 3 – 4 almonds + 1 Date)


2 Egg omelet + 1 cup Green tea


1 Cup Vegetable Poha / Upma

+ 1 cup Milk

Mid – Morning:

1 fruit 100 – 150 gms (No banana) or 1 cup Roasted Makhana / roasted channa


100 gms Sprout Salad +

1 Cup Brown Rice OR Vegetable Pulao OR foxtail millet khichadi OR 2 small multigrain roti

1 Cup Horse gram dal with spinach

a cup of Curd or 1 glass Buttermilk or 100 gms Grilled Fish or Chicken (Not fried)


1 Cup Tea/ Coffee (No sugar) / milk  +

1 Vegetable Roll (base made of multigrain flour)  OR

4 – 5 1 inch pieces of Grilled Paneer Tikka OR

1 Vegetable Stuffed Sandwich (Multigrain Bread)


1 Cup Vegetable Soup +

2 medium bajra/ jowar/ nachni Roti  Or garlic roti

1 cup green leafy Vegetable  OR  mix vegetable sabji

1 cup curd or 1 glass buttermilk with soaked chia seeds (½ teaspoon)


1 cup Low Fat Milk with turmeric


Mindful eating with the proper guidance of a certified professional helps you achieve your weight loss target easily. A balanced healthy meal along with a perfect workout schedule makes your weight loss journey smooth and non-cumbersome.

This post was Last Updated on November 2, 2020

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